Rags To Riches Chapter 810

 "This is where you have located, any deeper and I wouldn't dare to go, it would offend the gods and take me to soak the immortal river." Qin Ming's guide took him along a unique trail all the way into the deep mountains of the highlands of the Yunnan Province.

                The guide said with some apprehension, "I don't recommend that you go any further, this is really the limit. I used to guide people to earn money, and not one in ten of them would come back, and occasionally one would come back scared out of his mind. Not to mention the fact that it's even more difficult at this time of year when there's a big blizzard."

                "A little further on, we call the Valley of Worms, located in the middle of a deep mountain, off the beaten track."

                "A little further ahead, we have the Great Snowy Mountains, and once you get past them, a white miasma starts to appear regularly in the middle section, which doesn't disperse all year round and kills those who get hit, so none of us locals dare enter."

                "Boss, that's all I can say, I'm afraid you're looking for someone, and I'm afraid it's fatal."

                Qin Ming looked at the seriousness of what the guide said, although he didn't believe in any ancient tomb ghost legends, he did believe in the poisonous miasma, that was something that could be explained reasonably by science.

                However, Song Ying and the assassination squad had brought enough medicine with them.

                Song Ying whispered, "Young master, the thought is important, we can't let it go."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "We can't do things that force innocent civilians, it's dangerous here, just be careful ourselves."

                Saying goodbye to Thought, Qin Ming once again gave Fang 9 through contact.

                "Hey ......" After getting through, Fang 9 Tong said with a suppressed voice, "Did you send those airdroppers? They all seem to be acting in unison."

                "No." Qin Ming's heart stared, how could someone dare to airdrop into the mountains of the Yunnan Province plateau? Don't want to die?

                Fang 9 Tong said, "They are fully equipped and have guns. I can't believe you didn't send them here? Grass, who is it then?"

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "Brother, do you have any news of my master?"

                Fang 9 Tong said, "I was on my way to Princess Dian's tomb when I met a group of men halfway, all heavily armed, showing only one pair of eyes and not talking. Let's pair up the satellites again."

                Qin Ming received a new satellite location, Fang 9 Tong was not too far away from him, only about ten kilometres away.

                But without a guide, placed in the middle of these deep plateau mountains, it became very far away.

                At this moment, a plane flew over the heads of the group, buzzing, and then Qin Ming and the others saw a group of people on the plane land.

                Song Ying said with disdain, "Crazy people, how dare they airdrop in this dark environment? They ......"

                But halfway through her sentence she stopped, recalling her past, once on her own certain extremely dangerous missions was, she had also done similar airdrop operations.

                And then associated with more, Song Ying knew it was not good.

                Young Master, I'm afraid these are the enemy," said Song Ying. I don't know how many of them will be able to land safely, but once they do, it will definitely cost us our lives."

                Although Qin Ming had not come to Yun Province in secret this time, he had definitely not informed any follow-up teams to follow up.

                And now in January, even less would any army come to such a place, unless it was to support the Li family, right?

                Qin Ming knew that the Li family's people were hunting for Fang 9 Tong.

                Qin Ming said, "I know, those who come are not good, prepare for battle."

                Qin Ming swept a glance, this time the assassination squad was led by Bi Yuan, he was an old employee, very skilled in directing his men to take cover, while bringing a junior brother to follow Qin Ming's side as soon as he was done for protection.

                Bi Yuan approached and asked, "Young master, are you used to using guns?"

                How could Qin Ming be used to it? He had only been with Huan Yu for half a year and his life had changed drastically.

                However, Qin Ming still asked for a pistol, which was heavy and cold.

                Just as he got the money, an air-dropper fell over Qin Ming's head and was hung up in a tree.

                Bi Yuan approached silently, climbing the tree as nimbly as an ape, making no sound, and immediately twisted the man's neck as he approached him.

                The man died without even making a sound.

                Bi Yuan glued two more miniature bombs to the trunk of the tree and then immediately took Qin Ming and moved away.

                In his headset, Qin Ming heard Song Ying's voice: "The other side is a twenty-man squad, I've killed two on my side."

                "I killed one." Bi Yuan said.

                Another human member said, "Young Master, Secretary Song. I killed one too, a foreign devil, a gunner, couldn't find any information about their identity, but their equipment was too good, more advanced than our standard."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, the other side was well-equipped.

                In the darkness of the jungle, the men had a silky pause, seemingly concentrating, they did not come to see their companions hanging from the trees, the miniature bombs placed by Bi Yuan were ineffective.


                Suddenly a flare was launched into the sky.

                This made Qin Ming's group feel puzzled, what was going on? Summoning companions as soon as they came up?

                But the next moment, something even more unexpected happened.

                Using the announcer, the other party said openly to the surroundings, "Qin Ming, hahaha, you have been betrayed, we know you are here. I never thought we would be so lucky, three of us died as soon as we came down. You don't know that each of us has a pulse instrument installed in our hearts, I know in an instant who is dead."

                "An ambush of this magnitude doesn't seem to have prepared you very well."

                "It's not realistic to ask you to surrender either, so wash your neck and let us reap the rewards."

                As soon as the words left their mouths, several powerful light bombs shot up into the sky, shining the forest as if it were daylight.

                And they actually had drones out, the kind with guns.

                There were several small slopes where ambushers had been spotted, and the drones fired away with a da-da-da-da-da-da, quite a fierce energy.

                "I'm, I'm wounded force," came the voice of the assassination squad member over the headset, "but I can still walk."

                The head of the other side, still holding the speaker, said, "I'll find you, Qin Ming. Use your maximum strength to escape."

                "Fuck it!" After hearing this, Qin Ming gritted his teeth and said, "Twenty people on the other side must be the elite of the elite. Twenty-five of us, counting twenty-six of me, dare you?"

                When Bi Yuan heard this, he laughed, "Young master, we were worried in our hearts that you were afraid. They are elites, but are we just miscellaneous troops? We are paid such a high salary every year, we train every day, and recently we have been training with the Dragon Team, as the saying goes, it is time for us to raise our soldiers for a thousand days, now is the time for us to cut through the thorns for you."

                Song Ying said, "Young master, leave the command to me."

                Qin Ming ordered, "You listen to Song Ying's command, don't worry about me, I promise I won't die."

                Song Ying immediately said again, "a1, b1, get ready to snipe, c1 set fire to your side. Bi Yuan, protect the young master, any slip up and it's your life."

                Bi Yuan whispered, "Promise to complete the mission. Young master, we are in a hidden position, no need to move, just wait."

                Qin Ming was honestly still a bit scared in his heart, because the incident was sudden, the other side was aggressive and their numbers were unknown, so the trip was likely to be fatal.

                However, in order to cheer up his men, he still forced down his inner fear.

                He took a deep breath and said, "When I find the guy who betrayed me, I'll make sure his ashes are raised."