Rags To Riches Chapter 806

 It was very quiet in the middle of the restaurant.

                "Cough ......," Qin Ming coughed softly, feeling a little strange in the atmosphere.

                "Sister Xuan, this is not good." Qin Ming turned sideways and said to Liao Qingxuan who was beside him, "We have to explain this clearly to Principal Liao."

                Liao Qingxuan said, "Wait two days and I'll say that we broke up. Right now my mother is happy, if she immediately says we broke up, she'll immediately find someone for me again."

                "Don't worry about it, there won't be too much trouble, anyway, my mother is usually busy with work and will be busy with work again in a few days."

                Qin Ming had a dark face, but hearing Liao Qingxuan say this, it was all he could do.

                Headmaster Liao looked at Qin Ming and was quite satisfied, there was actually not much difference between their ages, and she heard that Qin Ming was quite well connected and had entered a big company for an internship, so his future was promising.

                Headmaster Liao said, "Qin Ming, I really didn't expect that we were so destined for each other. Our Qingxuan has a lot of problems and a temper, so you may have to put up with her a bit as you are young and old. But if there's anything wrong with her, you can just tell me."

                "Uh, okay, okay." Qin Ming responded with a leathery smile.

                Liao Qingxuan also laughed in an unusually awkward manner and whispered, "Ah Qin Ming, I'm sorry for your aggravation."

                Qin Ming was bitter in his heart, but he could only hold it in.

                By a good coincidence, a wonderful woman suddenly passed by and she said in surprise, "Brother?"

                "Susu!!!" Qin Ming looked up in shock, wasn't it his own sister Qin Susu?

                It said it had been a long time since I had seen her, but it had actually only been about six months.

                Qin Susu was very surprised: "Brother, I saw that you were back from your friend circle and I didn't expect to run into you immediately. Ah, Miss Liao, you're here too."

                Qin Susu recognized Liao Qingxuan, one of the teachers who taught dance at her school.

                "Susu ...... such a coincidence." Liao Qingxuan was also surprised, it's such a small world.

                Qin Ming, seeing that his sister was dressed much more fashionably and had learned to dress up, asked, "Are you eating here with your friends?"

                Qin Susu said, "No, Mom and Dad are here too, they're going back home after dinner today."

                Qin Ming was excited to hear that his parents were there, and wondered if that Zhao Zhengting had come to claim his biological parents back?

                Qin Ming asked, "Has Zhao Zhengting come?"

                "Who is Zhao Zhengting?" Qin Susu said in wonder, "Your friend? I don't know. Two months earlier, my elder brother had brought my parents to live in Guangzhou. But Mom and Dad are very uncomfortable, there are no fields to plant, no chickens to raise, no work to do, and they haven't returned the children to bring them up, so after a month of living there, they are clamouring to go back, or else the chickens and pigs that the family asked the neighbours to raise, I don't know if they will be lost."

                Listening to these trivialities of life, Qin Ming would smile, this was indeed like his own parents' personalities.

                However, it looked like Zhao Zhengting had left the Zhao family and had no intention of coming back to acknowledge his relatives.

                This was the best thing for Qingming. He did not object to Zhao Zhengting acknowledging his biological parents, but there would eventually be some ethical and moral issues if he did.

                If Zhao Zhengting did not acknowledge them, then nothing would change in his home.

                Qin Susu added: "Dad has said that he would like to go back to Baishui Town for New Year's Eve this year. The company is now owned by the elder brother, and the sister-in-law is highly educated, so she should go back for a scenic trip. Brother, you are even more powerful and needless to say, hehehe."

                While they were talking, Qin Zhiguo, Wang Xiu, elder brother Qin Chaoyang and sister-in-law Wang Xiaoli came in.

                Wang Xiu was the most excited and went forward to grab Qin Ming's hand, saying, "Son, when did you come back? Didn't you tell mum?"

                Qin Ming said, "Mom, I just arrived too. I'm having dinner with the school leaders."

                "Aiya, Qin Ming, why are you being so uncomfortable?" When Principal Liao heard this, he became upset and got up and said, "Hello, in-laws' mother."

