Rags To Riches Chapter 801

 When Qin Ming got up the next day, he saw a naked Lin Yurou lying in his arms.

                He covered his face with regret, remembering that he had been drunk last night and made a mistake in a daze, it was too late to catch up.

                "Awake?" Lin Yurou was softly hugging his arm instead and said, "I got a bit overwhelmed even last night."

                Hearing this, Qin Ming was even more embarrassed, yet he worried, "You've only just conceived, what happened last night, will it have an effect on the fetus?"

                Lin Yurou's heart warmed as she touched her stomach and said, "It's fine, it's not like I've seen red, and I don't feel anything unusual now."

                Qin Ming was relieved to know that he had not been too rude and killed the baby.

                In the morning, Qin Ming learnt that Fang Jiutong had left on an urgent matter.

                Qin Ming was very sorry and felt that he had not had the chance to say goodbye to his good brother.

                After making up for it, Qin Ming went to see Lin Yuanwang and made it clear that it was impossible for him to become the Lin family's son-in-law.

                Naturally, Lin Yuanwang was disappointed. Although there were many arguments and fights, Qin Ming's bottom line was that he would not become the Lin family's son-in-law, which made Lin Yuanwang a bit angry and helpless.

                But then again, Lin Yuanwang knew that he could not do any harm to Qin Ming, otherwise the Lin family would not exist, although the Zhao family and Qin Ming themselves were strong enough to knock up their daughter and still be able to walk away with their trousers down.

                When Qin Ming finally left, Lin Yuanwang was full of complaints and did not come out to see him off.

                But Lin Yurou was fine, still obedient to Qin Ming, and said to him, "You and I are the only ones left to know Chang Hongxi's secret. I will keep the secret for you, for the sake of the child's future. Later, can I come to you?"

                Qin Ming was quite indebted to Lin Yurou in his heart, and with a weak heart he agreed, "There is nothing wrong with a general meeting. But ......"

                Lin Yurou smiled good-naturedly and said, "I know, I won't irritate Sister Mu and Nie Haitang. I will handle my relationship with them well."

                Qin Ming put on a bitter smile, rubbed his forehead, and left by boat.

                On the boat, Ah Long laughed, "Young master, you had a good time last night."

                "Hehehehe ......" A few members of the surrounding assassination squad burst into laughter.

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and swung his fist, "You guys eavesdropped? Tsk tsk, untidy."

                Ah Long hurriedly waved his hands and said, "No, no, no, it's not us eavesdropping, it's the old lady who looks after the courtyard who is laughing at you, saying something about how many tricks the youngsters play. She's too old to hear it wow."

                "Hahahaha." There was another burst of laughter from the crowd.

                This made Qin Ming so embarrassed.

                "Fuck you, shame on you." Qin Ming rewarded them with a kick each.

                At noon, Qin Ming arrived back at Dayong City.

                He met with Zhang Xianmin, the head of the Dayong City industry, and asked him to do a good job of counting and compensating the people of western Hunan for the losses caused by Liu Lan and Zhao Turnip's assassination attempt.

                After finishing his business, Qin Ming did not rush to meet his confidante, but first met with Song Ying to hear the latest report on the group's situation.

                During the day, there were dramatic changes at Huan Yu's North American headquarters.

                The news that Chang Hongxi was still alive completely deprived Chang Jun Ye of his support, and Qin Ming's situation was so lopsided that Chang Jun Ye could only take his cronies on the run.

                Obviously Chang Hongxi had been running the group for many years, and his was very good at enlisting the hearts and minds of the people, most of whom were still loyal to him.

                Yang Xiao Xuan, who had just been promoted by Qin Ming to be one of the four patriarchs, entered the Magnesium headquarters directly from South America because he was a Magnesium national himself, and took over the headquarters' affairs wholesale, starting a major purge, but anyone who did not wear the same trousers as Qin Ming would disappear in various strange forms.

                After all, ah, in a land of freedom like Magnesia, human life is the least valuable of all.

                Inside the hotel, Zhao Turnip was imprisoned, heavily staffed and guarded.

                He didn't want to kill him because he didn't want to get his hands dirty, but also to give a signal to those who were still trying to wait for his return to break off the idea of following him before it was too late.

                He would sum up what Turnip had done this time and take her to the Chinese courts, so she could spend the rest of her life in jail.

                By keeping Zhao Turnip under house arrest and sending someone to keep a close eye on her, in three to five years' time, he would be able to guarantee that nothing would go wrong.

                In this way, Qin Ming believed that he could save a lot of costs in controlling Huan Yu.

                Qin Ming immediately arranged for his men to do so.

                After solving Zhao Turnip's problem, Qin Ming asked again, "Is Chang Xue still around? Have you met with Chang Hongxi?"

                Song Ying responded, "Yes, but it wasn't a very pleasant mess. He wouldn't acknowledge Chang Xue. I pushed that the injury hurt my brain and I'm currently recovering from it. I think Chang Xue has some suspicions."

                Qin Ming said, "It doesn't matter, Chang Xue is not close to the centre of power in Huan Yu, it is meaningless for her to have more voices alone. At least I brought the living Chang Hongxi to her, so I've kept my promise."

                Song Ying added, "Young master, the most urgent task is to go to Magnesium as soon as possible, only when you move to Magnesium can you be considered to be in charge, then the whole Huan Yu Century Group, and the army will be subservient to you."

                Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "I can't be in too much of a hurry. I know that now is a good opportunity, but now is also the most dangerous time. Just let Chang Hongxi go back to the North American headquarters instead of me."

                "Let those hesitant wall riders have a good look at the real man, and if there's any more attacks, it's just as well that he suffers, and if he really dies, I won't be blamed."

                "And it could draw out some of the remnants. This is also an opportunity."

                Song Ying said, "Young master is worried about Chang Jun Ye's assassination? He wouldn't be mad enough to kill even his own father, would he?"

                Qin Ming raised the corners of his mouth, "I'm afraid that would really be the case. Right now it's him who is the real dog in distress, unable to accept what Chang Hongxi is saying now under hypnosis, what crazy things can't he do? If he dares to kill his father with his own hands, then I will be embraced more."

                Song Ying said admiringly, "Young Master, you are really thinking far ahead. I will go and make arrangements now. But, where are you going next?"

                Qin Ming said in a deep voice, "Back to my original university, ah. After all, I'm not Zhao Zhengyan anymore, I've been skipping classes for a few months now. And there's still two weeks to go before the Chinese New Year."

                "Spring Festival?" Song Ying felt both interested and somewhat alienated by this festival.

                She was Chinese, but she had followed her parents to Magnesia and ended up being orphaned in a robbery once, but had never once celebrated a traditional Chinese festival that belonged to China.

                Qin Ming's heart resonated with his parents, whom he had not seen for a long time, and he said, "Yes, I am also a bit homesick. I'm afraid I won't be going home often in the future, so this time I must make sure that my parents have a good life and solve their worries."

                "Can I, can I go to the Spring Festival with Young Master?" With a shy face, Song Ying bit her lip and said, "I'm an orphan, I don't have any family left except for the young master. If Young Master takes a holiday, there's nowhere I can go."

                As Qin Ming listened, he also felt pain for Song Ying, she was indeed alone.

                He said, "Alright then, now that the big picture is settled, I'll send someone else to take care of escorting Chang Hongxi to the headquarters, you'll be my personal secretary and bodyguard and go home with me for the New Year."