Rags To Riches Chapter 795

 Qin Ming took Chang Hongxi by the hand and stood at the entrance of the laboratory, on the steps looking down at Liu Lan and her band of party members.

                "Elder Chang?" Liu Lan was dumbfounded to see Chang Hongxi's appearance, this was not the same as the information she had received.

                Chang Hongxi frowned deeply: "Liu Lan, what are you trying to do? I took pity on you back then and brought you out of the slums of Chicago, so that you could get an education and enter the Huan Yu reserve cadre system. Is this how you repay me by killing me today?"

                "No, Elder Chang, it's not." Liu Lan, who had just been as imposing as a rainbow, instantly became incoherent in fear as if a little girl was meeting her stern old father.

                "I thought you were dead."

                "So you're still alive, I, I've been tricked."

                "But what's going on here?"

                "Isn't this a settlement of your grudge with the Zhao family? Why now again, again ......"

                Chang Hongxi chided, "How can you know clearly what's going on here, when I'm just here to recuperate for safety's sake? Look at what you've done, are you trying to turn against me? Shout your men to a halt."

                Liu Lan hurriedly said, "Stop it now."

                The men of the Rose Squad immediately stopped their attack and showed themselves.

                Liu Lan put away his gun, quickly approached Chang Hongxi and knelt down directly, saying, "Elder Chang, I was wrong. But my loyalty to you will always remain the same."

                Chang Hongxi looked at Qin Ming and said, "How much trouble have you brought to Qin Ming? Never forgive lightly."

                Liu Lan said, "I am willing to accept the punishment and make up for my mistakes. Young Qin, I have been deceived, please give me a chance to redeem myself."

                Qin Ming and the others saw the change in the scene and knew it was safe, which showed the importance of Chang Hongxi and Liu Lan's loyalty.

                Unfortunately, Qin Ming did not need Liu Lan's loyalty.

                Qin Ming said, "There are still people from the Li family and the Huang faction in this fortress, and I don't want them to know that Elder Chang is here. Let's put aside your punishment for now, let your men go with Ah Long to put out the fire and keep an eye on those people, and you come with me."

                Chang Hongxi also reprimanded, "Put the gun down for me."

                Liu Lan obediently surrendered his gun.

                The conference room in the bug breeding research lab was very modern and there were people to help serve tea.

                After Chang Hongxi had been hypnotised, he had already treated Qin Ming as his sole heir and severely reprimanded Liu Lan, before asking about the current situation at Huan Yu's North American headquarters.

                Qin Ming also took this opportunity to use the assassination squad's satellite equipment to connect to the internet and have an impromptu high-level meeting.

                As soon as the meeting started, Chang Hongxi sat in the middle, with Qin Ming and Liu Lan on the left and right.

                This scene instantly scared the top brass of Huan Yu around the world.

                A month ago they all thought that Chang Hongxi had died, and there were two real causes of death, one made up by Qin Ming and one made up by Zhao Turnip.

                Although the stories were both made up, everyone confirmed that Chang Hongxi was dead, the lord who had controlled Huan Yu for so many years, a symbol of history.

                They were still watching, still hesitating, waiting for a good war party when there was turmoil in the global super-corporation that is the Huan Yu Century Group.

                As a result, Qin Ming has pulled Chang Hongxi out again.

                Located on the European continent in charge of the continent Pete? James was so excited that he slapped his desk hard and said, "Yay, the bet is won, the victory belongs to me."

                And Feng Dongxiang, who is in charge of the industrial organisations in South America, also breathed a sigh of relief.

                Somewhere on the internet, there was a surprised look on the face of Marin Hathaway. Hathaway also looked surprised.

                Song Ying, who was also involved in the meeting, as well as the top brass of the Huan Yu Reserve headquarters and the training officers of the assassination squad, also breathed a sigh of relief.

                Everyone knew that after this meeting, Qin Ming's big picture had been decided.

                Chang Hongxi pondered for a moment and spoke, "I am now with Qin Ming, and I once said that the person who would succeed me would be Qin Ming, so don't all of you forget that. Huan Yu has managed to centralise power until now, to crush that class of big western capital underfoot, to make their huge capital work for us at Huan Yu, to harvest wealth globally, we are all on this one ship, this ship cannot capsize, cannot change captains, understand?"

                "Elder Chang, I've always supported you and young Qin."

                "Elder Chang, it's good that you're okay."

                "We will follow young Qin just as we followed you in the beginning."

                "Zhao Turnip she won't be able to turn the tide."

                "Young Qin is young and talented, he is the one who will do great things."

                After the crowd patted a bunch of horses' asses, Chang Hongxi added, "Last time, it was me who came under attack, and thanks to Qin Ming I survived. There are many rumours out there, true or false you all don't need to care, do what you need to do. Then everyone has a rice bowl."

                Chang Hongxi paused and his tone became familiar and stern, "But if there is disobedience, then the downfall is certain death. I will return very soon, and I need financial reports from everywhere."

                Chang Hongxi did not say much and the meeting ended.

                But Qin Ming knew that after tonight, the headquarters of Huan Yu Magnesium was bound to cause radical changes.

                Those who did not want to die would have to jump back to be loyalists, after all, Magnesium was a country of capital, everything was free, and death was a common occurrence.

                Qin Ming had his things packed up, poured Chang Hongxi a cup of tea and said, "Righteous father, you are also tired, go down and rest first, I will have a few words with Liu Lan."

                Chang Hongxi nodded and said, "Like Song Ying, Liu Lan is a talent that I have carefully cultivated. When I first assessed whether Song Ying or Liu Lan should be your secretary, I hesitated for a long time."

                When Qin Ming heard this, he was secretly glad that it was Song Ying, whose loyalty to Chang Hongxi was not very high, who had leaned on himself.

                If it had been Liu Lan who had come to China to assist him, he would probably have lost long ago.

                Inside the meeting room, only Qin Ming and Liu Lan were left. Qin Ming's face was unkind as he said, "This time, because of my trust in you, I almost killed the woman I love."

                Liu Lan bowed in great shame, "Young Qin, I am willing to be punished."

                Qin Ming smiled hideously, "No need, do it."

                Qin Ming waved his hand, and ta-da-da-da, four members of the assassination squad rushed in at the door, holding their firearms at Liu Lan.

                Liu Lan was so frightened that she blushed and said, "Young Qin, I am not guilty to death either. I am not shrugging off my mistake, please give me a chance to redeem myself, young Qin."

                Bang, bang, bang.

                But the only thing that responded to Liu Lan was bullets, Liu Lan had only taken a step forward in an attempt to hold Qin Ming hostage, but the bullets had already penetrated her heart.

                A generation of beauty flung herself at Qin Ming's feet, spitting blood from her mouth.

                Qin Ming squatted down and said, "You are also going to die, but I will not tell you the truth."

                "You ......" Liu Lan pointed at Qin Ming reluctantly, she could not understand why she, who should have had a bright future, had come to such an end.

                Qin Ming pulled a gloomy face and murmured, "How can you expect me to let you off the hook after hurting my people? You guys take care of it, don't make the Lin family look uncomfortable."

                "Yes, Young Master." A few members of the assassination squad came forward to carry the man away.

                When everything was taken care of, Qin Ming's heart, which had been hanging in the air, finally let go, he had won.