                At these words, both Liao Qingxuan and Qin Ming's legs went weak and they wanted to find a hole to burrow into.

                Wang Xiu is a peasant, seeing such an intellectual as Principal Liao, naturally ashamed of himself, rushed to shake hands and said, "Aiyo, leader, this is ...... what you are saying"

                "My daughter is in a relationship with Qin Ming." Headmaster Liao laughed and said, "These two kids are hiding it deep enough. I introduced her to a blind date. Qin Ming immediately got upset and came straight over to sabotage it. Otherwise I wouldn't have known about it."

                "Oops, how come ...... again Oh, so that's how it is." Wang Xiu was first surprised that Qin Ming had changed his girlfriend. Then he was very surprised to look at Liao Qingxuan, only to find her pavilion, her body is even better than a model, and she looks like a sinking fish. The son married no loss, she also did not mention the previous girlfriend. Mobile phone \ end One second to remember 『』 for you \ provide wonderful novels \ read

                The fact that her eldest son, Qin Chaoyang, has married a daughter-in-law from the city, who is also a university student, has already made Wang Xiu sleep in beautiful dreams every day.

                If the second son, Qin Ming, could marry a girl from the big city, Wang Xiu would feel that the Qin family's ancestral graves were shining with light.

                But Qin Ming and Liao Qingxuan never thought that a spur of the moment would lead to such a big mess.

                The two families simply sat down for dinner and chatted about family matters. Principal Liao and Wang Xiu, one satisfied with their son-in-law and the other with their daughter-in-law, talked more and more about the topic, and even the wedding gift, dowry and date were to be decided.

                The more they talk, the more they talk, even the wedding gift, dowry and date will be set. They also invite Liao Qingxuan to return home with Qin Ming in the New Year, which makes Liao Qingxuan completely at a loss.

                On the contrary, Qin Zhiguo was privately curious and asked, "Son, your previous girlfriend doesn't seem to be this ...... model."

                Sister-in-law Wang Xiaoli said, "Dad, Qin Ming is so good, there are many choices. I'm sure he'll have a bottom line."

                The corners of Qin Ming's mouth twitched, not bothering to explain, and said, "Uh, dad, it's a long story, anyway, right now I'm single."

                "Oh, single again, huh?" Qin Zhiguo was very annoyed and reached out to smack Qin Ming, saying, "You son of a bitch, don't think that just because you earn a few dollars, you can go around and fail girls. Our Qin family may be poor, but we can't produce Chen Shimei and engage in promiscuity."

                "Dad, you still know about Chen Shimei." Qin Ming was powerless to spit and said, "This is also a misunderstanding, I'll tell you later."

                After dinner, Principal Liao had to leave beforehand.

                Qin Ming also knew that his parents wanted to go back after staying in Guangcheng for too long, and bought tickets for today to go back to Baishui Town in the evening, so he couldn't stay.

                Qin Zhiguo said: "Son, this year you made a fortune, you can no longer stay in school, must come back with your brother. Hey, I want everyone in the village to see my good son, who is capable, haha."

                "Mm, I know, dad." Qin Ming nodded his head in response.

                Looking at Qin Zhiguo's very proud look, Qin Ming was also very proud in his heart, he always wanted his father to be proud of him, he had broken into a lot of goods since he was a child, but Qin Zhiguo never beat him or scolded him much, he always educated him painstakingly and advised him to study.

                This is an important reason why Qin Ming was able to get back on track again later, and an important reason for his current success.

                In his heart, Qin Ming was particularly afraid that Qin would be upset if he knew that he had only been secretly swapped out by his eldest uncle and belonged to the children of the people who had been swapped out.

                After parting ways, Qin Chaoyang invites the two of them to stay at his new home.

                Qin Ming was naturally very happy that his elder brother had made a career out of it, so he agreed.

                Liao Qingxuan wanted to leave, but was pulled by Qin Susu, who said beautifully, "Don't leave yet, second sister-in-law, hey, we'll be a family from now on."