Rags To Riches Chapter 791

 "Qin Ming, you can finally go to hell, man's calculations are not as good as God's, haha, how could you not calculate that I had a gun hidden all along. It's still in the collection of the local mafia in Dayong City."

                "No!" Mu Xiaoqiao and Lin Yurou were so frightened that they blushed and begged loudly, "Please, don't."

                But this was the effect Zhao Turnip wanted, and knowing full well that she could not wait, she fired brazenly.

                But in the nick of time, Qin Ming was about to turn his head sideways.

                An earlier shot came.

                The bullet flew past, piercing Zhao Turnip's wrist, and the revolver fell to the ground, blood staining the snowflakes.

                The many killers were startled and hurried to look back, but they were all taken aback as a team of heavily armed and loaded elite men killed their way in.

                Wasn't the leader none other than Qin Ming's strongest bodyguard, Ah Long?

                Bang Bang Bang Bang ......

                Without saying a word, the men of the assassination squad shot straight through, killing all the killers who tried to escape.

                These killers had come in a hurry and had no way to bring their weapons into China, but the Huan Yu Century Group was different.

                Huan Yu's business was huge, and it had an ally in the Zhao family, the highest board of directors, as well as connections with many of the military. Huan Yu had always adhered to Chang Hong Xi's principle of non-interference in China's internal affairs, and used it only for defensive purposes, secretly signing a limited gun possession agreement with China.

                So the battle was one-sided, with the assassination squad winning almost instantly.

                Zhao Turnip's hand was shot through, but she didn't say a word as the hot blood dripped to the ground.

                Her heart was overwhelmed with despair, she couldn't even kill Qin Ming, she simply couldn't figure out why, ah? Was he really blessed by the heavens?

                Qin Ming picked up the revolver and was secretly relieved that Ah Long had brought someone at the most crucial time, he had won.

                "It seems that the heavens are still on my side." Qin Ming smiled faintly.

                Zhao Turnip looked around at a whole team of assassination squads that once belonged to her and smiled sadly and bitterly, "You've changed all the people in China, huh?"

                Qin Ming said, "Of course. It was still done without the knowledge of Chang Hongxi. He knew about it later, but there was nothing he could do about it. When a new king ascends the throne, he naturally has to replace a group of his own people. Those of the old lord, just forget about it if they are honest, I for one don't like killing people either."

                Zhao Turnip laughed even more maniacally, "Hahahaha, a man from the Zhao family can say he doesn't like to kill people? Shameless! The old ancestor of the Zhao family back then was a farmer who made his fortune by killing and looting during the war, gaining a batch of money and buying a small official. This is engraved in the genes of every Zhao family descendant and cannot be changed."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Sorry, from now on, my children will take my surname Qin. I come from a poor mountain village in the rural town of Baishui in Guang Province, my family were farmers in the mountains for generations, but I was lucky to have a university student like me."

                Zhao Turnip laughed: "Hahaha ...... good, well said hahaha, I should really let Zhao Zhen hear that, he's afraid he's going to die of anger."

                Ah Long looked at the two of them and didn't know what nonsense to say, sent his men up to tie Zhao Turnip up and asked, "Young master, it's late. Will this man be killed?"

                Qin Ming patted Ah Long and said, "Just in time. There is no need to blame yourself. I was careless. Keep Zhao Turnip alive and watch over her, don't let her kill herself, preferably with a sedative. I want her to spend the rest of her life watching me take complete control of the world. Also, use the satellite communications to inform Song Ying of this."

                "Yes, everyone listen up and clear the scene." Ah Long nodded and went to do as instructed.

                Zhao Turnip cursed through gritted teeth while being tied up, "Qin Ming, this bastard, I should have abolished you back then instead of Zhao Zhengyan. I'm telling you, you won't win. I still have my son, my youngest son will take revenge for our whole family."

                Qin Ming was annoyed and angrily rebuked, "Shut up, if you keep bleeping, I'll go back to Dayong City now and sleep with your daughter Chang Xue."

