Rags To Riches Chapter 788

 Mu Xiaoqiao is getting weaker and weaker, and Lin Yurou has no intention of helping at all, determined to make this deal with Mu Xiaoqiao.

                She thought that Mu Xiaoqiao would definitely agree with her in the end.

                However, Mu Xiaoqiao never said anything.

                Mu Xiao Qiao's consciousness was getting dazed, and she disdainfully raised the corner of her mouth and said, "I won't agree to you. You want to rob Qin Ming, it's just because you see his status, his money and wealth."

                "If I die, the only person Qin Ming will choose is Nie Haitang."

                "Of course I would choose Nie Haitang, because I know that Nie Haitang liked Qin Ming when he was still poor."

                "If Real Zhang hadn't promised my grandfather to change my family's fortune back then, they wouldn't have been separated because of it."

                "It's better now, everything is back to normal. Qin Ming and I, we have always loved each other, and I have no regrets. You, on the other hand, have always been nothing more than a woman who relies on means."

                "Miss Lin, I will not let the man I love, fall into your hands."

                After saying that, Mu Xiaoqiao slowly closed her eyes, her mind thinking about the past with Qin Ming.

                From the beginning, she had been kept in the dark, naively thinking that the "wedding ceremony" could save her family's dependence on her grandfather, Mu Hai Ran, and she had married Qin Ming, whom she had never seen before and who was very ordinary and plain.

                Although she doesn't like him, she is drawn to him little by little.

                The family's fortunes were changed many times until Mu Xiao Qiao fell in love with him.

                With all that had happened in the past, Mu Xiaoqiao regretted that she had not been braver and said what was inside her heart.

                "You must live a good life." With the last words in her heart, Mu Xiao Qiao drifted off to sleep.

                At that moment, Qin Ming was being chased by more than twenty assassins in the deep mountain forest.

                He ambushed the female in the grass and rushed out as fast as the wind, and a killer whose back was to him was immediately alerted.

                But Qin Ming was as fast as the wind, and with a backhand twist, he twisted the killer's head to his back, and the action was completed with a flourish.

                Having killed one person, Qin Ming felt the other man's body and found nothing more, except a few banknotes.

                When he heard footsteps, he rolled over and rolled into the snow pile.

                Within moments, a few foreign assassins came running and, seeing their companion dead, cursed, "He's around here. This shitty weather makes it not easy to fight, hasty battle plans, not even equipment."

                "It's all that Asian bitch's plan, fuck, this shitty weather, I want to eat roast turkey."

                "James, I also want cheese, hahaha, just kill that man, we have more."

                "Finish this list and it's time for me to retire and go back home to marry my fiancée."


                As the three killers discussed the stall, Qin Ming suddenly reached out from the snowbank and grabbed the head of the killer who said he was retiring to his hometown to marry his fiancée.

                With a click, Qin Ming's wrist lashed out and snapped his neck straight away.

                "FUCK~!" The other two killers burst into rage.

                The two raised their spikes and stabbed at Qin Ming, but Qin Ming grabbed their wrists with one left and one right, making them unable to stab in.

                The two assassins looked at Qin Ming in horror, wondering why he had such strength.

                The angle of Qin Ming's wrists changed and slowly lifted up, surprisingly pressing the two killers' wrists back.

                Qin Ming grimly questioned, "What kind of poison is that crossbow's arrow?"

                "You want to know? Go to hell and ask Satan."


                Qin Ming twisted hard, and one of them broke his wrist.

                Qin Ming said, "Sorry, this is China, there is no Satan in hell."


                Suddenly the sound of an arrow flying away was heard in his ears, Qin Ming twisted his head to look, but he saw a crossbow arrow actually shot towards him at a slowed down speed, and he could clearly see the arrow penetrating the snowflakes as if it was a close-up shot of a 3D blockbuster.

                In the nick of time Qin Ming dodged it sideways.

                He was very amazed this was a sound experience?

                It was like the protagonist of the movie "The League of Assassins". He wondered in his mind if he was able to shake off the inflected bullets?

                While Qin Ming was thinking this, he grabbed the assassin's spike and stabbed him in the neck with a false sweep.

                The assassin was a professional and immediately reached out to defend himself, but Qin Ming kicked the assassin and sent him flying, shattering his internal organs and causing him to spit blood and die.

                After killing three more, Qin Ming heard many footsteps around him. He had to grab the third killer, grabbed him by the throat and dragged him all the way into the grass, running wildly all the way to a bush for cover.

                Not long after, footsteps passed quickly and after searching for a while, Qin Ming was lucky not to be spotted.

                He grabbed the killer by the neck and asked the hostage in his hand, "I can give you a chance to live, you are not allowed to make a sound."

                The killer nodded his head.

                Qin Ming said, "What kind of poison did those crossbow arrows use?"

                The killer said, "Hahahaha, I know, but I won't say. It's already too late, killing me won't change the fact that you will ......"

                "Ka~!" Qin Ming was so furious that he directly twisted the killer's head off.

                Qin Ming took a deep breath, his heart nearly collapsing, he knew that the time for the poison to kick in had reached its limit, and he needed to rush back to the cave where he was lurking immediately.

                When he rushed back, he was very lucky to find that the cave had not been damaged or discovered, after all, there were too many similar environments in these deep western Hunan mountains, or on a snowy day.

                Qin Ming entered the cave and found that there were surprisingly two women, apart from Mu Xiaoqiao, how come Lin Yurou was also there?

                "You ......" Qin Ming touched his body and said, "Did you put worms on me again?"

                "No." Lin Yurou beamed with resentment, headache at Qin Ming for not trusting her.

                Qin Ming found that Mu Xiaoqiao was sweating profusely and that her fever had gone down?

                He froze and said, "You saved her?"

                Lin Yurou sighed and said, "You must be very sad that she died. Besides, it's a human life anyways."

                "Thanks." Qin Ming said gratefully.

                Lin Yurou wiped the tears from the corners of her eyes, shook her head and said, "You stay well with her, I'll go outside and watch."

                Qin Ming asked, "It's freezing outside, where are you going? Besides, you're pregnant."

                Lin Yurou turned her back to Qin Ming and said, "I am familiar with this place, in fact I dug this cave when I was a child, there is another one not far away, now is not the time to be pretentious, she and I are both weak women, if there is no warning and we suddenly encounter a killer, you have no time to care, I am afraid we will all have to die."

                After saying this, he walked straight out of the cave, and when he was done, he wiped the traces of snow outside the cave to give Qin Ming a good cover.

                And inside the cave, suddenly Mu Xiaoqiao grabbed his hand and slowly opened his eyes, "Who?"

                "It's me, Shiao Qiao, how are you doing?" Qin Ming asked hurriedly.

                "Qin Ming ...... you're back." Mu Xiaoqiao recognised Qin Ming and leaned towards him with all her strength, shivering as she froze and muttered, "I'm cold."

                Qin Ming hurriedly hugged her tightly and used his own body to warm her up, taking the electric heater closer over and saying, "It's not cold, it'll be fine."

                Qin Ming hugged Mu Xiaoqiao tightly, hoping in his heart that she would get better soon.

                And at this time, walking out of the freezing cold, Lin Yurou, exhaling hot air, laughed to herself while walking alertly: "Ah ...... make me look like a green tea. I also want to have someone to protect me only."