Rags To Riches Chapter 799

 Li Shun's attacks were fierce, occasionally hitting the wooden stakes next to him and knocking them through.

                Qin Ming, who knew nothing but a single Tai Chi loose hand, could only counter with his defence, and with a single hand, he blocked all of Yi Shun's fighting routines.

                Seeing that he couldn't fight, Li Shun switched to jujitsu and fought Qin Ming in a close tug of war.

                However, Qin Ming was so strong and fiercely muscled that he could not grab Qin Ming's body, and even if he tore Qin Ming's clothes, he could not hurt him.

                After a few dozen strokes, Li Shun switched to the exact same taijiquan as Qin Ming.  Mobile.

                In a flash the two pushed and pulled each other, Qin Ming was seeing the moves, it looked as if two big men were pulling and tugging.

                But while outsiders watched the action, Li Shun was already shocked by Qin Ming.

                "This guy, he's using his practical use of Taiji Sanshou too well." Li Shun said to himself, "He can attack and receive, plus he has mastered inch strength and his muscles are so strong, he is already invincible."

                "He came from halfway and practised the breathing method taught by Zhang Quanzhen, so why did he suddenly become so powerful? It seems like he suddenly became stronger the last time he was in the capital city."

                "This Qin Ming is also a bunch of secrets himself, it's just that, then I can only win with the help of external forces."

                Li Shun's moves changed again and changed to a boxing stance, his legs stepped on small rags, his fists were fast and hateful, Qin Ming let go of his pull and was forced to block with both arms.

                But Li Shun is very familiar with boxing fighting, hard guiding the pace of Qin Ming's feet, forcing Qin Ming step by step to cheapen the centre of the fight.

                And at that moment Long, who was on the sidelines, saw the signs.

                He could see that Qin Ming was looking for a counter-attack, but Li Shun, who was more experienced in fighting, secretly guided Qin Ming's stance, forcing him step by step towards a crowded place next to him, and a muddy and rotten place with a puddle.

                Ah Long said to himself, "This Li Shun is back to using the terrain and the environment, he is really a genius."

                But Ah Long could not open his mouth to explain the situation, otherwise he would be cheating for Qin Ming.

                Ah Long was also secretly anxious.

                As Qin Ming fought, he felt that this Li Shun was becoming difficult to deal with. He had failed to hit Li Shun effectively many times with his power, and was deflected by him.

                He had the advantage in terms of strength, but Qin Ming was not as good in terms of technique, which led to the two of them fighting for ten minutes without any result.

                Suddenly, Qin Ming stepped on his feet and landed in a puddle, his body immediately lost its balance.

                He realised something was wrong and he looked sideways, already near a boulder and next to the onlookers.

                There was no way back for him!

                Qin Ming's heart chilled as he realised that this was Li Shun's set-up.

                And the moment Qin Ming landed this foot into the puddle and his body lost its balance, Li Shun flipped in the air and with the power of sinking, he punched down fiercely.


                Qin Ming was forced to bend his knees to resist.

                Li Shun's advantage was also instantly laid down.

                Most of the people around supported Qin Ming and were worried for him when they saw this scene.

                But worrying is worrying, you can't make a move, it's a rule that Qin Ming himself has made.

                Bang bang bang bang, after Qin Ming had lost the lead, he was hit a dozen times in a row by Li Shun against his chest, causing his ribs to ache, his chest to be stuffy, a bit suffocating and dizzy.

                Not caring much, Qin Ming hurriedly jumped back and took two punches to pull away.

                Li Shun let out a long breath, having just landed a good set of punches that gave him the confidence to beat Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming, on the other hand, covered his chest and sighed inwardly, "There's still this kind of routine, I've learned."

                Li Shun said, "Young Qin, you are still inexperienced and are not my opponent. I won't be as careless as last time, but don't worry, I won't let you get hurt, after all, our two families are good friends, and as a senior in the martial arts circle, I will hold back my hand appropriately."

                These words were said with considerable arrogance and confidence.

                Qin Ming's heart was also stirred up in his competitive spirit as he hammered his fists together and said, "Li Shun, I've won you once and I won't lose to you again."

