Rags To Riches Chapter 79-80

 Chapter 79

Nie Haitang had been kidnapped?

                Qin Ming's heart felt like a cold valley, even though he knew that it was no longer possible between them, he was still panicking when he heard that Nie Haitang had been kidnapped.

                Qin Ming had read a lot of reports about this, such as the kidnapping of a female celebrity or a rich man's daughter, and every few years, there would be one or two cases that would become a social sensation.

                Most of those who were kidnapped ended up being torn apart.

                Hou Qing said, "The other party has named the young master to meet him at the Bund tonight, or else the ticket will be torn up."

                Qin Ming's face sank, he understood who had done it, it was all done by people who coveted his inheritance.

                Qin Ming never imagined that by saving the Nie family once, he would pull the Nie family into this whirlpool of the race for the heir to the world's richest man.

                He secretly sighed in his heart, why had things gone this way? It was caused by his lack of thoughtfulness.

                Qin Ming asked, "When was she kidnapped?"

                Hou Qing responded, "At just before eleven o'clock today, she went out with her father and was taken captive in the car, her father was also injured, and the Nie family has currently called the police."

                Less than eleven o'clock? Wasn't that when Qin Ming had just left the Nie family?

                It seemed very inconsistent for Qin Ming to hear this and Nie Haitang's mother saying that she had gone on a blind date.

                Moreover, that nanny car that had driven out of the villa at the top of Cloud Hill had also driven out at that time and splashed a puddle, soiling his trousers.

                So those old foreigners and blondes just now were not the bodyguards and secretaries of the young master of a certain Canton city magnate family?

                Qin Ming thought of the conversation between the few foreigners just now and became more and more agitated in his heart.

                Hou Qing asked urgently, "Young master, they are pressing for an immediate reply."

                Qin Ming responded, "Just say you didn't get in touch with me to delay, Hou Qing, after this matter, you go and take shelter recently."

                Hou Qing was silent for a moment and said, "Okay Young Master, I, Hou Qing, will not return to reveal any whereabouts or news related to Young Master, nor will Team Leader Qi and the others."

                Qin Ming hung up the phone and became even more anxious inside, greeted Ah Long and said, "Follow me immediately."

                Qin Ming followed the foreigner who had been told to "take a look at the target". He did not look at the car after he walked out of the hotel, but walked towards the six-star National Dragon Hotel, which was 500 metres away from the China Hotel.

                As he walked, Ah Long said, "Young master, your eyes are really accurate, these people are really not businessmen, those airs were all disguised at first, even I was fooled. Now see that he has let his guard down and resumed his original grooming, just by the way Zhang walks, I am afraid he is a warrior who has been in battle for a long time."

                Qin Ming smiled sarcastically, he was a little nervous inside, he hadn't expected the enemy to come so quickly.

                He asked Song Ying to keep an eye on the other blonde and her party while asking, "Ah Long, are you sure you can win against him?"

                Ah Long said confidently, "Of course, our Chinese warriors are not inferior to those abroad."

                Qin Ming's eyes lit up as he patted Ah Long's shoulder and instructed, "Follow him and take care of him."

                This kind of irony level battle Qin Ming was self aware that he could not get involved, so in order not to cause trouble for Ah Long, he chose to leave it to Ah Long to fight on his own.

                Qin Ming thought that Ah Long would call a few more people, but it turned out that Ah Long went by himself.

                Five minutes later, Ah Long came calling, room eight on the eighteenth floor.

                Qin Ming leisurely took the lift up to the eighteenth floor. Inside the presidential suite, Ah Long's right hand was stained with blood and the clothes on his chest had been stabbed open with a dagger, although it was not fatal, the wound was shocking to the eyes.

                And in the room fell the foreign mercenary, beaten by Ah Long and lying immobile on the floor, his arms and legs twisted and unable to get up.

                Ah Long wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, "Young master, no disgrace to the mission."

                Qin Ming nodded approvingly, and then looked at Nie Haitang who was tied to a chair, although she was unharmed, she was still in a coma, and Qin Ming was inexplicably distressed.

                This was coincidental as hell, it happened that he had come to dinner with Bai Yu-chun's family, it happened that the kidnappers were also eating here, it happened that he heard the English conversation of these foreign mercenaries, it happened that he became suspicious.

                If not for so many coincidences, Qin Ming would not have rescued Nie Haitang so easily.

                He immediately called Song Ying and said, "Song Ying, bring that blonde beauty's people under control all together, and ask Bi Yuan to send some people over to the National Dragon Restaurant next door to clean up the mess."

                "Yes, Young Master." Song Ying hung up the phone and turned her head to look at one of the vip rooms in the hotel, her gaze gradually becoming icy cold.

                She took out a mask and put it on, and coldly instructed the people to her left and right, saying, "Play some music for the lobby, and don't let anyone go near that private room,."

                "Yes, Secretary Song." The bodyguard at the side immediately answered and went to do it.

                On the side of the Guolong Hotel, Ah Long went to deal with the surveillance, while Bi Yuan led the assassination team to deal with this foreign mercenary.

