Rags To Riches Chapter 797

 "Brother, just ask. Is it to send these people off?" Qin Ming swept over Li Shun with confidence.

                When Li Shun saw the look in Qin Ming's eyes, there was some pressure, he felt that Qin Ming was different from before, becoming more confident and putting more pressure on him.

                If Qin Ming really helped Fang 9tong out, it would be really hard for him to get the inside story of Fang 9tong being so young and having such amazing strength.

                Fang 9 Tong said, "Brother, I don't want to get into trouble, so you help me think of a way out. In the end, neither party will be offended."

                Qin Ming pondered for a moment and said, "What's so difficult about that?"

                Qin Ming said, "We are all friends on the road, so we really shouldn't hurt the peace, should we? Young Li?"

                Li Shun smiled, "How can I do that? I am humbly seeking advice from Fang Shao. Our circle is not too big, and what martial artists seek is to keep getting stronger. Even if I don't have Li Shun to pursue him today, there will be Zhao Shun and Ma Shun and the like tomorrow."

                When he said this, Qin Ming was offended, sheepishly.

                But what Li Shun said was indeed the truth, these people who continued the breathing method to practise martial arts were mainly interested in prolonging their lives and having good health, which worked better than any miracle pills or high-tech medical treatment.

                Prolonging their lives is the ultimate goal they pursue.

                So, Fang 9 Tong is really a piker without sin.

                But this world is so unfair, you have to have the ability to guard your wealth when you have it.

                Qin Ming thought of a method and said, "Let's also invite all of you from the Yellow School together, we will see the real thing under our fists, if any of you win, Brother Fang will give the secret away directly, if you lose, you shall not pursue it from now on."

                Fang 9 Tong frowned, what kind of method was this?

                But then Qin Ming immediately said, "But before that, Brother Fang and I are considered to be friends in life and death, I want to form an opposite sex brotherhood with Old Brother Fang."

                Fang 9 Tong hurriedly said, "No, no, no, I'm only a year or two older than you, you're calling me old. However, I'm very satisfied with you then."

                After saying this, the two of them went hand in hand to find Lin Yundong as a witness, and the two of them were going to make obeisance.

                On the other side, Huang Pai and the others, who had received the news, were all stone-faced.

                Jia Pingsheng said, "This Fang 9 Tong is going to become Qin Ming's sworn brother, this is a relationship we can't afford to offend."

                Nie Feng also gloated, "Boss Jia, I didn't expect that our last trouble would be Qin Ming."

                Huang Xin and Liu Hao Yu showed their disdain, "Boss Jia, you also take Qin Ming too seriously. I think he's just a paper tiger. This day he was also scared enough by the people who were after him. Even Lin's big fortress caught fire just now."

                "No, those killers are after him to kill him, and they don't even care about us. He didn't even know when he died horizontally."

                "With such fearfulness, it's not just Fang 9 Tong who has lost, it's the other half of the Mu family's Ancestral Breathing Hair."

                The mention of the Mu Family's Ancestral Breathing Method caused the atmosphere on both sides to freeze up again.

                The purpose of their trip was slightly different from Li Shun's, with the main focus on solicitation, but the purpose behind the solicitation was actually no different from Li Shun's, and was despised when Fang 9 Tong saw through it.

                The group couldn't talk, so in the end they had to decide to go together to see what was going on.

                Under an ancient acacia tree at the Lin's Great Walled City, the Lin family arranged themselves, prepared wine and invited Lin Yundong to be a witness.

                Qin Ming drank three cups of wine with Fang 9 Tong and became brothers with different surnames.

                "Young Qin."

                "Fang Shao."

                The two shook hands and smiled at each other, and there were cheers and well-wishes all around.

                But in the eyes of Li Shun and Huang Pai and the others, it was a sad one.

                Li Xinghong gritted his teeth as he looked on, inwardly hating Qin Ming, he whispered, "What a villain. This Qin Ming has repeatedly ruined our Li family's good deeds. Is there really no way to stop him from rising to power?"

                "In the future, if he and Zhao Songli really take charge of the Zhao family, will they still work with our Li family like they did before?"

                "I'm afraid that he will have to ride on the head of our Li family to shit and piss. With our Li family's power in China, who will be able to take this shit then?"

                Li Shun also had a deep frown.

                As the future successor of the Li family, he was also well aware that the Li family relied heavily on the Zhao family.

                The money and fist partnership had led to the two families' centuries-long prosperity.

                The Zhao family had entered the Huan Yu Century Group early on and had always been the benchmark for Huan Yu to stand on, yet the outgoing heads of the Zhao family had all been unable to compete well within Huan Yu because of the civil unrest in China and were going through various trials and tribulations.

                Now, however, because of Chang Hongxi's failed revenge, a Qin Ming has emerged from nowhere to sit on Chang Hongxi's achievements, simply solving the Zhao family's vision for many years.

                The Zhao family is deeply involved in the ways of business, but capitalists have always been constrained in China, and now once they take control of Huan Yu, they will be able to develop immense power through a foreign environment.

                Li Shun was overwhelmed with emotion, "Grandpa Tai's lifelong efforts were not as good as this boy Qin Ming's for six months. Life, what an irony."

                Li Xinghong was also overwhelmed with emotion, "Yes, if Tai Grandpa dared to be corrupt and set to sell state assets to Huan Yu, perhaps he would have been able to enter the game."

                Li Shun shook his head, "Then the foundations of our Li family would have been shaken, and China would not be in its current pattern. It's dominoes, start it, and it's all over."

                Li Shun rubbed his hands together and said, "Let's not talk about these useless things. It's still time for a fight. Last time I lost for no reason, this time I'm prepared and won't make the same mistakes as last time."