                On the side, Li Xinghong shouted, "Qin Ming, you just got lucky. Don't spill your guts when you lose later."

                Qin Ming didn't say a word, and this time he took the initiative to attack, striking without any rules, opening wide and relying on his strength.

                It was fine to fight someone far weaker than Qin Ming, but against a young expert like Li Shun, the people around him were stunned and showed their worry.

                "Aiya, young Qin is in a hurry." Fang Jiutong worried, "The higher the level the more likely it is to make a mistake in this thing called a match."

                Ah Long also worried, "Young master shouldn't be such an impatient person."

                It was Li Xinghong, the Great God, who scoffed, "In a hurry, in a hurry."

                Qin Ming had no set of rules and regulations, his fists and kicks were wide open, due to the explosive power of Qin Ming's punches, Li Shun did not dare to take them hard, at the same time to see clearly Qin Ming's way, he fell into a defensive position instead.

                But Li Shun found that something was wrong as he fought. He tried to make contact a few times, but felt that Qin Ming's arm strength was too much to handle, so he could only avoid it for a while.

                This tentative avoidance, avoidance he found himself stepping into the puddle that Qin Ming had just stepped into.

                "Impossible!" It was only when Yi Shun landed his foot in the puddle that he realised that Qin Ming had actually used his own way to return the favour?

                In such a short time, Qin Ming had changed his tactics and still had Yi Shun fooled.

                "Impossible!" Li Xinghong questioned in horror.

                But the facts spoke louder than words, even Li Shun's face turned pale, but there was nothing he could do, he was faced with the exact same dilemma as Qin Ming, there was no way out.

                "Good!" Fang Jiutong clapped his hands and shouted.

                But Qin Ming watched as Li Shun's body lost its balance and punched down in the air, Qin Ming's punch was much more powerful than Li Shun's.


                Li Shun's arms resisted above his chest, but Qin Ming's arms were too strong, and the burst of inching power caused Li Shun's body to sink violently and fall to the ground.

                "Hmph~!" Li Shun let out a painful muffled cry and fell all over the mud.

                This fall also brought out the difference between him and Qin Ming, who had just gotten out of the way despite being in a bit of a mess.

                But Li Shun had fallen completely into defeat.

                Qin Ming pounced on him at once and came up with a chokehold, viciously snapping Li Shun's neck, a savage way of fighting when he was a child.

                Qin Ming said hideously: "Hey, hey, in a fight, you don't necessarily need to have martial arts skill points all over the place. I grew up fighting in the streets when I was a kid, what bad moves can I not know? As long as I have more punching power than you, I won't lose to you."

                "Uhhhhhhh ......" Li Shun was held by the throat and his body was held by Qin Ming's legs, he could not even pull his arms out, he could only keep twisting his body, but there was nothing he could do.

                Qin Ming suddenly picked up Li Shun's entire body and slammed Li Shun's head hard against a rock.

                "Don't ......" Li Shun just watched as his forehead hit the stone next to the wall, but there was nothing he could do about it.

                Instantly his head broke and blood flowed, and Lee Shun's eyes went gold, because he had practiced the toughness of his forehead, Lee Shun hadn't passed out from the impact.

                "Quickly stop ......" Li Shun shouted in a hurry.

                But before the words left his mouth, Qin Ming picked him up and hit him several times. Li Shun was so angry in his heart and could do nothing about it that he ended up bleeding and passed out straight away.

                The people next to him looked dumbfounded, this was too wild, it could be fatal.

                Li Xinghong and the others were so angry that they wanted to rush up and grab the man, but Ah Long blocked the way, so he could do nothing and was so angry that he cursed, "Qin Ming, remember, this revenge will not be forgotten by my Li family, you bastard, bastard."

                Qin Ming got up from the muddy ground, smiled and said, "Cheng. I will take on as many challenges as you want. But from now on, any of you who still look for trouble with my brother Fang Jiutong, just think about me, Qin Ming, and say yes or no."

                As soon as Qin Ming said these threatening words, the people of the Li family and the Huang faction knew that this time, it was yellow.

                And they also felt more and more that they were afraid that they would have to be more and more influenced by Qin Ming in the future, and it was a big question how to manage their relationship with him.