                Qin Ming carried Nie Haitang and opened a room on another floor, placing her on the bed so that even lying flat, her figure would still stand out.

                Only, her face was slightly more haggard.

                Qin Ming gently stroked her hair and face, his heart inexplicably hot, he couldn't help but lower his head and sneak a kiss to her.

                Boing, lips fragrant and delicate.

                "Boing ......" after Nie Haitang was kissed, as if the sleeping beauty got a kiss from the prince, she suddenly screamed, as if she was going to wake up, her eyes slowly opened, hazy and very powerless.

                Qin Ming's heart panicked and for some reason had the illusion of not daring to identify with her.

                Not wanting to hear her say, we no longer have a relationship words.

                Especially this time Nie Haitang was completely unjustified and implicated by him, he felt a little bit sorry for Nie Haitang, last time he had made her faint because of Li Meng, and this time he caused the kidnapping because of him, Qin Ming did not know how to open his mouth to explain to her.

                Qin Ming sighed and walked out of the room, with Ah Long and Bi Yuan guarding the door.

                Qin Ming took a look at Bi Yuan, he was quite civilised and elegant, he was also wearing glasses and a casual suit, as if he was an artist, but who would know that he was a warrior who had fought and killed in the African continent?

                Qin Ming said, "I'll trouble your assassination team this time."

                Since Qin Ming's subdued assassination team last time, Bi Yuan had long been convinced of Qin Ming and said respectfully, "Young master, don't ever say that, our existence is to ensure the safety of young master."

                Ah Long also interjected, "Young Master, the videos have all been processed to ensure that there is no trace of them."

                At this time, Song Ying had already called and said, "Young Master, the people have all been taken down and safely taken away. I have now ordered them to be taken to the young master's luxury yacht to await processing."

                Qin Ming responded and said, "Well done. Right Song Ying, you pick up my classmate and her mother for me later."

                After Qin Ming had instructed, he sighed that he had a group of men with excellent abilities, and this crisis had been defused.

                However, he was very angry that the incident was originally directed at him, but it caused Nie Haitang to be kidnapped, fortunately he rescued her in time, otherwise the consequences would have been unthinkable.

                Qin Ming did not inform the Nie family for the time being, when Nie Haitang woke up, she would naturally go home.

                To his two men, he said, "Go, go and interrogate those lapdogs."

Chapter 80

"What's going on? Did that Qin Ming fall into the toilet pit?"

                At the dinner table, He Menglian was hot-tempered because everyone had finished eating, but Qin Ming was still missing.

                Zhao Fugui said, "I just went to the toilet, but I didn't see anyone. He's not afraid that I'll ask him to pay the bill and flee, is he?"

                Xie Tao sniggered, "Not only is he thick-skinned, he's also timid, hahaha. How come you have such an odd classmate, Fu Gui? Don't hang out with him in the future."

                Zhao Fugui said disdainfully, "He's not even worthy of my shoes, I don't hang out with him."

                Xie Guangkun shook his head with emotion and sighed, "Pure, I'm not talking about you, what kind of friends are you making? How can you do that if you don't observe people's character properly? The friends we have made are different, not only are they rich, but they are also low key, at least they don't have to take a piss when they are full. Does he think he's Liu Bang?"

                Bai Yuchun was aggrieved, she didn't know where Qin Ming had gone and sent a message saying something important was going on.

                Bai Yuchun said, "He said he had something important to do at the moment, so he left first, but his friend's car will take us back."

                Xie Tao scoffed, "Oh, really unrepentant, cousin you're hopeless, you're saved by that poor? The Pan Kui edge of the Menggu retort to put tax Sang Kan paralyzed the united States of America to the door В? burned food burberry outlet online allianceв provocation to come to the mangled hole plate hissing so rift celiac disease dangerous? The first thing you need to do is to take a look at the website. The copy!

                He Menglian is also smiling: "What? You don't want to ride in Auntie's car? The actual fact is that you'll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these. We've treated you to a mountain of food and seafood, and you're still not grateful for not knowing enough?"

                Bai Yuchun hurriedly shook her head, "I'm not, I didn't. But Qin Ming really did say that there was a car arranged for us, and besides, this way we don't have to bother Aunt Lian with you guys."

                Xie Tao raised the corner of her mouth disdainfully and said, "Tsk, what kind of car can that poor little brother of his hire? My dad's car is at least a Japanese car, and Rich's is a BMW. Cousin, I'm not talking about you, even if you don't make it to the upper class in your life, don't spend your life at the bottom of the social ladder, right? People, you have to work hard to get ahead."

                "Forget it, let's not wait, Tao Tao, let's go watch a movie." Zhao Fugui burped and proudly took out his credit card and said to the waiter who came with the bill, "I'll swipe it."

                Although he was a little distressed about the money after eating 88,000 yuan, Zhao Fugui didn't take it seriously, anyway, if he ran out of money he could just go home and get it, his parents would be fine if they had the money.

                As the group walked out of the restaurant, Bai Yuchun was a little unhappy in her heart.

