Rags To Riches Chapter 808

 After a quiet night, Qin Ming was woken up from his blanket early the next morning by an unexpected phone call.

                "Senior Brother?" Qin Ming heard that it was actually Song Yixing who had called.

                "Something has happened to Master." Song Yixing said.

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "Didn't you go to work for someone as a bodyguard? How come ......"

                Song Yixing said, "Don't talk nonsense, something happened to Master, in Yun Province, he went with a friend of his to explore the tombs of the ancients in the deep mountain insect valley, he exceeded the agreed contact time, he hasn't contacted for four days."

                On the phone, he also heard Song Yiling complaining from the sidelines, "That old man is just asking for death himself, he is still tossing and turning at his age, wouldn't it be better to eat his apprentice's money and enjoy his old age in peace?"

                Qin Ming's face was dark, he was still thinking of finding Zhang Quanzhen to be his advisor na.

                Song Yixing said, "My side is doing security work abroad for a big figure of the state ministry, the spirit of contract ah, can not leave. I'll send you the address, you go to cloud province to look for, this matter may have a relationship with the Fang family. The Fang family is a big local clan in Yun Province, try not to gas conflict."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone and hurried out the door.

                He did remember.

                Before, Fang 9 Tong had told him that part of the reason why he was so powerful at such a young age was because he and his master had discovered a deceased person's tomb in Yun Province and copied some ancient texts in it to study back, thus learning something to strengthen his body quickly.

                This was a big deal, but at the time Qin Ming did not take it seriously.

                Just as Qin Ming was opening the door, he suddenly heard a voice behind him, "You're leaving?"

                "It's urgent, something has happened to my master." Qin Ming said.

                "Is that so? Be careful."

                Qin Ming swept back a glance at Liao Qingxuan who was merely hanging on a blanket, the dried blood was still vaguely visible between her legs.

                Qin Ming felt a pang of remorse, he had been impulsive again last night and had slept with Liao Qingxuan.

                He felt more and more scum.

                However, after sleeping with Qingxuan Liao, Qin Ming also figured out that he should learn advanced Western open-minded thinking, to look at gender relations rationally and not be bound by traditional thinking, which was the price he was bound to pay for stepping out of society.

                In short, after he anesthetized himself and scolded himself for being a slag, he had to hurry up on the road to save his master.

                Qin Ming called Mu Xiaoqiao and Nie Haitang to inform them of his whereabouts, indicating that something urgent had happened.

                Walking downstairs, Song Ying opened the door for Qin Ming with a grimace and said, "Young master, you didn't sleep well last night, this dress has lipstick on it and you haven't changed."

                Qin Ming's old face flushed, he knew that Song Ying also liked him, even going so far as to not want his status.

                But it happened that after Qin Ming had rejected her, he also had an unclear relationship with one woman after another, making Song Ying feel twice as cold.

                Qin Ming scratched his head and said, "Go to the airport, to Yun Province."

                Song Ying was surprised, "Young master, it's not much time before New Year, aren't you going home for the New Year?"

                Qin Ming said, "Something has happened to Zhang Quanzhen, I have to go and save him, this is a disciple sent by my senior brother, take a look."

                Song Ying read the address Qin Ming sent and frowned, "This seems to be the Wu Feng Cottage near King Dian's Tomb."

                Qin Ming was surprised, "You grew up in a foreign country and you still know such details?"

                Song Ying said, "No, hasn't the young master recently made friends with that Fang 9 Tong? I also sent someone to keep an eye on his whereabouts, but it turned out that he was secretly being watched by the Li family's people, and they went all the way to Wu Feng Zhai in Yun Province."

                Qin Ming had a bad feeling in his heart.

                The Breathing Method, which was unimportant in his eyes, might really be exceptionally important to the Li Family.

                He did not expect that the Li family had secretly chased Fang 9 Tong all the way to Yun Province.

                Qin Ming gave an analysis, "It seems that Fang 9 Tong also went back to save his master, and Zhang Quanzhen should have fallen in some unknown ancient tomb with others."

                Qin Ming looked at the time, there were only ten days left before the New Year, and he didn't know how many days it would take to solve these matters.

                Qin Ming muttered straight in his heart, "The key is to go exploring ancient tombs, it's not good enough to lose your life."

                But Zhang Quanzhen was his master, and although he was heartless, Qin Ming had acknowledged his master, so he had to take it seriously, and he had to go.

                At noon that day, Qin Ming's private plane landed in Yun Province.

                Two assassination squads were ready to stand by, but this time it was Song Ying who led the squad, not Ah Long.

                Song Ying led a middle-aged woman over and said, "Young master, this is the chief of the industry in Yun Province, Zhao Li."

                Qin Ming had met Zhao Li earlier and said, "Team Leader Zhao, you're in trouble this time."

                Zhao Li said, "Young master, I have been working for Huan Yu all my life, and it is only with Huan Yu that I am who I am now. The man the young master asked me to find has been found. This is the local guide of Wu Feng Cottage, if you have anything, just ask him."

                The guide is an old man with a wrinkled face and a pipe, very plain and with eyes full of awe at everything.

                It was the awe of having been through something inhuman.

                "Hello boss." The guide greeted, "I'm familiar with Wu Feng Cottage, where the Great Spirit often manifests itself again, and from time to time people go into the mountain to explore, only to have no return, because they all disrespect the Great Spirit and end up floating in the Immortal River."

                Qin Ming did have Fang 9tong's contact details, and he tried to contact him.

                "Young Qin? What is it?" Fang 9Tong lowered his voice as soon as he got through.

                Qin Ming cut to the chase and said, "Brother, did my master, Zhang Quanzhen, disappear with your master?"

                Fang 9Tong froze and said, "I don't know where Zhang Quanzhen is, but that old man in my family, who hasn't contacted me after four days, should be in trouble. He didn't tell me that he went to Princess Dian's tomb with Zhang Zhen Zhen this time. I'm afraid we went together, but I'm having some trouble now."

                Qin Ming heard some murmurs from Fang 9 Tong's side and asked, "What happened?"

                "Nothing, I'm being chased by those jumping clowns from the Li family, and they've come with a few people behind the scenes. They're all hundreds of years old ghosts, huh."

                "Brother, send me the location, I'm also in Yun Province, where are you?"

                Not long after, Qin Ming got Fang 9tong's location, he took it to the old man of the guide who said, "This is the upper reaches of the Immortal River, usually people who offend the Great Spirit and die will pop up here in the upper reaches."

                Qin Ming said, "Let's move."

                At this moment, in the northwest of Wu Feng Cottage in Yun Province, deep in the mountains and old forests.

                Fang 9 Tong was running like a cheetah through the jungle with his full set of equipment, cursing as he ran, "Damned Li Shun, his word is not good enough. When my brothers come, you will know how to write the word "death"."

                Woof woof woof~!

                With a group of dogs barking behind him, Fang 9 Tong casually discarded some poisoned pieces of meat and looked deeper into the Immortal River, thinking, "Luckily, the old guy hasn't been drained out ...... I hope you guys can hold out until I arrive with young Qin. The average age still doesn't stop. Kam!"