Rags To Riches Chapter 798

 Under the century-old tree at Lin's Great Walled City, Qin Ming and Fang 9 Tong finished paying their respects.

                Qin Ming then said to Li Shun and Jia Pingsheng and the others, "I, Qin Ming, am a man who values his friends, not to mention that now that he has become a brother to Fang Shao, his affairs are my affairs, Qin Ming. If any of you want to make things difficult for him, you have to go through me first. If I, Qin Ming, lose, I'll get the hell out immediately."

                Fang 9 Tong looked on and joked, "Brother, you can't beat him, can you? The opponent is Li Shun."

                Qin Ming said, "If you lose, won't you still have you?"

                "Hahahaha ......" The two looked at each other and laughed.

                But Li Shun's expression was ugly, as Fang 9 Tong had a Qin Ming standing hard in front of him.

                And the duo of Huang Xin and Liu Hao Yu were very upset, thinking that they had only beaten Qin Ming the day before in Beijing and that Qin Ming had only won by brute force.

                Huang Xin jumped out and scolded, "Qin Ming, you scum. You don't really think you're good, do you? No way?"

                Qin Ming smiled faintly, "Am I not formidable? That Li Shun is my defeated opponent."

                Li Shun was so depressed by this mention that he stared straight up.

                Huang Haoyu grunted, "Li Shun was probably just careless for a moment. How much weight do you have that we don't know? If I can win you once, I can win you twice. Did you say that you'd lose and get out immediately?"

                Qin Ming said, "That's right."

                Huang Xin immediately stepped forward and said, "Since you don't concede defeat, I will let you lose again. Soon, word of your two defeats at my hands will spread throughout the martial arts world. Zhang Quanzhen's senior disciple is nothing more than that."

                Qin Ming frowned, this person was so rude, even if he scolded him, he even scolded Zhang Quanzhen.

                "Let's begin." Qin Ming concealed his anger and proudly extended a hand, "Or you two come together."

                Huang Xin stepped forward with a stride and landed a left hook head-on while arrogantly saying, "I'm enough for one person."

                Huang Xin was quite fast, Qin Ming dodged sideways left and right, Huang Xin became more and more confident, "Hmph, I've learnt my lesson this time, but you're still too slow."

                Qin Ming didn't think so, he just didn't want to defeat Huang Xin too directly, to save his previous acting in Beijing from becoming useless.

                He exchanged a few ordinary moves, all in a defensive stance.

                Huang Xin was unable to attack for a long time, but became more and more confident as last time it was Qin Ming who chased him and this time it was he who pressed him.

                Huang Xin's wide open stances were also very ornamental.

                He said smugly, "Oh, Qin Ming, you have no power to fight back, and you have the nerve to come out for Fang 9 Tong ......"

                But before he could finish his words, his fist was held by Qin Ming and he could not move instantly.

                Huang Xin tried to jerk away and struggle in vain, Qin Ming was like a vise, holding him in a deadly grip.

                Qin Ming smiled coldly and suddenly exploded with power, with a click, Huang Xin's wrist was fractured.

                "Ah~!" Huang Xin shouted in pain, then Qin Ming flew up with a kick, sending him flying three metres away.

                Huang Xin rolled on the ground one after another and suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

                Qin Ming said coldly, "Your mouth stinks so badly, it's just right to wash it with blood."

                The crowd was astonished, just now it was Qin Ming who had been suppressed, and in an instant Qin Ming had won, it was too fast a change.

                And there were quite a few experts on the scene, yet they could all see that Qin Ming had left his strength behind, it was normal for him to win.

                There weren't many experts on Jia's side either, so Liu Haoyu rushed out with a shout and pressed down with a high fist in the air, changing to an elbow down halfway through.

                Qin Ming raised his hands to the top and completely withstood the pressure.

                And the moment he waited for Liu Haoyu to come down, Qin Ming didn't choose to take his time, but punched through, hitting Liu Haoyu squarely in the arm that was blocking the frame.

                But the force of the punch was too strong and with a click, the bones of Liu Haoyu's arms shattered and his fist hit the bridge of his nose, splashing blood everywhere and causing him to faint on the spot.

                Seeing that both of them were no match for Qin Ming, the people on the Huang School's side were dumbfounded.

