Rags To Riches Chapter 805

 A dimly lit conference room in the Li family, with European-style round tables, the light spreading from the bottom of the table, making the room seem very eerie.

                Around the round table sat five or six people, and in the middle a mid-toned but low voice rang out.

                "Resolve to vote."  Mobile.

                "I support continuing to get along with the Zhao family and Qin Ming in a friendly manner."

                "I am against it, Qin Ming is getting too much, he is testing the bottom line of our Li family."

                "I support it."

                "I oppose."

                After the voices rose and fell, the old man mused, "It's three to three again, Zeguo, have you made up your mind yet?"

                Li Zeguo said, "Grandpa, my son Zongbai is not too young, and I have recently found him a pretty good girl, in the art of dance, who is also passable in politics."

                The crowd did not say anything and continued to listen.

                Li Zeguo added, "As you all know, Zongbai is a very hardworking and capable boy who has worked as a bodyguard for the Zhao family since his discharge from the army and has completed many missions well. It can't be considered bad for the Zhao family, right?"

                "However, the Zhao family connived at Qin Ming and stirred up Zong Bai's marriage event. That Qin Ming, on the surface, was wavering between the two women, Mu Xiaoqiao and Nie Haitang, making it difficult to choose."

                "And in reality? That Sun family's thousand-year-old Sun Changxi is pregnant for her, the Xiangxi Lin family's thousand-year-old Lin Yurou is also knocked up by him, and there are even more than a few other ambiguous women, that Bai family's has a woman called Bai Yuchun, and his former alumnus Chen Mulin."

                "Now he's going after Zong Bai's response partner, you said he was in Dayong City two days earlier and turned his head and arrived in Guang City just in time to ruin Zong Bai's marriage event again."

                "This is provocation!"

                "I vote against it, my Li family can't live like this in a nest."

                The atmosphere was silent for a long time before someone else said, "Li Shun was humiliated twice because of him, the boy is talented and smart, yet he had to compromise with Qin Ming many times because of the Li family's general direction, the big principle issue, this will hurt his pride."

                Another person said, "In the end, Qin Ming doesn't have much identification with the Zhao family itself to belong to. This move by Chang Hongxi is still very murderous and heartbreaking. Qin Ming only recognises his parents from White Water Town in his heart."

                After a moment of silence, someone else objected, saying, "Any more, blood is thicker than water, and Qin Ming's identity concerns not only the Zhao family, but also the old Qin family in Hai City, and Master Qin's position in China is also significant."

                "To go against Qin Ming is to go against the two richest families in China and to go against the Huan Yu Century Group, which controls the largest wealth in the world."

                "Not bad, especially since Qin Ming didn't kill Chang Hongxi, but instead made a deal with Chang Hongxi so that Chang Hongxi would in turn help him with his operation, it's just too brilliant, how did this happen?"

                Here at the round table, there was a lot of bickering, but everyone was relatively polite and courteous, and there was no real bickering.

                For everyone's opinion was spoken to the old ancestor.

                After another long time, the Old Ancestor mused, "This is a very crucial issue, it has always been about power first and wealth following. It is also the foundation of our Li family's life. But now the wealth represented by Qin Ming and the Zhao family has become so huge that we can't maintain power anymore."

                Li Zeguo said, "Grandpa, even if Western capital is powerful, it is a paper tiger, it cannot hurt our fundamentals, besides, Qin Ming he is a Chinese any more, he cannot trust the capital oligarchs in the Western world, to put the centre of gravity of Huan Yu in China, that is also a lot of room for us to control."

                As soon as this statement was made, someone immediately objected, "No, isn't this giving the capitalist goons an excuse and a ladder? I'm afraid that even our positions will be lost."

                "Or, let's take a big gamble and replace it."

                At this remark, the entire roundtable was so quiet that a pin drop could be heard.

                Entering the Huan Yu was the only way to take Qin Ming's place, which was what the Li family had always wanted to do.

                But all the giants of Huan Yu were also wary of the Li family, after all, the Li family had infiltrated more in China and refused to corrupt the country's interests in exchange for a seat.

                As opposed to the Zhao family that is one of the founders of Huan Yu and has much different significance.

                The meeting room was quiet again for a long time, a full thirty minutes, it seemed that everyone was thinking, to give the old ancestor a final word of advice.

                Suddenly, the Old Ancestor inquired, "Cindy, what do you think now, tell us more."

                Li Chan, the only woman at the round table, the current head of the Li family, Li Anping, and the aunt of the direct line, Li Zeguo.

                Li Chan said, "Dad, the topic this time is indeed the plight of our Li family for a hundred years. It is a challenge to our Li family's status and an opportunity for our Li family to continue to rise."

                "I think we can go with the flow."

                The old ancestor gave a slightly unexpected oh and said, "Which momentum? Whose potential?"

                Li Chan said, "The momentum of the top board members of the Huan Yu Century Group. They are all like sitting on pins and needles."

                "When the president of the East British Society in Stampo was killed, and the top cadre of the Count Flaming Light Group in Europe was also killed, those subordinates of Qin Ming took advantage of the opportunity to annex their interests."

                "When the Emperor of Sto complained to us, the Zhao family dragged us, the Li family, along to exert pressure, and we, the Li family, were neither reaping any benefits nor had to wipe Qin Ming's ass for what he had done in Sto."

                "It's just as well that a neutered country like stampo is there, after all, magnesium is watching and Huan Yu's home base is still in magnesium."

                "But Rothschild Europe has been having a hard time lately, three full members of the family have inexplicably died because of some social unrest protests. It is suspected that Qin Ming sent someone to do it."

                "The Koch family, a member of the Anglo Group in Magnesia proper, has also recently had inexplicable deaths of full members of the family. However, that was our doing, but they associated it with Qin Ming."

                "Whether it's Chang Hongxi or Qin Ming, it's very clear that they want to run a family group and have one voice. This is digging up the ancestral graves of the foreign devils and going against neo-liberalism. I originally thought that Qin Ming and Chang Hongxi were fighting to the death, but now the two have actually joined forces, which is completely unexpected."

                "So, I received a secret letter from some of the top board members of Huan Yu, hoping that we would open up the customs for a bit and allow some of their professional mercenaries and assassins to enter China with their weapons, and that they would kill Qin Ming and leave without causing unrest."

                "I think that we, the Li family, should take advantage of this situation and wipe out the Qin Ming forces. From there, this is our Li family's chance to enter the highest board of directors of Huan Yu."

                "On the Zhao family's side, just use the excuse of supporting and helping each other. The person who will replace Qin Ming will be found by the Zhao family, a sort of retreat as an advance."

                "In this way, we can continue to maintain our relationship with the Zhao family, but also enter the big ship of Huan Yu and eliminate Qin Ming at the same time, killing multiple birds with one stone."

                Someone worried, "To put it mildly, Qin Ming is not that easy to kill. Especially his sidekick's bodyguard, Wu Long, everyone has heard of him. That's the soldier king of my Twelfth Division's Spiked Special Warfare Brigade, with a hefty military career."

                Suddenly the old ancestor retorted, "Just find a reason to re-enlist, there are too many ways to get rid of him."

                As soon as the Old Ancestor spoke, the bodies of those at the round table tightened for it, it seemed that the Old Ancestor had already made up his mind, since he wanted to get rid of Wu Long, that meant he wanted to kill Qin Ming.

                All those present were more or less excited in their hearts because they knew who they were facing, an insignificant youngster, a youngster who wielded immense wealth and influence.

                Once successful, the Li family's power would be untouchable.

                Everything had to start with killing an insignificant young man.