Rags To Riches Chapter 792

 "Hello, we are Dayong City Police Station, Armed Police Detachment, what do you do?" The leader of the group was the first to speak.

                The other side also showed their documents.

                Qin Ming and the others swept a glance and said, "Hello Captain Guan, we are guests entering the mountain and are going to Lin's Dazhai. Invited there by invitation."

                Captain Guan frowned and said, "Why are all of you carrying guns? And tying up this man?"

                Ah Long hurriedly handed over the relevant documents and said, "This is a confidential document, which is not normally shown, and we don't want to cause you any trouble, so you can go back and confirm it. We do have permission from above."

                "Then what's the deal with the arrest?" Captain Guan was still unrelenting, the men he was holding had their hands behind their backs, as if they were going to move at any moment.

                Qin Ming said cheekily, "She attacked us, and we couldn't do the murder and death penalty, so we had to arrest her."

                Captain Guan said, "We were alerted to armed thugs attacking villagers on this road. Please show your papers to these few people as well."

                The crowd looked at Qin Ming, who waved his hand and said, "Cooperate."

                The people from the assassination squad took the relevant documents, not in a swarm of each pulling them out, but in batches, one group taking them and one group taking care of the defence.

                After Captain Guan looked at them, he smiled, "I've heard something about the original Huan Yu's people. I didn't expect to see the right person for the first time. So how do you tie up the suspects? Please leave it to us, we'll take care of it. And, although you guys have some privileges, arresting people like this won't work within China."

                The crowd looked at Qin Ming again, a man who could not be handed over, but how to refuse?

                Qin Ming actually didn't know how to deal with it well, he was good at dealing with women, but he didn't know how to deal with the official tone of this kind of institution, ah.

                However, at this time, Lin Yurou spoke up.

                She said, "This person has killed a man from our fortress, and our Lin's Great Fortress wants to hold her for questioning. My father is Lin Yuanwang, Captain Guan, so you will do it according to the usual rules. A living person will be left for you when the time comes."

                As soon as Lin Yurou said this, that Captain Guan's face sank.

                Qin Ming was also surprised, should Lin's Dazhai have so many ties around with Dayong City?

                Captain Guan laughed awkwardly for a while and said, "Haha, in that case, let's do things according to the usual rules, you guys go."

                A group of more than twenty people took a detour and went elsewhere.

                As soon as these people left, Lin Yurou added, "They're not real police officers, fake ones. Our Lin's Dazhai simply doesn't have any secret rules to work with the police at all. Besides, that Captain Guan's accent is a bit less like our local one, not standard enough. As for the others, their faces are even less like locals."

                As the crowd listened, they all realised that they were in trouble, this was being watched.

                There was just no way to confirm the identity of those people, and it was surprising that they didn't initiate an attack.

                Qin Ming said, "Let's go to Lin's fortress first, Ah Long you send people to keep a close eye on it, don't make any mistakes."

                The so-called Captain Guan led the men to the edge of a stream in the mountains and a woman in a white cloak, Liu Lan, was waiting for them.

                The Guan captain from earlier said to Liu Lan, "Captain, the other side is better armed than us. It's still Huan Yu's professional assassination squad, so we can't fight them head-on. Zhao Turnip has failed."

                Liu Lan bit her lip and said, "Humph, Zhao Turnip is really useless. I really can't count on it. You guys go to a few nearby fortresses and set fire to those earth forts, they will definitely go and join Lin's earth forts, then you guys strip the local people and blend in with the team."

                Liu Lan's men received the order and immediately went into action.

                Meanwhile, in the Lin's fortress, Nie Haitang and the Lin family were very anxious, often waiting at the entrance to the fortress, hoping that Qin Ming would arrive as soon as possible.

                Nie Haitang was dragged forward by two members of the assassination squad from the beginning, so she was always safe.

                As she stood at the entrance to the Great Walled City she often looked into the distance of the river, a white blur, and she suddenly found herself worrying in her heart about both Qin Ming and Mu Xiaoqiao.

                Although she and Mu Xiaoqiao hadn't gotten along very long, after spilling some of their innermost words to each other at the Yellow Faction's concentration banquet earlier, she felt that the two were on common ground and were still particularly in tune, and would have become good girlfriends if Qin Ming hadn't been caught in the middle.

                Despite knowing that they would have to steal a man from Mu Xiaoqiao, they were still worried for her in their hearts.

                "Eh, here it comes." I don't know who called out.

                Nie Haitang hurriedly ran towards the river, calling out loudly, "Qin Ming~! Shiao Qiao~!"

                Qin Ming saw Nie Haitang and waved happily at her too.

                Those clansmen on Lin's big fortress also waved enthusiastically at Qin Ming, welcoming him.

                Lin Yuanwang was shouted out, and he personally led the people of the Lin Clan's Great Walled Village out to welcome him, "Young Qin, it has been a long journey. It's all my son's fault for being useless and coming back on his own when he was in danger, what a shame. Fortunately, you are safe and sound, otherwise I wouldn't really know how to thank you."

                Qin Ming said, "Uncle Lin, you are wrong, those thugs were coming for me, I told Lin Zhengqi to take the team first and leave first. With my men wounded, it would only slow down the team. But Yurou was too brave to follow me, but it was thanks to her being there and helping my men heal, otherwise I would have regretted it."

                With these words, Qin Ming made Lin Yuanwang very happy.

                Lin Yuanwang asked worriedly again, "You said on the phone that Miss Mu was injured, oops, better hurry in, I'll have the best doctor in our fortress take a look."

                One by one, the group entered the big fortress.

                Qin Ming was placed in the VIP room, still served by Lin Yurou herself, to show the importance attached to Qin Ming, and actually wanted the two to spend more time together.

                However, Qin Ming picked up Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao as well.

                After some shushing and greeting, Qin Ming got down to business, "Has that Fang Jiutong person arrived yet?"

                Nie Haitang nodded and said, "Yes, I've met him too. He's here to see Master Lin Yundong's daughter-in-law, Mrs. Lin. It turns out that that master of Fang Jiutong used to be Old Mrs. Lin's first love, and had come to deliver a letter back from decades ago."

                "For that reason Master Lin is still jealous. It's sulking."

                When Qin Ming heard this, he laughed: "Hahahaha, that's a surprise. Eh, what about those people from the Li family and the Huang faction?"

                Nie Haitang said, "They are pulling him to talk, they all want to know what's special about the breathing method he cultivates. And the Li family says they are looking for trouble with Fang Jiutong, but they aren't looking for it either, they have the same idea as the Huang School, they all seem to be pulling for him."

                As Qin Ming listened, he wasn't really interested anymore and said, "Whatever about them. Tonight is when Sister Bai Ying and the others will be buried, so I haven't missed the time after all."

                Thump, thump, there was a sudden sound of footsteps going upstairs and Ah Long reported from the doorway, "Young master, something has happened."