Rags To Riches Chapter 789

 Lin Yurou had lied.

                What about the cave she had dug and the fact that she had hidden in a cave further ahead to facilitate reconnaissance were all lies.

                She just couldn't bear the moment when Mu Xiaoqiao woke up and she had to watch the man she liked hugging another woman and possibly blaming her.

                She pushed aside the snow on the road ahead, alert and wary of her surroundings, biting her lip stubbornly: "What's wrong with me fighting for my own happiness? Even if I used some tricks, what's wrong with that? Didn't you, Miss Mu, force him to join the family?"

                "Can you set it aside by not knowing that it's not clear? Saying that makes me look like a green tea whore."

                "I, Lin Yurou, am at least highly educated and know shame."

                There was a sudden burst of noisy footsteps and Lin Yurou hurriedly found a snowbank to hide in.

                It didn't take long for Zhao Turnip to arrive on the scene, she looked a little tired, but it didn't stop her from moving.

                Zhao Turnip asked, "Have you found Qin Ming?"

                "Boss, he should be nearby, his woman was poisoned and now she doesn't know where she is hiding. The man who just came out and attacked us."

                "God, it's so cold, I need whiskey."

                Zhao Turnip was disgruntled, "There were over fifty of us, we killed him alone, and now there are only nineteen of us left, thanks to which you still claim to be professional killers?"

                One of the killers was disgruntled, "God above, we've never tried to fight without any equipment. And in a big mountainous hellhole like China, we don't have such a hellish mountain forest in Magnesia, where the roads are impassable and there are so many mud puddles."

                "Boss, the environment here is too harsh. If it's normal, we should have drones to scout, what an age, killing is still really backward."

                Zhao Turnip heard these killers complain and became even angrier, "Isn't that a time crunch? Besides, this snowy mountain environment has scared you guys? Then how come Qin Ming is fine? Show some of your Anglo-Saxon spirit."

                "Kill Qin Ming and get 100 million dollars each, will you do it?"

                With the money, there would be brave men, and with the increase in salary, each of these killers had no more opinions.

                They continued to brave the snow and searched everywhere.

                Inside the cave, after more than three hours, Mu Xiaoqiao woke up.

                She found that the heaviness in her body had disappeared, the signs of poisoning were gone, and even her wounds were not so painful and had been bandaged.  Mobile.

                She found herself lying in Qin Ming's arms, still undressed?

                "Am I actually not dead?" Mu Xiaoqiao was pleasantly surprised after coming to her senses, but when she looked around, she blushed with shame.

                "Bad, bad egg." Mu Xiaoqiao bit her lips alas Qin Ming's ear and whispered a low cry.

                Qin Ming was overjoyed, "You're awake, Shiao Qiao? Is everything alright?"

                "Mmm." Mu Xiao Qiao said shyly, "How can you take advantage of my poisoning and do something reckless."

                Qin Ming's face darkened and he said, "No, you took off your own clothes, you said you were cold, so I hugged you."

                Mu Xiaoqiao instantly rolled her eyes and hummed in exasperation, "Yes, yes, yes, did someone make bad things happen to people while they were unconscious."

                Qin Ming said honestly again, "I swear, I didn't."

                "You ...... elm head." Mu Xiaoqiao was really exasperated by Qin Ming's words and felt that Qin Ming did not understand the situation.

                Qin Ming said, "I just mentally recited all the Chinese gods I know and begged them to make you well soon. Sure enough you got better."

                Hearing this, Mu Xiaoqiao felt a warmth in her heart and rubbed herself into Qin Ming's arms, saying shyly, "Qin Ming, you said that this big mountain in western Hunan is really magical, every time we come here, we encounter trouble. Last time you were poisoned and I warmed you up. This time I've been poisoned and it's your turn to take care of me."

                "Mmmmm, magical indeed, the land of great evil." Qin Ming was also overcome with emotion.

                "No lah, I think it's quite good." However, Mu Xiaoqiao did see things differently, "This is a miracle arranged by God, between you and me, we will definitely survive."

                Both encounters had made her relationship with Qin Ming better.

                Qin Ming said, "Actually, Lin Yurou found it and she gave you the medicine."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was very surprised to hear that, she naturally remembered Lin Yurou's words before she passed out, but she didn't expect that in the end Lin Yurou would still choose to save her.

                Wouldn't it be more beneficial to Lin Yurou if she died?

                "She seems to be different from what I thought." Mu Xiaoqiao hugged Qin Ming tightly and muttered, "When we get out, we'll have to thank her properly."

                "Well, we everything." Qin Ming also hugged Mu Xiaoqiao hard, and his eyes involuntarily began to look down, and his hands began to explore upwards again.

                Eventually the two embraced and kissed together.

                After some groping and kissing, Mu Xiaoqiao was still awake, how could she give away her first time here?

                She slapped Qin Ming's hand and pouted, "Okay, stop touching. You didn't make bad moves when I was unconscious, but now you're making bad moves, you're really bad. It's not safe now, let's find a way to take that Miss Lin with us."

                Qin Ming smiled and drew back his hand, saying, "Yes, yes, let's get out of danger first. It's noon now."

                The two packed up, picked up their bags and set off to find Lin Yurou.

                Qin Ming remembered that Lin Yurou said there were other caves nearby, but he could not call out loudly, so he could only look for them one step at a time.

                When a group of people rushed out from behind a hill, they heard a woman's voice: "Who are you looking for? Is it this little girl?"

                Qin Ming's heart shook and he hurriedly shielded Mu Xiaoqiao.

                Only to see more than ten people quickly running out from the surroundings and surrounding Qin Ming, the person at the head of the group was none other than Zhao Turnip.

                Lin Yurou was surprisingly caught by Zhao Turnip and was tied up and controlled by her hands and feet.

                Zhao Turnip laughed in triumph: "Hahahaha, what a way to find her. I was just planning to look for you in another place, and you came out. This is God's arrangement."

                "Qin Ming, you are dead today."

                Qin Ming's brows were locked, today was really a day of many disadvantages.

                The most dangerous thing was that one of the killers was holding a shotgun, he himself might be able to dodge with his environment and speed, but Mu Xiaoqiao couldn't run, besides Lin Yurou had been taken as a hostage.

                Zhao Turnip took the shotgun, walked up and asked, "Qin Ming, you wild boy is really something. Killing my husband and son, and abducting my daughter Chang Xue, huh, bastard of the Zhao family, today is the day you will die. Die."


                Zhao Turnip didn't say any nonsense at all, and fired a shot towards Qin Ming after he finished speaking.