                "Huh?" Zhao Turnip's expression changed and he became even more agitated, "Chang Xue? How dare you? Qin Ming you bastard, how dare you? You are shameless, Chang Xue and you are still blood relatives within three generations, how dare you? Shameless, bastard, trash, shameless thing, you are a rat in the ditch, stealing the power, you ...... ooooooooo ......"

                Seeing that Qin Ming was tired of hearing him, Ah Long hurriedly gagged Zhao Turnip with the fabric.

                As Qin Ming walked ahead, Mu Xiaoqiao couldn't help but ask, "You're not really going to sleep with the one called Chang Xue, are you?"

                Qin Ming hugged her in farcical anger and said, "What are you thinking? I'm babbling."

                Mu Xiaozhao puffed out in anger, "Who knows about you, after all, you still fought with that Fang Jiutong, over that Chang Xue. You want me to believe you, unless you promise me one thing."

                "Okay, what is it? You name it." Qin Ming said graciously.

                Mu Xiaoqiao said imploringly, "Marry me."

                "Er ......" Qin Ming was in trouble again now and said, "Of course I want to, I think about it day and night."

                Mu Xiaoqiao puffed out her mouth in anger, where she didn't know that Qin Ming still hadn't been able to choose between her and Nie Haitang, even after what she had gone through this time.

                Qin Ming's heart was still torn. But he could only move on with the tangle.

                With his own minions escorting him this time, Qin Ming's group was much safer, and as Ah Long counted the dead foreign assassins he had seen, all but Zhao Turnip were dead, fifty-three in total.

                "So that's safe." Qin Ming muttered, "By the way, how are they doing in Haitang?"

                Ah Long said, "I know from the channel contact that Miss Nie is protected by our people, and the Lin family's funeral procession has been rushing towards the Lin's fortress all right. The same goes for the Li family and the Huang faction, their teams have been heading towards Lin's fortress without being affected in any way. These killers just came after you."

                "Young master, you're being too reckless like this, you're really putting your life at risk."

                Qin Ming let out a breath and said, "The situation was such that I had no other choice but to lure these killers away, I just wanted to make sure that Bai Ying's sister-in-law and the girls could be buried smoothly, and I couldn't delay the auspicious time. Besides, I am full of kung fu, and I am not that easy to die."

                Hearing this from Qin Ming, Ah Long and the others all shook their heads, saying straight away that Qin Ming was lucky this time that the other party had no weapons.

                It was Lin Yurou who listened with a sour nose, feeling that Bai Ying's sister-in-law's death was valued in Qin Ming's heart, and that it was not in vain to volunteer to keep this secret for him, even though it was a wrong choice.

                The group did not find a boat, so they had to take the land route to the Lin's fortress.

                And as the road went on into the evening, Qin Ming learnt that Lin Zhengqi's group had successfully arrived at Lin's fortress.

                He thought that everything had gone smoothly and that he had survived the disaster, but then Ah Long reported, "Young master, one of our team is missing."

                Qin Ming asked, "Who?"

                "Corrie? Olsen." Ah Long said, "As I told you before, I suspected that Liulan would be pursued again. Olsen did send me a signal that there were pursuers behind me, but she was one of my men, and she was the only one missing. Could she have been taken out?"

                Qin Ming said, "At our speed, I'm afraid any pursuers would have caught up with us by now, right? How come none of them are missing now?"

                Ah Long said, "That's what's strange, if they were backing up Zhao Turnip, then when they saw that Zhao Turnip was captured by us, they should have thought of something. Even if they were afraid of us, there's no way they wouldn't have moved. In a while we'll be at Lin Shi's fortress, and that's all Lin's people."

                Qin Ming said, "Trying to strike while we're retreating? Isn't that asking for trouble? It's a snowy mountain here. Anyway, let's be careful. Ao Mei is from the army, she's not that easy to get into trouble. As for whether it's Liu Lan, are you sure you've seen her in person at the hotel in Dayong City?"

                Ah Long nodded: "The reply is Liu Lan ugh the hotel, but I'm afraid the information is not accurate, I'm always afraid there's something wrong."

                Qin Ming was pondering, when suddenly a team of people arrived, but they were all wearing police uniforms.