                She was not upset because she had been counted out by her relatives, but she was upset at their words scolding Qin Ming, she wanted to retort, but did not know how to do so.

                She stood at the door, still convinced in her heart that this Qin Ming would ask a friend to drive them back.

                At that moment, Zhao Fugui drove over in his Brilliance BMW.

                "Wow! Fugui, you're awesome." Xie Tao instantly lit up, the slender body, white paintwork, this head a handsome grille, and that blue sky and white clouds logo, the BMW attracted the attention of the crowd as soon as it arrived.

                Xie Guangkun and He Menglian were also in awe, glancing around at the BMW, and He Menglian even took a few selfies.

                Bai Yuchun also couldn't help but look at it a few more times, and although she was a little envious, she wasn't moved by it.

                Zhao Fugui looked at Bai Yuchun, her pavilioned and pitiful appearance made him itchy.

                He said: ''Bai, let's get in the car together. I'll just take you back, after all, you're Peach's relatives."

                Xie Tao said, "Forget it Fu Gui, poor relatives, I'm so annoyed with them, it's so humiliating to drag them along."

                He Menggu also said, "It's not good, you're a luxury car, we're all rural people, our shoes will dirty your car. We'll just take the bus back."

                Zhao Fugui scoffed, "What? Didn't Qin Ming say his friend was coming? Oh, I forgot, he's a man who loves to brag and can't do anything with just a mouth. Bai, don't go with that loser Qin Ming, I'll introduce you to someone better."

                Xie Tao said discontentedly, "Cousin, don't be shameless. Our Fu Gui has even asked for it like this, what's the point of you still standing still?"

                Bai Yuchun bit her lip and insisted, "Qin Ming will definitely do what he said."

                He Menglian finished taking the picture and sneered, "Ha, you were taken in by that poor? Pan resist raging after said Yan lazy tax Sanke? The 苷業贸道矗康认挛颐且? Alteration? can you join the round gum and also a certain strain? The silly rice about ramming the alcoveァ!

                Bai Yu Chun still gritted her teeth and insisted, "Then we'll go back on our own, we don't need to bother Aunt Lian."

                "Tch." Zhao Fugui was upset in his heart, he didn't understand, what was so good about this Qin Ming? Charming so many beautiful women to death?

                As soon as Zhao Fugui displayed his unhappy attitude, Xie Tao's family saved their anger.

                Xie Tao got out of the car furiously, "Bai Yuchun, apologise to Fugui immediately. Fu Gui spent so much money to invite your poor family to dinner, but you're still shameless? How dare you anger Fu Gui's good mood for a day?"

                Xie Guangkun was also saddened and said, "This child is pure, she was fine, but now she has been brought down by others. Big sister, don't you do anything about it?"

                He Menggu was so frightened that she hurriedly took Bai Yuchun's hand and said, "Pure, apologise."

                Bai Yuchun was really speechless, if it was wrong for her not to ride in someone else's car, she would rather make the same mistake again and again.

                But when she saw her mother asking for such a thing, she was a bit of a wimp.


                Suddenly, a lengthened Rolls-Royce sounded its horn, with a seven-metre-long body, creamy white flowing lines, retro grunge design, double "r" overlapping wheels, and a particularly striking luminous glazed flying goddess logo on the front of the car.

                The Rolls-Royce was parked next to the Brilliance BMW, instantly dazzling Zhao Fugui and the others.

                He Menglian swallowed her saliva and asked, "What kind of car is this? It's quite good looking, what the hell is r?"

                Xie Guangkun sank his face and said, "Well, I don't recognize it, a domestic car, I guess. Nowadays, all domestic cars are made very flashy, because the more flashy they are, the more expensive they are, after all, the people of China are stupid and have a lot of money."

                Xie Tao said, "Dad, this is a Rolls Royce, imported, it looks like it is bulletproof, it costs ten million dollars a piece."

                When Xie Guangkun heard this, he blushed and breathed heavily, saying, "What? This is a Rolls Royce? No wonder it looks so good, the aura is different. How rich must the person driving this car be? Super rich."

                He Menglian said to Bai Yuchun's mother and daughter in a conspicuous manner, "See? A place like this, where such top-notch tycoons also come to dine, that's high society, I'll show you today, right?"

                He Menggu humbly bent over and said, "I've seen it, it's awesome."

                The car door opened and Song Ying stepped down and came forward and said, "Miss Bai, Mr. Qin Ming asked us to pick you up and take you back, get in."

                After saying that, Song Ying walked over to the car door and made a very polite gesture of invitation.

                But no one moved because it was too exaggerated and jumpy.

                A few people cursed Qin Ming for a while, thinking that Qin Ming couldn't find a car, and then a Rolls Royce came?

                Even Bai Yuchun found it unbelievable that this was really the car Qin Ming had found?

                Zhao Fugui's mouth grew too big to close: "How is that possible?"

                Xie Tao even exclaimed straight away, "Impossible, this must be a mistake of some sort."

                Xie Guangkun dropped the cigarette he was holding, and rubbed his ears, thinking he was hearing things.

                He Menglian had already taken out his camera and was planning to take another set of selfies.