Rags To Riches Chapter 81-82

 Chapter 81

Song Ying asked curiously, "What's wrong? Miss Bai? Please get in."

                He Menglian asked nervously, "So, that ...... you were invited by Qin Ming?"

                Song Ying said coldly, "Yes, what's wrong? Please don't take selfies next to our young master's car, or else you will be responsible for the consequences."

                When He Menglian saw the cold look in Song Ying's eyes, she was so frightened that she hurriedly withdrew her hand, not daring to say a word of dissatisfaction yet.

                Bai Yuchun actually recognised Song Ying, after all, she was the secretary of her life-saving benefactor, but she was surprised that Song Ying knew Qin Ming.

                She stepped forward and asked in confirmation, "The Qin Ming you are talking about, is he a junior student at the China Provincial University of Technology, Qin Ming?"

                Song Ying nodded and responded, "Yes, that's him."

                Hiss, Zhao Fugui and the others sucked in a breath of cold air, how was this possible? How did Qin Ming know such a powerful person? He was a poor? Pan Jun? The tarsus lips? The poor man's wife and children were so poor.

                Xie Tao said jealously, "What an extravagant car, it would be great if I could go in and take a ride."

                The corners of Zhao Fugui's mouth twitched, feeling very uncomfortable that his girlfriend was attracted to other people, but his Brilliance BMW was also without temper in the face of such a stretch Leslie.

                Xie Guangkun stammered, "Then, that Qin Ming, is, is he your who?"

                He Menglian echoed, "Yes, yes, how does Qin Ming know you? Isn't he a poor man?"

                Song Ying was expressionless and said, "It's not convenient to reveal what his relationship with our boss is. Please get in the car, Miss Bai."

                Bai Yuchun trusted Song Ying, after all, she had met her twice, and she wondered in her mind, Qin Ming knew Song Ying's boss, so did that mean Qin Ming knew the richest man in the world?

                In her heart, her admiration for Qin Ming grew, could it be that her mother was saved because of Qin Ming?

                Seeing Bai Yuchun about to leave, He Menglian immediately tugged at He Menggu and said, "Hey, we are together, if you want to drive her, you will drive us together. Right, Sister? My son-in-law treated you to such a big meal, you have to give me a ride in that Rolls Royce too."

                He Menggu, an honest rural woman, didn't know what to say, she was already intimidated by the two super luxurious cars and she said timidly, "Yes, yes."

                Song Ying said indifferently, "Sorry, only two people will be carried this time, there is no room for negotiation. Ah Hu, do something."

                Boom, the driver and bodyguard Xu Donghu got out of the car, a big man of one meter nine, standing up and scaring He Menglian so much that her legs went weak.

                Zhao Fugui's face was ugly as he said, "Auntie, take mine."

                Xie Tao also said, "Mom, forget it, don't lose face. We can't afford to ride in a car like that."

                Xie Guangkun was silent, he didn't dare to say a word, once he said a word, looking at the luxurious interior of the car door, spacious, like a cabin, there is a refrigerator, wine table, ktv, big bed, one can't help but wonder if that is still a car? This is certainly not a mobile luxury bedroom?

                Xie Guangkun took a fierce puff of his cigarette, his eyes were fixed on the Leslie, full of envy and jealousy, maybe there are men who don't love Mercedes, but what man doesn't love Leslie?

                But He Menglian hugged her elder sister He Menggu to death and said: "No, I want to sit, I want to sit. We are two sisters, Pure, you do Fu Gui's car, go on. That Qin Ming, he ate so much money from our Fu Gui, what's wrong with me taking a ride in his friend's car?"

                Xu Donghu stepped forward and directly separated the two sisters, stopping He Menglian dead in her tracks, letting her spill her guts and just not letting her get into the car.

                Bai Yuchun pulled her mother into the car and went.

                The Rolls-Royce disappeared from their view in a flash of smoke.

                He Menglian was furious and cursed: "Old Xie, you bastard, why didn't you help just now? A Rolls-Royce, a custom-made stretch model. Why didn't you help me out with such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?"

                Xie Guangkun said, "That beauty's aura is so strong that I don't dare to go forward when I see her. What's the origin of that Qin Ming? He knows such a rich man."

                He Menglian was so angry that she stomped her feet, "It's useless to say anything, I should have told Qin Ming to give us a ride too. It's all your fault, you don't even know how to please people with your foul mouth."

                Zhao Fugui looked on, his heart sour, his BMW was completely reduced to cannon fodder, he said glumly, "Qin Ming, he's a poor bastard, I know him best, he's still wearing his working clothes in class and smells like pickles. Ah yes, he seems to know how to speculate in stocks, he should be speculating with someone, no matter what, he is still working for someone."

                Xie Tao hummed, "That means, no matter what, it's also someone else's stuff, entrusting people with relationships. Oh, in order to pretend, let someone's big boss's secretary to transport people, how can this favor be returned?"

                After hearing this, Xie Guangkun was inexplicably relieved in his heart and said, "Oh, so it's with someone who speculates on stocks. The stock market is just a temporary market. It's not as practical as doing business. Even if it's good now, you'll turn into a poor man at any time."