                Huang Xin and Liu Hao Yu were also considered the rising stars of the Huang School, but as a result, they were both defeated by Qin Ming, so they could no longer trouble Fang 9 Tong.

                Because that would be going against Qin Ming, and Qin Ming's own strength and influence of power would not be enough for them to shake.

                "Good!" Fang 9Tong was so happy to see that Qin Ming had won that he clapped his hands loudly.

                Jia Ping Sheng's group became helpless and had no choice but to abandon their original mission, and as for the false Mu Family Ancestral Breathing Method, there was no need to think that they could get it together.

                But they were also curious, could Li Shun, the genius of the Li family who comes along once in a hundred years, defeat Qin Ming this time?

                Li Shun walked out, he was friendly and said, "Congratulations to young Qin for making a brother, our two families are family friends, so young Qin's brother is naturally my brother. The matter of Brother Fang's previous injury to my Li family members is, on my say-so, written off."

                Fang 9 Tong waved his hand and said, "It's fine whether you forgive or not, I'm not afraid."

                Qin Ming smiled and said, "It's a good thing, Mr. Fang. Thank you for giving me face, I will definitely remember it. So you're not going to fight this fight?"

                Li Shun laughed, "I'm sure I'll fight. I also want to be friends with Brother Fang, so I have to fight with you. Moreover, I lost last time, so I am here to learn from you again. I am a martial arts practitioner, and I like sparring the most."

                Li Shun said these words in such a way that they did not conflict with his purpose in any way, making it hard for Qin Ming to push back and refute.

                Li Shun was different from Huang Xin and Liu Haoyu, he had real skills.

                Last time, Qin Ming was suspiciously tricky with the help of Lin Yurou, but this time, Li Shun came prepared but was much more careful.


                Li Shun grabbed a stone and threw it towards Qin Ming's face door.

                I stone was fast and fierce, Qin Ming hurriedly dodged, but this dodge, sight avoiding stall, Li Shun pounced on him like a cheetah hunting for food.

                Swish, Li Shun slashed over with a claw.

                The movement was so fast that it scared Nie Haitang, Mu Xiaoqiao and Lin Yurou, who were all on the side, to scream nervously, "Be careful."

                Qin Ming hurriedly pulled back to see if he could avoid it, but only felt a hot pain on his skin.

                After all three women shouted out at the same time, they all looked at each other, something that they knew by heart.

                Mu Xiaoqiao had been saved by Lin Yurou, she was grateful but did not give Lin Yurou a look, instead she asked in a vain manner, "Sister Lin, you know more than us, do you think Qin Ming can win?"

                Lin Yurou gruffly said, "Although he is powerful, Qin Ming is after all a half-way house, and his muscle strength and use of it is not as good as Li Shun's, nor is his skill in moves. Winning last time was suspected of trickery. It's really hard to say this time."

                "Us?" Nie Haitang was unhappy with Lin Yurou's use of words.

                But Mu Xiaoqiao didn't care and said, "Then does Qin Ming have a chance of winning?"

                Lin Yurou nodded seriously, "Yes. He is most familiar with Taiji Sanshou, a very high level of practical kung fu, and he has a chance to win if he doesn't rush. He's never let us down, has he?"

                "Us?" Nie Haitang huffed and puffed out her mouth.

                Mu Xiaoqiao instead took the two women's hands and said, "Now is not the time for us to be at odds, we have to be united and give Qin Ming the knowledge that we support him silently and can't let him get distracted."

                Lin Yurou was very happy to shake Mu Xiaoqiao's hand back and said, "Sister Mu, thank you."

                Mu Xiaoqiao smiled, "You're welcome, counting up, our two families are considered family friends."

                Sure enough, as Qin Ming's side exchanged blows, he saw the three women looking at him hand in hand and inwardly sank back, thinking that he couldn't lose, he couldn't afford to lose face in front of his own women.

                Li Shun set up a fighting stance, his body bouncing and jumping, very flexible, and said, "Young Qin, I know all the martial arts in the world, let's try intercepting kung fu first."

                Qin Ming sank his qi into his dantian, paddled his feet apart, set up a taiji attacking and receiving stance, and said, "Come on, who's afraid of who."