Rags To Riches Chapter 796

 Lin's fortress, the fire was extinguished, and the ten or so agents of Liu Lan who were pretending to be villagers nearby were secretly killed by Qin Ming after he scattered to rescue them, and none of them were spared.

                By now, Qin Ming had eliminated all threats this time.

                With the series of events, this made Qin Ming feel very tired, especially when he mistakenly trusted the treacherous people, got several brothers killed, and got Mu Xiaoqiao injured.

                This has caused Qin Ming's thirst for power to reach an unprecedented level.

                He believed that only when he held the pinnacle of power could he protect those he valued.

                It was night, and Qin Ming led the assassination squad to take care of Liu Lan's group of murderers.

                Looking at the vast snowy mountains, Qin Ming was in a more settled mood than ever before.

                Lin Yurou came up and said, "The fortress is all settled, no one knows about these things and thought it was a general fire walk. Chang Hongxi has settled down."

                Qin Ming nodded and said, "It's been hard work for you. This time, it was thanks to your full assistance."

                Lin Yu said softly, "You and I, are we still divided? I don't want the baby to be fatherless before it comes out either."

                As soon as he heard this, Ah Long hurriedly greeted his juniors and left.

                Seeing this, Lin Yurou approached Qin Ming's side and lightly hugged his arm for warmth, leaning her head down gently and softly saying, "Is it okay if I just go quietly like this?"

                Qin Ming let Lin Yurou lean on him for a while, but still gently grabbed her hand and put it down, saying, "I'm sorry, it's me who has failed you. But I will take the responsibility that I should."

                After saying that, Qin Ming turned around and left decisively, leaving Lin Yurou's lonely figure alone.

                Halfway, he ran into Lin Zhengqi, who angrily grabbed Qin Ming's collar and said, "Surnamed Qin, my sister is not even willing to be your lover? How shameless are you? Don't think that just because you've been kind to my Lin family, you'll get an inch."

                Qin Ming insisted, "I will give Yurou her name. No one will dare to say a word against her in the future, but the neighbour's son-in-law will not be me."

                Lin Zhengqi let go of his hand and said angrily, "Humph, slag."

                Qin Ming's meaning was clearly conveyed; he was not going to be the Lin family's son-in-law, and Lin Yurou was bound to die.

                Qin Ming went back to the guest room to find both Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao there, the two women were now as close as sisters and chatting happily.

                Nie Haitang said, "Look, sister, I told you he would definitely come back. That demon spirit from the Lin family can't charm him."

                Qin Ming was embarrassed, what did that mean?

                He defended himself, "Ahem, I'm not someone who would mess around."

                Mu Xiaoqiao grunted, "You've been out for two hours, and you've just gone off the rails, but you're still with Miss Lin? Are you going to make yourself at home in all four seas?"

                Qin Ming hurriedly proved himself, "No, I've made it clear to Yurou."

                "Yurou?" The two women looked at Qin Ming with sensitive nerves at the same time, as if they were full of jealousy at such an intimate word coming out of Qin Ming's mouth.

                Qin Ming hurriedly covered his mouth and said, "Uh, this ...... Shinjo, how is your wound? Does it still hurt? Let me take a look?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao nuzzled her mouth and pouted, "I just changed the medicine, it doesn't hurt that much anymore. You big pig's trotters. Tell me, where are you going to sleep tonight? My room is on the left."

                Nie Haitang pointed to the other side and said, "My room is on the right."

                "Er ......," Qin Ming really didn't know whether to be happy or depressed when he heard this request, it was a happy worry.

                Qin Ming thought about it and said, "How about you sleep on my left side and you sleep on my right side?"

                When the two women heard Qin Ming's unreasonable request, they rolled their eyes and declared in one voice, "We'll sleep together tonight, you'll sleep by yourself."

                Qin Ming was disgusted by the two women.

                Instead of being annoyed, he felt relieved.

                His peach blossom robbery seemed to have almost dissipated, like Mu Si Chun, Liao Qing Xuan, Chen Mu Ling, Bai Yu Chun such peach blossoms, he should refuse the right to refuse, the edge of the edge, not to delay the future happiness of other sisters.

                Naive there are Sun Changxi and Lin Yurou this kind of in his single time had a love affair.

                He is not hate them, really he can not be wrong again and again, promise to be responsible is the only thing he can do, the other Qin Ming can only be said later.

                Right now it was down to two women to choose between, which might be a happy worry for others, but Qin Ming really had no way to ask.

                No matter who he chose, he would regret and feel guilty.

                Early the next morning, Qin Ming got up to see how Chang Hongxi was doing.

                And in the morning, the men sent by Song Ying arrived. Qin Ming first asked these men to escort Chang Hongxi back, he still had to deal with that Fang Jiutong matter.

                Fang Jiutong had saved Qin Ming after all, he had come to deliver a letter, but ended up being pestered by the Li family and the Huang faction.

                As a friend, Qin Ming had always valued his friends, so naturally he would not leave them alone.

                He was about to go to Fang Jiutong when he saw a few people from Li Shun blocking Fang Jiutong's way.

                "I won't say how much money you guys offer." Fang Jiutong said without winning the pestering.

                Li Shun said, "Why do you have to refuse so directly, Brother Fang? We are just sparring with each other, not to mention that our Li family's terms are not better than your Huang School?"

                Fang Jiutong said angrily, "Oh, you mean a man who is not guilty is guilty? You want to kill me for not taking out the skills I've learnt myself? Do you think this is the old society?"

                Li Shun laughed dryly, "No, we are discussing with you, aren't we?"

                As the two sides were tugging, Fang Jiutong saw Qin Ming and came over quickly, saying, "Brother, you've come just in time to do me a favour. How about clearing up the previous favour?"

                Qin Ming was surprised, "What kind of favour?"