Rags To Riches Chapter 793

 "What is it?" Qin Ming really had one head and two heads, there were enough things going on this journey.

                Qin Ming thought to himself, "It couldn't be that Chang Hongxi has suddenly died, could it?

                Ah Long said, "A group of people from a nearby clay fortress have flocked to Lin's big fortress. I was worried that there were enemies mixed in with them, so I did not advise the Lin family to take them in."

                "But the people of the Lin family said that those were all clansmen of the same origin and clan, so they couldn't not take them in, and that if they didn't they would be poked in the back by the old ancestors. There is a complete disregard for the danger."

                "Now our people are arguing with the Lin family's people."

                Qin Ming immediately scolded, "Nonsense, we are guests, how can we quarrel with the host family? Is it a racket to take over the host? I'll go and take a look."

                Qin Ming hurriedly went out and when he arrived at the entrance of the fortress, he saw a large group of people holding torches or torches and carrying a lot of things for the winter waiting to enter the entrance of the fortress.

                The assassination squad was so intimidating, with their cards and guns, that Lin Yuanwang's father and son could have wrinkled their brows into a twist.

                Qin Ming stepped forward and gave his men a scolding, "What are you doing? Don't you know you are guests? Get out of the way, is this your place to be in charge? Get up."

                "Oh, Uncle Lin, I'm sorry, my men are nothing else but workaholics, they always want to protect my safety, so this is over the line."

                Lin Yuanwang saw Qin Ming's good attitude and said, "There is no boundary, didn't you knock up my daughter? You're also protecting the safety of your child's grandparents, aren't you? You're also protecting the safety of your child's grandparents, aren't you?"

                Qin Ming was confused by Lin Yuanwang's sudden comment.

                The people around the Lin Clan's fortress all looked "suddenly enlightened", how could Qin Ming feel that he had been taken advantage of by this old slickster?

                However, since this was about Lin Yurou's reputation, he put up with it, as he had not been able to keep his lower half.

                Qin Ming asked, "Uncle Lin, what's wrong with these people? They've all come to join you on this cold day."

                Lin Yuanwang said, "I've asked them, the people of two nearby clay cottages, their cottages were set on fire, a total of more than a hundred families, more than five hundred people lost their homes and had to come to me."

                "They don't have houses in Dayong City?" Qin Ming wondered.

                "Yes, they do. But it's far away." Lin Yuanwang explained, "It's dark again, and today is the ancestor worship day for our major clay cottages, so we have to stay at the cottages to mourn our ancestors and pray for a peaceful year, so it's impossible to go back to Dayong City."

                Qin Ming heard this and panicked a little in his heart, "I'd better hurry up and leave tomorrow to save the Lin family from having a restless New Year."

                Qin Ming said, "I am still to blame for this, my whereabouts have been discovered by some people with a mind to kill me this time, they are afraid that they are implicated. Uncle Lin, how about this, I will pay for it afterwards, I will let my subordinate, Zhang Xianmin of Dayong City, take charge of it, and build new houses for the residents of the two cottages, and give a certain monetary allowance as an atonement."

                Lin Yuanwang hurriedly said, "I contracted?"

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically and said, "Uncle Lin, you want to eat this amount of money too?"

                Lin Yuanwang laughed, "Aiya, I am not as rich as you, son-in-law, now our Lin family is poor."

                Qin Ming was embarrassed to hear this "son-in-law" and was very uncomfortable, the last person to call him that was his ex-husband Mu Hao.

                The two men agreed and let the residents come in.

                But before they came in, Ah Long gathered the people together to manage and question them so that the killers wouldn't get mixed up in them.

                "Say a couple of words in the vernacular." Alon demanded.

                Then one by one, they spoke the local vernacular, almost without error.

                This was very discouraging to Arlong; this was not good for sifting.

                Ah Long thought for a moment and then added, "Listen up everyone, on the password turn left, turn right, take one step forward and walk back ......"

                Ah Long shouted the password until the group got used to it and then suddenly shouted in English, "SITDOWN!"

                However, there was no response from anyone.

                Instead, a young guy said, "This I understand, it means sit down, everyone sit down quickly."

                Only then did the crowd of villagers sit down sparsely.

                Ah Long even rolled his eyes, either the killer reacted too quickly or there was really no killer mixed in with them ah.

                Qin Ming saw that he had tossed people around for so long and waved his hand, "Forget it, let's work a little harder, don't make it hard for the villagers. Those people will always show their horses if they want to do something. If we push too hard, it's worse for them to come in and kill innocent people."

                Ah Long worried, "Then we can't use you as bait every time, young master. It's not like that, you'll meet a tiger eventually when you go up the mountain."

                Qin Ming laughed, "If I wasn't the bait, how could they reveal themselves? Don't worry, I can't even die despite Zhao Turnip's calculations, this western Hunan might really be my lucky place."

                Qin Ming actually didn't want to be the bait either.

                But he was a guest after all, and in this freezing weather, he couldn't let these 500 people stay outside, could he? There were still some babies inside.

                If those killers were unkind, he couldn't be unrighteous.

                "Let's just be careful ourselves." Qin Ming ordered, "Pay particular attention to those people lighting fires."

                With Qin Ming's order and the cooperation of the Lin family, both sides formed a multi-person patrol team to avoid any fires going off in the big fortress.

                That night, the Lin family's great fortress performed an ancestral ritual, while burying all those who knew that Chang Hongxi had been hypnotised by a compulsion to modify their memories, such as Sister Bai Ying.

                The whole fortress was lit up like daylight, but it was also a time of mourning.

                Qin Ming saw that the burial method of the Lin's fortress was to put people on bamboo rafts and then light them on fire to flow down the river and inside the deep caves.

                It was said to be the custom of the Lin people who raised the parasites, and as long as they were deep into the study of insects and parasites, they had to serve the parasites with their bodies at times.

                To put it bluntly, this means feeding the insects.

                Later people felt it was too cruel and gave it a twist, burning the ashes and sinking them into a pool of water in the cave to become one with the river god.

                Of course, there were those who felt it was feudal and backward and were determined to go to the city to buy a cemetery, each in their own way.

                Qin Ming gave a bouquet of flowers to Bai Ying's sister-in-law's bamboo raft and lamented in his heart, "I will treat Lin Yurou well and not let her suffer, just go in peace."

                After everything had settled down, Lin Yurou asked Qin Ming if he would go and see Chang Hongxi, who was currently being raised next to Lin Yundong's laboratory.

                Qin Ming didn't really want to see Chang Hongxi again, but his status was so special that he couldn't not see him, so he agreed to go.

                After Qin Ming and the others went to Lin Yundong's research institute.

                Among the scattered villagers, a man not far from them left at a fast pace and walked deeper into the fortress.