Rags To Riches Chapter 811

 A flare, rising in the darkness of the forest.

                The team from the Koch family of the Anglo Group of Magnesia was led by an experienced mercenary, the same one who had just spoken to Qin Ming.

                He spoke very stiffly, but the firing of the flare betrayed him.

                He also did not know if the other twelve teams were coming back, and if not he was under a lot of pressure.

                Because he never thought that the supreme ally of the Huan Yu Century Group was easy to deal with. He had been involved in the assassination of Chang Hongxi before and had failed, 9 deaths, and only managed to survive through various means of feeling out the past.

                But also could not live under the sun.

                The assassination team of the Huan Yu Century Group, which has a long history, was originally designed to safeguard the interests of the group, sometimes going so far as to use ideology and espionage to induce war between countries.

                But it was reformed and incorporated by the Chang family father and son, and has now become a private team to defend the personal interests of the Supreme Allies.

                The leader of the Koch squad was well aware that he was facing no less than their elite warriors.


                A small shot was fired and his little brother not far from him who was trying to shift his position was shot in the head.

                "Damn!" The leader cursed and said, "Why is that side on fire?"

                "There's no way the other side would make such a cheap mistake."

                A junior said, "Boss, could it be a cover-up? They deliberately set the fire to make us think that their people won't go that way, but in fact they went that way."

                The leader cursed, "This is called concealing the fire, what is concealing the fire, study Chinese culture properly. You three go over and take a look, and send two more to cover. The other side is shifting positions, we don't have much time, just blow up any position you can."

                "YES, SIR."

                Boom, boom, boom, and within moments there was a burst of explosions here in the jungle mountains.

                The flames were still burning as the three assassins who had come to test the area were easily killed by Song Ying and the others who had ambushed them on both sides, and the two who were curating the area saw them and threw bombs wildly.

                However, Song Ying, who was familiar with the terrain earlier, was in a perfect position to defend herself and was fine.

                Song Ying continued to talk on the channel, "a2, b2, fan the wind, smoke them to death. Everyone else pull back, pull a perimeter, and then go around behind them."


                Qin Ming listened to Song Ying's methodical command over the communicator and was very relieved.

                He also followed the orders as they kept shifting, while the enemy slowly lost sight of their group's target except for the initial siege and capture shooting.

                The dark, deep forest, the flames burned for a while, for lack of fuel to help them burn, because the environment was cold and damp and didn't burn again, the smoke rolled, just as the wind was blowing against the killers.

                "Fuck," the killers cursed as they shifted direction, "Damn Chinese, our equipment is not suitable for mountain fighting."

                "The report says it's highly likely to be urban urban combat. fuck, we've been lied to."

                But as they shifted their position, one of the killers stepped on his foot and a "drip drip drip" alarm sounded.


                The ambush that the assassination squad had set up had worked, blowing up the squad sent out by the Koch family of the Anglo Group, leaving no survivors.

                "Clean up the scene." Qin Ming ordered.

                In a short while, Bi Yuan gathered the killers together in one piece, and the numbers were confirmed to be those who had landed during the airdrop.

                Qin Ming said, "Strip them of their clothes and weapons, take those you can use with you, and throw those you can't into the Xian River."

                "Yes, Young Master."

                As the little brothers went to work, Qin Ming also let out a long breath, and the pistol he had been holding tightly relaxed.

                Song Ying walked over and asked, "Young master, are you tired? Do you want to replenish your strength?"

                Qin Ming looked at Song Ying, who was in a military uniform, less dainty than her usual clerical appearance and more of a murderous air, and she seemed to be very comfortable with this attire.

                Qin Ming said, "I'm not tired, I'm not made of clay, how can I fall down easily. Xiao Ying, well done. But I wonder how many more teams like this there are."

                "Corrie? Olsen came in with an encrypted message." Song Ying handed over a satellite microcomputer.

                Qin Ming read the email inside before he finally realised that the group's top board had turned against him!

                The remaining thirteen families outside the Zhao family had joined forces to kill him, and the Li family, the number one family in China, had secretly released these foreign mercenaries into the Chinese territory.

                This is an extremely dangerous act, because who knows if you are letting them in to kill Qin Ming or an important cadre of nationality? This could be said to be a serious violation of the law and an act that endangered national security.

                "This Li family is crazy." Qin Ming cursed, "It was you who betrayed me, saying something about the Zhao family being forever friendly with the Li family. Oh, now you think that I, Qin Ming, am in your way? You guys wait for me, I won't let it go."

                Dingdong, another message soon came.

                The content was a bunch of garbled codes, and by decrypting it, it came up with this sentence, "The code word is: Time will prove my loyalty. Belong to my own people. Read and delete."

                Qin Ming looked at the drop line which was sent by Zhao Zhen to Song Ying through an internal channel.

                As a descendant of the Zhao family, Qin Ming naturally understood that he was inevitably tied to the Zhao family.

                "How much does he know about Zhao Zhen?" Qin Ming could not feel the bottom in his heart.

                He looked at the meaning of this secret letter, that there were allies of the Zhao family within the remaining twelve teams? Playing Infernal Affairs?

                How could there be an interloper when all the matters within the Huan Yu were clearly investigated early on? Qin Ming wanted to question Zhao Zhen, but he was afraid that the transmission through the satellite network would be intercepted by the encrypted channel.

                Who doesn't keep a few hackers? Qin Ming did not want to take that risk.

                Qin Ming is feeling a bit passive now. He has come to find Fang 9 Tong to save Zhang Quanzhen, an old man who is generally too old to be a tomb raider.

                But Zhang Quanzhen is his master, so Qin Ming cannot ignore him.

                It was a good thing that he met an assassin at this time.

                He had once heard Chang Hongxi say that as the alliance leader of the Oneworld Century Group, assassinations were commonplace, and that was how his father, Chang Dekai, had died for no apparent reason.

                This was also the source of his idea to reform Huan Yu and sweep away all allies.

                Qin Ming took a deep breath and said, "Indeed, if Huan Yu was run by so many people together, there would be no end to such assassinations, not even a peaceful sleep."

                Suddenly, Bi Yuan came over and said, "Young master, the communicator is still working, the other party is coming this way."

                "Sha Sha Sha Sha ...... Kane, you're still alive, right?"

                Listening to the English voice coming out of the communicator, Qin Ming spoke in Bi Yuan's ear.

                Bi Yuan immediately responded in a very European English accent, "The captain is dead and Qin Ming has run away, now I am in charge, I am Brian? McKessy."

                "Humph, what a waste, wait, our big team will be there soon." The intercom then cut off the communication.

                Qin Ming said, "This looks like our satellite communicator, which satellite are they using? It can't be the one we launched from Huan Yu, right? Can we get Ao Mei to hack in and listen to what they're saying?"

                The crowd was startled, not having thought of this.

                Song Ying said, "This doesn't require Corrie? Olsen to do it. I can try, young master, you wait a moment."

                Within a moment, noisy sounds came from inside the eavesdropping apparatus.

                "There may be a fraud ......"

                "I don't think it may be, Kane is old and it's normal to lose."

                "After their firefight with Qin Ming, they probably won't become much of a fighter, one less competitor and we take a little more money."

                "Let's all vote ......"