Rags To Riches Chapter 790

 As they watched, Qin Ming and Mu Xiaoqiao were surrounded by a group of killers.

                Lin Yurou asked with a sobbing voice, "Why don't you guys leave?"

                Qin Ming said, "How can I leave without taking you with me? Don't worry, it will be fine."

                When Lin Yurou heard this, her heart was moved and saddened, and she swallowed even more, "You don't love me, so don't be so nice to me."

                Zhao turned a fierce cold smile, "Humph, you're putting on a bitter show here? You're all going to die, go to hell and be a pair of dead lovebirds and work for my husband and son."

                Angry, Zhao Turnip held the shotgun and estimated that he would move a little closer to Qin Ming to ensure accuracy.

                Qin Ming clenched his teeth as he pondered his response and said, "Zhao Turnip, by seniority, you are still my ......"


                Zhao Turnip no longer wanted to say more words to Qin Ming, she had taken the time and effort to travel all the way from Magnesium to Xiangxi to kill Qin Ming herself and take back everything her man Chang Hongxi had.

                But at the moment when Zhao Turnip pulled the trigger on the shotgun, Qin Ming felt his heart beat faster and could clearly see Zhao Turnip's fingers slowing down.

                What was the situation?

                In the nick of time, Qin Ming's brain spun and he took an arrow step forward, bursting out with a speed even faster than a cheetah's. His left hand grabbed the chamber of the shotgun and raised it straight up.

                The gun went off, but hit the sky.

                "Oh God, this can't be." The yokels around him let out a gasp.


                "No way, that's impossible, that was ten paces away."

                Zhao Turnip was also shocked beyond words, although again the intelligence said that Qin Ming had started to learn martial arts, but it was only half a year ago.

                The shot from Zhao Turnip hit the sky.

                Qin Ming snatched the shotgun with one hand, that Zhao Turnip was athletic but not at all as strong as Qin Ming.

                The shot was a very good one, but it was still a gutter. Who would have thought that the boy would be 10 paces away and still be able to get to her in such a short time?

                Who would have thought that this kid would be able to reach her in such a short time from 10 paces?


                A killer rushed towards Mu Xiaoqiao, attempting to grab her as a hostage.

                Qin Ming angrily raised his shotgun and with a bang, knocked the assassin who had just run a few steps to the ground.

                Qin Ming then pulled Mu Xiaoqiao with one hand and pointed the shotgun at Zhao Turnip with the other, saying, "Want to kill me? Your whole family doesn't have this ability? I have been toyed with by you for over twenty years and suffered a lot, all this since I took over the Huan Yu Group, I can let go of a certain amount of hatred. But if your family continues to pester me, then I will not be blamed for being ruthless."

                That being said, Qin Ming hesitated to shoot, after all, this Zhao Turnip was still Chang Xue's own mother.

                And Chang Xue was placed in a hotel in Dayong City by Qin Ming, if she killed Zhao Turnip, she would add another enemy, this revenge for injustice, wasn't it but the spell of those people of his own grandfather's generation back then?

                Qin Ming did not like this.

                More than anything, Qin Ming wanted to put Zhao Turnip under house arrest, and he could also use her to influence her cronies at Huan Yu's headquarters, which would save him a lot of time and money so that he could take over Huan Yu smoothly.

                Zhao Turnip looked at the shotgun pointed at herself and was not afraid at all, instead she laughed, "You shoot. Don't forget your other woman is still in my hands. Hehehe, your Zhao family are all horny, with a large number of women, exactly the same as your grandfather Zhao Zhen."

                Qin Ming said, "You are also a member of the Zhao family."

                "Bah, I left the Zhao family a long time ago." Zhao Turnip said disdainfully, "I'm from the Chang family! My family, Old Chang, has only had one woman in his life, how devoted he is. It's not the same as your Zhao family's cheap bastards. I'd like to see ...... whether you want this woman or not?"

                Zhao Turnip beckoned, and the assassin behind him pressed Lin Yurou forward, pointing a dagger at Lin Yurou's neck as a threat.

                Zhao Turnip said, "Put the gun down or I'll write the word 'bitch' on her face now."

                Lin Yurou was very pretty, a first class beauty, and if she had the word "bitch" written on her face, coupled with her previous reputation, I was afraid that the gossip about her would be even worse.

                Lin Yurou was also a little scared, she wasn't afraid of death, but it was unbearable to torture her like this.

                She had come from a famous family, originally a young lady of good character and admiration, but a series of changes in the Lin family had turned her into a shameless bitch.

                Now she has no chance, and yet she has to have the word "bitch" written on her face? It would be better to kill her.

                Lin Yurou struggled, "Kill me, kill me."

                The moment Zhao Yirou's knife came close to her cheek, Qin Ming had to violently destroy the shotgun and throw it on the ground: "All right, that's enough, isn't it? She's innocent, let her go and I'll be here."

                "Hahahaha." Zhao Turnip laughed in triumph and said, "What an infatuated bastard. However, I only give you two choices, do you want Miss Mu beside you to live, or do you want this Miss Lin to live?"

                Qin Ming frowned, "What do you mean?"

                Zhao Turnip said, "Your death is a certainty. I'll let one of your women live, who will you let live?"

                "Heh, boring fun." Qin Ming said disdainfully, "All three of us won't die."

                Zhao Turnip suddenly became frantic and raised the knife in his hand to stab Lin Yurou in the chest, "Is that so? Then you can watch this Miss Lin die first."

                Qin Ming hurriedly rushed forward, but as soon as he moved, the killers around him immediately stepped in to block him, while someone else went to grab Mu Xiaoqiao.

                This made Qin Ming very passive, but still Qin Ming did not hesitate, he could not let Lin Yurou die.

                Qin Ming simply pulled Mu Xiaoqiao along with him and charged.

                This behaviour was simply insane in the eyes of these professional killers.

                However, Qin Ming was indeed exceptionally brave, his inch of strength exploding, punching and kicking these killers hard, and rushing in front of Zhao Turnip.


                Qin Ming's hand was in the way before it stabbed Lin Yurou in the chest, and blood flowed out, kind of saving Lin Yurou.

                But Zhao Turnip was exceptionally happy as she laughed maniacally, "Hahahaha, this is all just an act, silly. It's all just an act, silly... to trick you."

                After saying that, Zhao Turnip pulled out a clay revolver from her pocket with her other hand and pointed it at Qin Ming's forehead.

                Turnip was so mad that his face was twisted, "How can I vent my hatred if I don't play with you properly? Hahahaha, go to hell bastard."

                Qin Ming had barely recovered from the excitement of saving Lin Yurou when he saw the black hole of the pistol pointed at his head.

                Mu Xiaoqiao and Lin Yurou were both scared out of their wits as they watched, what could they do with this gun barrel against their foreheads?


                A gunshot rang out and snowflakes dyed a patch of snow red.