Rags To Riches Chapter 794

 "I've heard some incredible news, Elder Chang, he's still alive, that Qin Ming has arranged for him to recuperate here, and is now going over to watch."

                Inside a small dark room sat about twenty people, all of whom had gone through some disguises and disguises.

                They were all from the Rosebud squad that Liu Lan had developed on his own.

                As early as last year, Liu Lan had seen that Chang Hongxi had installed Qin Ming as his successor, and realising that his chance had arrived, he had paid for a team in China alone, so that he could help Qin Ming if necessary, so that he could rise to the top smoothly.

                But change cannot catch up with plans, and the battle between Chang Hongxi and the Zhao family within Huan Yu changes at a rapid pace, coupled with the retirement of his own master, allowing Liu Lan to ascend directly to the seat of great power, without even having to take any credit for it.

                It just so happened that when Liu Lan chose to side with Zhao Turnip, he pulled his team straight over to go after Qin Ming.

                These men of Liu Lan's, each Chinese, were also well versed in local dialect customs and various intelligence detectives, and managed to blend into the Lin's fortress.

                The crowd looked towards a rude, dark-skinned man who was none other than Liu Lan in disguise.

                She questioned, "You didn't hear wrong, did you? Wasn't Elder Chang already killed? In what direction did they go?"

                The eavesdropper said, "The research room behind Lin's fortress, there are so many people guarding there that it's impossible to get close."

                "Were there many people?"

                "Not many people, not even his two women, but Miss Lin's family. And his personal bodyguard, Wu Long."

                Liu Lan said decisively, "Chances are, we'll sneak in while it's dark, and if we fail, we'll burn the place down too and escape while there's chaos. Make sure to rescue Elder Chang and Zhao Turnip. This is a headline achievement, and once we succeed, all of you will have no less glory and wealth in the future."

                The people listened to Liu Lan's orders, prepared all kinds of materials for arson, as well as firearms, put on thick down coverings, ate a few bites of food and then left.

                At this time, while the people at Lin's fortress were eating, Qin Ming's group arrived at the modern insect breeding base behind the fortress.

                In one of the rooms, Qin Ming met Chang Hongxi who was watching a comic strip.

                When Chang Hongxi saw Qin Ming walk in, he was quite annoyed and reprimanded, "Qin Ming it's been a few days and you've only just come. I don't need to recuperate from this small injury for so long?"

                "......" Qin Ming was in a trance, he could not really bring up any feelings for Chang Hongxi, but looking at him as if he had first met him in Guangcheng, he felt a lot of emotions in his heart.

                "Yi, Yi ......" Qin Ming stammered for a long time and froze, unable to shout out.

                Lin Yurou reminded aside, "He is now a bit like the initial symptoms of dementia, because he was hypnotized and the memory part is greatly affected. His behavioural abilities are not comparable to before, but he can still cope with general life issues. You have no problem calling him anything, he will recognise you as his heir and you are in cahoots with him."

                Qin Ming said, "Your Lin family's compulsion to hypnotise is really powerful."

                Lin Yurou said, "As long as there are no accidents with my mother insect king, he will always be like this."

                When Qin Ming heard Lin Yurou say this, he thought about it, it was better to do the whole show, so why bother with so much?

                He was just using Chang Hongxi to solidify his great power.  Mobile.

                With his psychological baggage dropped, Qin Ming also relaxed and said, "Righteous father, how is your health now?"

                Chang Hongxi said, "Much better. It's thanks to you for the company these days."

                Qin Ming said, "I should, but I have caught Zhao Turnip, but there is still Chang Jun Ye ...... left to control the Magnesia headquarters."

                Chang Hongxi was agitated for a while and grunted, "That bitch, and that wild seed, huh, still want to resist?"

                Seeing Chang Hongxi so emotionally sincere, exactly the same attitude he had before revealing his true face in the first place, Qin Ming's heart was in the right place.

                He hurriedly said, "As a matter of urgency, I suggest that we link up the Supreme Board together and hold a meeting. Let the industrial cadres in all continents of the Universe take a piece of mind."

                "Our capital is too big, and there are many people who want to break up Huan Yu. It would be difficult for me alone to have enough rallying power."

                Chang Hongxi sank his face, nodded and said, "It's alright, my righteous father will help you. You are my only heir, no one can touch you. Huan Yu is the work of my father and I, who have worked hard for decades to get to this point of centralisation, and will not let it go back to the voting system of the foreign devils to divide it up."

                Things were going well, just as Sister Bai Ying had said, perfectly hypnotised Chang Hongxi, who had become Qin Ming's strongest weapon in his counterattack.

                Qin Ming said, "We'll leave tonight."

                When Lin Yurou heard this, she was upset, "You refuse to stay for one night?"

                Qin Ming said, "Don't misunderstand, I would love to stay in this Xiangxi fortress for ten days and a half months, but I'm just worried that those killers will get into trouble and I'll get everyone killed."

                Lin Yurou said, "It won't happen, there are so many of you, and our people are on alert."

                The two of them were talking when suddenly there was a noise from outside.

                Qin Ming heard another fight and clamour and knew it was not good, those killers had indeed mixed in with the villagers.

                Bang Bang Bang~!

                A burst of gunfire ensued that plunged the whole night sky into fear.

                Then a member of Lin's clan ran in and said, "Second Miss it's not good, I don't know where a group of people came from, they have guns and they want to kill in. Now we have the aunt's men holding them off, but they have started setting fires, the whole fortress is on fire in many places, and the others are too busy putting out the fires."

                Hearing that her Lin's fortress was all on fire, Lin Yurou turned pale with fear.

                It was Qin Ming who grabbed her hand and said soothingly, "There is no hurry, the others are mainly putting out the fires, and when they slow down, we will know who is causing the trouble. Trust me."

                Lin Yurou nodded with stability.

                Because going to see Chang Hongxi was a secret affair, Qin Ming had only brought Ah Long and a few attendants with him, so there weren't many people on this side.

                But as soon as the words left his mouth, there was a whole explosion and the big wooden door of the Bug Breeding Institute was blown open, and Ah Long retreated back alone, cursing all the while, "Damn, where did that bomb come from? I'm lucky I dodged fast."

                Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, in the darkness of the night, a dozen figures fishtailed in, then a fire set the door on fire, cutting off anyone else from entering.

                Qin Ming looked around himself and there were just a few of Lin's clansmen left, as well as Ah Long.

                Qin Ming immediately recognised the leader, wasn't it Liu Lan?

                Armed with a firearm, she led her own minions and came forward with great strides, with the aura of a warrior goddess on the battlefield.


                Liu Lan let out a shot, hitting a lamp at the eaves of the house, dimming the light a little.

                But Qin Ming was not afraid, because there was still some distance between the two, Qin Ming could still retreat, but he was not going to retreat, but in his heart he was thinking about how to kill back.

                Only to see Liu Lan overwhelming: "Qin Ming, you usurper, after all, you are still ...... a permanent, permanent old man? You really are still alive?"

                Liu Lan, who was about to strike at Qin Ming, suddenly changed his expression drastically.