                He Menglian was still nagging at her, "A Leslie, you may never see one in your lifetime. My elder sister is in one, but I don't even have the chance to sit in one."

                Xie Tao felt that this car issue made Zhao Fugui be compared to her, and her mother was also preoccupied with super luxury cars, making her lose face, depressed, said: "Mom, don't be angry, not all are still cars? You can still get the feeling of sitting in a villa and mansion? Besides, that is not the cousin's family, nor is it that poor? The Pan shells are not a part of the house. The information is cut to the spring and the information is not a copy!

                But He Menglian just nagged, "That one $10 million Rolls Royce is more expensive than a villa. And I can't be angry that she, He Menggu, is riding in it but I can't. How did her family meet the super rich again?"

                Xie Tao said, "Rich people are also rich people, ah."

                He Menglian gritted her teeth and said, "That can be compared? I blame old Xie for being useless and not being able to give birth to a son, so I can't hold my head up in my hometown. I've managed to do better in Guangzhou, but what if Bai Yuchun's demon charmed a tycoon boss and became a mistress or a mistress? In the future, my sister's family will have to step on my head again."

                Xie Guangkun was exceptionally speechless.

                Zhao Fugui's tsk face was dark, he was even extremely uncomfortable in his heart, was this a complaint that he didn't have enough money?

                The old man endured heavy bleeding, his credit card was maxed out, and the bill of eighty-eight thousand was paid, what else do you guys want?

                Zhao Fugui swept Xie Tao a fierce glance, drove away and went straight to a nearby hotel.

                On the other hand, Qin Ming didn't bother with the small matter of the dinner party, he was heading to the Bund where the rich yachts were gathered.

                Qin Ming arrived at a marina where yachts were parked and looked at a variety of yachts of different sizes.

                He saw the largest one at a glance, and he couldn't recognise the model or brand, but the area was quite empty, so it was obviously not a place where ordinary people's yachts could get close to.

                The car pulled up to the dockside and Qin Ming got out, flanked on either side by black-clad bodyguards from the assassination team, clearing the scene and keeping a vigilant eye on the surroundings.

                Bi Yuan greeted them with a tablet computer and said, "Young master, there are six of them, this is the footage taken by the filming tools they prepared themselves."

                Qin Ming watched the video, it could be said that it was evidence of these people's crime, recording the kidnapping of Nie Haitang, who had been put in the car after being captured, then transferred to the hotel to be tied up, following the gang's hearts to go straight to dinner.

                What a coincidence that they actually ate at the same place as Qin Ming and were caught by Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming had seen the video, and although it proved that Nie Haitang had not suffered any harm, he was still very angry inside, after all, the kidnapping had actually happened.

                He asked with a cold face, "Where are they?"

                Bi Yuan also raised the corners of his mouth coldly and said, "All hanging outside the deck of the ship."

Chapter 82

Qin Ming walked onto the luxury yacht, which was big enough to host company parties and large birthday parties, it was a godsend for picking up girls, once out at sea, women had to lie down, it worked better than any luxury car.

                Qin Ming was in no mood to admire his luxury yacht as he followed his men to the deck.

                Six men, five men and one woman, could not find out their nationalities, but each was blindfolded so that none could see Qin Ming.

                All their belongings were turned over, apart from the drugs to make people unconscious, there were guns, and some first aid medication.

                Qin Ming walked over to the blonde, who was tied hand and foot, and fell backwards up, her skirt pulled down to reveal black hip stockings and a long, slender leg.

                Bi Yuan pulled the pulley and aligned the blonde's face with Qin Ming's.

                Qin Ming asked in English, "Who sent you here?"

                The blonde, inexplicably surprised, asked in English, "Are you Boss Chang's illegitimate son? We can talk."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, the common saying would be to think of him as Old Chang's illegitimate son, right?

                Those people didn't understand Chang Hongxi's loneliness, and Qin Ming didn't bother to explain, perhaps the illegitimate son status would be recognised by more of Old Chang's men, and he didn't care.

                Qin Ming squeezed the blonde's throat and said in English, "I am a devil who will squeeze you to death at any time."

                The blonde now conceded and said, "Gods above, I mean you no harm. We are only mercenaries and since we have failed, I will no longer appear in front of you, please let me go."

                Qin Ming laughed coldly in his heart, this woman was only thinking of her own life? Could it be that they were not a gang?

                Qin Ming asked one of the men again, saying, "Who sent you here?"

                The foreign man said stiffly, "I won't say anything. fuck, you."

                Qin Ming frowned and gave Bi Yuan a wave to do something.


                With a sudden gunshot, the foreign man was covered by his throat, unable to make a sound, and then the man was thrown down into the sea with a crash, the foreign man's hands and feet were tied, and he could only keep struggling in the water, writhing like a fish.

                This series of movements made the other five men tremble with fear.

                They were blindfolded and judging by their ears alone, this had obviously been an act of murder and extermination, but in reality the man was just dragged away and put in the water to be tortured.

                Qin Ming asked another foreign man, "Who sent you here?"

                "Hey man, calm down, we can talk ......"


