Rags To Riches Chapter 807

 Qin Chaoyang's home, an ordinary commercial house, is also the newlywed nest of the two.

                The sister-in-law's belly was already slightly bulging and she was cooking in the kitchen with her sister Qin Susu.

                Qin Chaoyang greeted Qin Ming warmly and said, "Why don't you sleep at my place tonight? In the fourth room, there's a spare room for you."

                Liao Qingxuan blushingly declined, saying, "Brother Qin no need, it's better for us to go back."

                Qin Chaoyang smiled and said, "It's also inconvenient for you two here, whenever Susu comes on holiday, I also find it inconvenient."

                Liao Qingxuan's face was dark, what inconvenience could she have with Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming was watching the fun, although Liao Qingxuan sought him out as a shield, all this was her own embarrassment, she would have to explain herself later.

                "Zizi zizi ......" Suddenly the phone rang.

                Qin Ming walked to the balcony and picked up the phone and said, "Ah Long, what's up?"

                "Young master, I was suddenly recalled by the army, something happened at the northern border of China, I am now employed by you, if you do not allow me to go, I will not go."

                Qin Ming could hear what was going on, a call from the country, that was a big deal to protect the family and defend the country.

                However, for Qin Ming personally, it was the loss of a soldier king bodyguard.

                Qin Ming said, "Brother, don't say anything stupid, defending the country is what men should do. You are the hero of the country, since the country is calling, go ahead. I believe in you."

                "Young master, thank you. I'll definitely look for you again when I return from the army." On the other end of the phone, Ah Long moved with gratitude.

                When he hung up the phone, Wu Long was in a complicated mood, and his pregnant wife hugged him on the back and said, "What? You're worried that you've been out of the war for too long."

                Wu Long shook his head and said, "The battlefield I am used to, how can I have any worries. Qin Ming, my benefactor, my brother, and my boss, is in a very dangerous situation. It is already very difficult for him to give me a few days' leave. It's always unsettling for me to leave at this time."

                "Don't worry, didn't you say your boss is surrounded by masters? He knows a few kung fu moves too."

                Wu Long looked out of the window, touched his wife's stomach again and said, "I hope so."

                At this moment, the top board of directors of the Universe Century Group was secretly contacting the information channel.

                Thirteen members of the Supreme Board of Directors, appeared above the computer screen, some showing a false avatar, others a black screen, but their names were all displayed below the screen.

                If Qin Ming had seen this scene, he would have known that it was a collective meeting of the Supreme Board of Directors of the Universal Century, which he would normally need to be informed of.

                "That son of a bitch Chang Hongxi is actually still alive." A heavy voice said.

                "Hmph, damned Chinese, now oneworld is all about the Chinese."

                "Henry, Huan Yu was originally created by the Chinese, they are cunning and calculating, they have fooled us all."

                "The Chinese are pushing neo-liberalism everywhere, pulling the wool over the eyes of country after country, he eats the meat, we can only drink the soup."

                "But you can make more money by drinking soup than before." Someone muttered.

                "General Horton, but there is an opportunity to make more now, isn't there? Who is willing to let the Chinese rule the great ship that is Huan Yu."

                "The Chinese Li family, the number one family in China, deserves to be the number one family in China. It is so influential that it has now opened the door to us, allowing our professional warriors to enter and leave Huaxia at will, and weapons to be shipped into it."

                "Chang Hongxi is already old, so if we kill Qin Ming, the heir of Huan Yu can change hands."

                Someone asked, "The Li family, I have dealt with them on behalf of the royal family of the Eunuch Kingdom, and they are not masters who like to suffer losses."

                "They are asking to enter Huan Yu and become one of the top board members. In exchange, he would also eliminate the Zhao family in China."

                "Oh, the Zhao family was excluded from this secret meeting, that old man Zhao Zhen, never would have imagined that his once closest partner, would betray him."

                "The Zhao family must have a conspiracy, joining hands with Chang Hongxi, secretly grooming Qin Ming, and specially having Qin Ming change his name to avoid our ears, to put Qin Ming in, so shameless."

                "General Horton, calm down, there is no point in probing into such matters. Now that our men and weapons can enter China with impunity, this is an opportunity to agree or disagree with this one initiative."

                There was a moment of silence in the video conference, followed by a chorus of "ayes" from all thirteen heads.

                In the end, all of them passed the issue.

                "Very good, everyone has the same consensus, that's the best. This time, we in the Oneworld Century Group are going to have a major elimination."

                Someone asked, "So how should the next alliance leader be chosen? If it succeeds, there are too many things to change."

                "I have a note that whoever kills Qin Ming will be the next alliance leader of the Oneworld Century Group. Whoever kills Chang Hongxi will be the deputy ally. With two allies, it would be effective in limiting this emperor-style dictatorship of the Chinese."

                "I agree, after all, the Huan Yu Century Group, is not a private enterprise. It is a monster raised by our dignitaries from several countries around the globe, who have sold out their national interests day in and day out. I think when I joined, there were over fifty top board members, huh now? It's all mostly from Magnesium and Europe, but the real power is with the Chinese, all through three generations."

                "I agree, the Zhao family is familiar with Huan Yu, kick him out and bring in the Li family who don't know the rules. As for the Zhao family fighting with the Li family, that's all their own business with the Chinese."

                After some discussion, the thirteen top board members quickly reached a consensus.

                After closing contact, the Rothschild family in the faraway country of Magnesia held an emergency family meeting, the Anglo group took a secret action in secret, and the Stampo's East British Society borrowed an elite assassination squad from their own emperor.

                The Earl of Flame Light in Europe, the Night Lords Group in Eastern Europe, the Brilliant Group in Western Europe, and so on belong to the highest board of directors of the Oneworld Century Group all secretly sent top assassination teams to China, because at this time in China, someone had opened the door for them. Mobile phone \ end One second to remember the 『』 for you \ provide wonderful novel \ read

                At this moment, in a certain community in the Canton Province of China.

                Qin Ming, who did not know that he had been targeted by countless forces, was carrying a drunken Liao Qingxuan back to the community.

                "Boom." He threw the person on the sofa and complained, "Sister Xuan, I'm convinced that you can even get drunk over a casual meal. Pouring white as beer, be careful of female alcoholics turning into female ghosts."

                Liao Qingxuan suddenly reached out and hooked Qin Ming, saying, "A female ghost? If you turn into a female ghost, I'll eat you, you little villain."

                Qin Ming looked at the drunken Liao Qingxuan, her collar was open, revealing her breasts were snow white, and her drunken flush made her look as charming as a cherry.

                Gurgling, Qin Ming swallowed his saliva, this chick was too hot.

                He hurriedly averted his eyes and said, "Sister Xuan, I'm leaving, you're on your own ......"


                Before the words left his mouth, the drunken Liao Qingxuan locked onto Qin Ming and kissed him with a bite, Qin Ming was caught off guard and tumbled straight to the ground, and the two of them embraced on the ground.

                "Sister Xuan~"

                "Shhh, don't say anything. Hold me tight."