Rags To Riches Chapter 809

 "What else is the tomb of Princess Dian? You're putting me in a tomb raiding game here?" The moment the guide heard where Qin Ming was going, he gave him a blank stare.

                "I just thought it's almost New Year's Eve, so I'll earn some extra money." The guide from Wufengzhai looked impatient.

                The guide said, "I've never heard of any tomb of Princess Dian, there is a tomb of King Dian, I'll tell you secretly, it's an artificial scenic spot, specially which to attract foreigners. Now this point is not open, many nearby mountain roads, easy to get lost, I thought you guys were going to find lost friends."

                People are guides, ah, Qin Ming angry also can not help ah.

                He pulled Fang9tong's location for this guide to see, and after looking at it, the guide said, "Oh, that's west of Xianxi, that's a plateau over there, and it's close to the border na, your friend has gone too far too."

                Qin Ming asked, "Playing the field, do you have a way to get us over there quickly?"

                The wizard smoked a cigarette, "Yes, this is a long way to go at least this amount."

                The wizard held out five fingers.

                "Fifty thousand? Yes, act now."

                The guide shook his head and said, "No, no, no, five thousand is enough, we don't cheat foreigners, we don't take black money. Besides, I have a condition, I will only send you there, I won't stay long near Xianjiang, the mountain gods will reveal their spirits, and those who desecrate the great mountain will suffer retribution."

                Qin Ming did not listen to the bunch of superstitious nonsense that followed him.

                Anyway, following the guide, the journey took some rugged paths unknown to the general public, and halfway through the journey they had to take a small boat, but the journey was quite fast.

                Especially since Qin Ming had come with a team this time, and everyone had brought enough equipment and instruments.

                "Grandpa, how long will it take to get to the designated point?"

                The wizard said, "Five hours if it goes well, and by the time we arrive it will be night. I hope your friend hasn't angered the gods, otherwise you will have to go and collect his corpse for him."

                Qin Ming didn't care about this, he would really have to collect the corpse of Fang 9 Tong if he went late, he was now being hunted by the Li family.

                At this time, thirteen teams of people appeared all over the border of China, entering the country in batches, along with a batch of the latest weapons and equipment.

                At a customs entry point, a senior official surnamed Li looked at the documents in front of him, silent, and shook his head with another sigh.

                "Breaking up with the Zhao family is too adventurous. Old Ancestor this time, I hope we don't take the wrong path. There are many people who have fallen like our Li family, and people usually flatter and flatter, but in reality they want to take their place."

                "Once we take the wrong path, the best outcome for the Li family is to be reduced to a vassal of the Zhao family, and at worst I'm afraid we'll have to fall from this point on."

                "Just like the Bai family, which was prominent for a while but is now just an ordinary, small, rich family. The Mu family is smart enough to use their daughter to re-enter this circle of power."

                The phone on the table rang.

                The senior official surnamed Li picked up the phone and said, "It's me."

                "Uncle Kun, this is Li Xinghong." On the other end of the phone, Li Xinghong said seriously, "The Li family's operation against Qin Ming this time, there was an accident, that guy somehow went to Yun Province, and it just so happened that the tomb of the Dian Wang Princess that the old ancestor had been looking for, was found."

                "This ......" Li Kun said excitedly, "This might not be a coincidence."

                Li Xinghong said, "Of course it's not a coincidence, now the people from the branch family have all been arranged to prepare for the onslaught after the official tearing of the face with the Zhao family, there are not enough people."

                Li Kun sighed, "Of course there is not enough manpower, the cooperation with the Zhao family used to be very close, now ...... alas ...... many of our Li family even have in-laws with the Zhao family."

                Li Xinghong said, "Uncle Kun, the old ancestor's decision, we have no way to influence, the Li family hundred years of opportunity, everything has touched. It's the King Dian's Tomb again and the chance to enter the Huan Yu Century Group, if we succeed and sacrifice the Zhao family, it will do our Li family no harm at all."

                Li Kun said, "Alright, I know. What do you want me to do, just say it."

                Li Xinghong said, "Everything else has been done, now you need to cooperate in getting those foreign mercenaries, Li Zeguo to mobilize some army men to Yun Province."

                "This ......" Li Kun stood up in shock and said, "This is a bet on the entire Li family, Zeguo is a general, abnormal mobilization of the army, once the failure is the whole family buried in."

                Li Xinghong said in a loud voice: "The old ancestor's meaning, has prepared an excuse for him. This is to ensure that nothing can go wrong. The Zhao family knows nothing and is still preparing for the New Year. Oh, Qin Ming is so conceited that he didn't seek help from the Zhao family, nor did he seek help from the Qin family."

                "So, this is golden time, we can't give the Zhao family a chance to come back, as long as one sentence takes down the secret of the tomb of Princess Dian, and the two old thieves, Zhang Quanzhen and Zhang Zhengyuan, and Qin Ming along with them, then all will be well."

                Li Kun froze for a long time and muttered, "I, I know."

                Hanging up the phone, Li Kun felt that this recent chain of events that the Li family had done was completely different from the Li family of old.

                Since its rise to power in China, the Li family had always followed the family motto of not leaving any leverage on its enemies, and all the descendants of the Li family, up and down the line, had to be innocent people.

                And now? To kill that Qin Ming, let in elite foreign mercenaries.

                Of course, he also knew very well that it was also to kill and silence those mercenaries who entered China, none of the latter would leave.

                However, once this operation fails, the Li family will be doomed.

                Li Kun shook his head helplessly: "The old ancestor probably can't wait any longer, ah, that's why he's so anxious. I hope the heavens bless, otherwise my Li family will be defeated and never rise again."

                At this time, a private airport in China.

                A group of foreigners with formal weapons were boarding the plane one by one, they were all dispatched by the top board of directors of the Huan Yu Century Group, aces of aces, each one hired at a high price and allotted with the most advanced weapons.

                All of them had only one objective, to remove obstacles for their boss and kill Qin Ming.

                At this moment, one of the foreign devil leaders muttered with his walkie-talkie, "OK, isee, Cloud Province, OK."

                After hanging up the walkie-talkie, the foreign devil leader turned back to his men and said, "The news from the people assisting us is that the target has just gone to Yun Province and is likely to be in a place called Xianjiang, we need to land empty."    The foreign devil leader added, "The others will want to get ahead of us too. But Qin Ming's life can only be taken by us. Otherwise, the boss won't be able to take advantage of the convenience within the group. Guys, this is out for once, a lifetime of clothesline missions that are screwed up."

                All the mercenaries didn't say anything, just raised their thumbs, implying that they were ready to go.

                It was night, in the early hours of the morning, northwest of the tomb of the Princess Dian of Cloud Province.

                Fang 9 Tong, who was hiding in a dense tree trunk for cover, suddenly opened his eyes and saw multiple planes flying in overheard.

                His mouth opened wide in surprise as someone on the planes was parachuting in.

                Who would parachute into such a primitive mountain forest at this time of the year?