                Another shot rang out and the foreign man was again muffled, unable to make any sound, and then the man was thrown into the sea in the same manner.

                Qin Ming asked for a third, the man knew that one bad answer and he would surely die, under the pressure of such death, any integrity and credibility would become fragile.

                The third mercenary said, "I said, don't hurt me, I said. It was a man called Chang Huan who ordered us to investigate the bastard behind his boss."

                Chang Huan?

                Qin Ming frowned, he had roughly read the information of those unrelated children of Chang Hongxi, Chang Huan was the oldest, thirty-two years old, currently doing fund investment in Wall Street in M.

                As Chang Hongxi's family, they should have known that Chang Hongxi had given his entire inheritance to Qin Ming, and were also desperate to find him.

                Qin Ming knew who had done it and said to Bi Yuan, "Pull this woman to my room, you handle the others."

                Bi Yuan's eyes flicked to the blonde with a meaningful smile and looked at her, whether it was her body or face, she was indeed worth a shot.

                As soon as Qin Ming led the blonde away, Bi Yuan's men came up and asked, "Captain, what about these people?"

                A little angry, Bi Yuan made a gesture of slitting his neck and said, "Old Fei, what kind of person can keep a secret? Do I need to teach you? Don't give the young master any trouble."

                The henchman understood mentally and immediately went to do so.

                Inside the yacht's room, the blonde was tied hand and foot, blindfolded and thrown inside the sofa, while there were only Qin Ming and her in the room.

                Qin Ming looked at this woman, who belonged to the petite series of foreign women, with long thin legs, waspish waist, attractive breasts not too big but not too small to match her figure, the long brownish-blond hair was particularly neat, and her melon face had a particularly youthful charm.

                Qin Ming was quite surprised that such a beautiful woman, who would normally be the dainty wife of many rich men in their rooms, was doing such a dangerous job.

                The blonde tried to say in Chinese, "By the sound of your voice, you are very young, the young richest man in the world, congratulations, surpassing everyone and holding the most horrible wealth in the world."

                Listening to the pronunciation, it was actually quite a standard Beijing accent.

                But Qin Ming didn't take the bait and continued in English, "Do you want to live, or do you want to die?"

                The blonde put her legs together and sat on the sofa in a small woman's stance, puffed out her chest and said with a flirtatious gesture, "Are you willing to lay your hands on a beautiful woman like me? I've heard that men in China are very good at taking pity on jade."

                Qin Ming continued in English, "Besides pitying jade, our Chinese men will also destroy flowers with their hot hands."

                The blonde beauty smiled back and said flirtatiously, "I'm afraid the five of them have already been dealt with by you, right? But you left me alone, and what else could it be but a fascination with me? I don't like rough men, love me well."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, he kept this woman, not in pity or to grass up, but to let her carry a message back to those who coveted him, not to hit on the Nie family.

                Qin Ming took a deep breath, changed his mood and tone, and said: "Oh, I'm keeping you, because I want you to go back and pass on a message. You go back and tell Chang Huan, an old Chinese saying, those who obey me prosper, those who disobey me die."

                The blonde beauty was slightly moved, she seemed to hear Qin Ming's dominance and determination from these words of Qin Ming.

                Suddenly, the corner of the blonde's mouth was hot, indeed Qin Ming had stolen a kiss from her on account of her being blindfolded.

                After Qin Ming had taken advantage of her, he laughed loudly, "Haha, unexpectedly, right? You've been desecrated by me. Don't come back to China when you go back, you won't be needed to deliver a message next time."

                The blonde's expression was surprised, yet she whirled around with a relieved look, while biting her lip again, wondering why Qin Ming was willing to let her go? Had she really conquered him with her charm?

                Qin Ming got up and walked to the door just as Bi Yuan knocked on the door and came in.

                Qin Ming lowered his voice, and deliberately didn't lower it too much, and said, "Continue to use the Nie family and put in a long line to catch a big fish."

                The blonde's body moved and listened carefully, and her heart was overjoyed that this young master was still young and had revealed his horse's foot.

                It turned out that the Nie family was just the bait deployed by this young master, they had all been tricked.

                Bi Yuan was also smart, he deliberately did not lower his voice too much and responded, "Don't worry young master, the bait and net are always ready, once they come they are finished."

                Qin Ming finished his act and said flatly, "Alright, let her go. My grandmother is seriously ill and I have a trip back to Beijing, book me the fastest flight."

                The blonde secretly remembered these words, she felt that she had taken credit for this time.

                What the blonde hadn't expected was that her misinformation had successfully led all those investigating Qin Ming's identity astray.

                All those people thought that the Nie family was a deliberate front set up by Qin Ming, and at the same time, in order to investigate Qin Ming's identity, they all ran to Beijing.

                Qin Ming didn't need to bother with the latter, he was the boss and didn't need to worry about those trivial matters.

                After taking care of these matters, Qin Ming got off the boat and came to the Bund Pier, the wooded green road, he looked around and muttered to himself, "It seems I have to speed up the consolidation of my forces and familiarise myself with the domestic industries and subordinates in China to avoid traitors."