Rags To Riches Chapter 787

 Deep in the mountains, Qin Ming exhaled a ragged breath.

                He had been very lucky to find a small cave with a complex terrain that was not easy to find, and a water source.

                Qin Ming opened his travel bag and sprinkled a lot of powder to avoid snakes, insects and rodents.

                He reluctantly lit a fire to keep warm, and when he looked at Mu Xiaoqiao, she was awake but shivering.

                Qin Ming found that Mu Xiaoqiao was running a high fever and her face was getting paler and paler.

                "Qin Ming, I'm cold."

                Qin Ming hastily hugged her and said, "Don't be afraid, I'm here. Here are some medicines, I'm reading the instructions."

                Mu Xiaoqiao opened her dry lips and smiled bitterly, "I don't even know what kind of poison I've been poisoned with, so how can I use medicine indiscriminately. I shouldn't be able to."

                "Don't be ridiculous." Qin Ming looked at Mu Xiaoqiao with heartache as he chided himself, "You will be fine, I am going to pull out your arrows and apply medicine to reduce the inflammation and pain, so bear with it."

                Mu Xiaoqiao nodded her head.

                Qin Ming untied her shirt and found that the wound had become bruised.

                "Am I beautiful?" Mu Xiaoqiao meant to be confused, but suddenly asked.

                "Beautiful, what's wrong?" Qin Ming asked curiously in return.

                "The hood is also untied." Mu Xiaoqiao said.

                Qin Ming was unsure, Mu Xiao Qiao was left with the most flattering bra, and this was also untied? But it didn't affect his arrow pulling at all.

                He said, "Now is the time to do that kind of thing."

                "Untie it." Mu Xiaoqiao ordered in a petulant manner.

                Qin Ming swallowed hard and put his hands around Mu Xiaoqiao's back to unfasten the buckle, but he was unfamiliar with it and clumsily fiddled with it for a while before unfastening it.

                He then saw Mu Xiaoqiao's perfect body and even more delicate skin, which made even Qin Ming, who was in absolute sanity, couldn't help but feel his evil fire rise.

                Mu Xiaoqiao helplessly hooked her arm around Qin Ming and said, "Tell me, who is more beautiful when I compare to Nie Haitang? Who has a better figure?"

                Qin Ming said anxiously, "Xiaoqiao, now is not the time to talk about this."

                Mu Xiaoqiao pouted again, "I want you to say it. You've seen Nie Haitang's body, right? I'm going to compare myself to her."

                Qin Ming scratched his head in shame, "Actually, with her, it hasn't happened yet."

                "Really? Haha, so I'm not before her?" Mu Xiaoqiao suddenly hugged Qin Ming very happily and said, "Qin Ming, there's no need to save me, you're not a doctor. The wants here are all for snakes, insects, rats and ants and the like. Using medicine indiscriminately is also self-deceiving."

                When Qin Ming heard this, his fists clenched, and the powerlessness in his heart made him angry.

                But he was also clear that detoxification had to be scientific, and using medicine indiscriminately was only treating a dead horse.

                Qin Ming gulped even more and hugged Mu Xiaoqiao tighter: "Xiaoqiao ...... why are you so stupid? Why did you block that arrow for me."

                Mu Xiao Qiao bit Qin Ming's ear and said, "I don't know, I saw the body and rushed up, hey, am I not very brave."

                Qin Ming said, "What time is it, don't move, you should try these medicines or try them."

                Mu Xiaoqiao shook her head and said, "It's useless, I know my body well myself. Qin Ming, I'm going to die soon, I have no regrets if I can become your woman before I die."

                What kind of logic is this?

                How could Qin Ming do that?

                Qin Ming said anxiously, "Xiaoqiao, you'll be fine."

                But Mu Xiaoqiao was bent on having her own way and kissed him, trying to force Qin Ming's hand.

                But Qin Ming was not willing, he still harboured a last hope in his heart that there would be a miracle, a miracle that would save Mu Xiaoqiao.  Mobile.

                Because he felt that it was a miracle that a poor boy from the countryside could achieve what he has today, and he also hoped that a miracle could happen to Mu Xiaoqiao.

                Qin Ming insisted, "Xiaoqiao, I won't let you die, pull out the arrow, I'll go catch those killers and ask what the poison is, you definitely won't die."

                Mu Xiaoqiao didn't have much strength, so naturally she couldn't resist Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming forcibly pulled out the arrow, then immediately bandaged Mu Xiao Qiao's wound and did a simple disinfection treatment.

                Qin Ming said comfortingly, "You should sleep for a while, when you wake up, you will be fine. I will definitely be able to find the antidote. Zhao Turnip and the others won't get away with it. There is some food here, you can eat when you are hungry."

                After making the arrangements, Qin Ming immediately turned and left, knowing that he was pressed for time and it would be too late if he was late.

                Mu Xiaoqiao looked at Qin Ming's departing back, her willow brows locked, wanting to shout at Qin Ming to come back, but she no longer had the strength to do so.

                Mu Xiaoqiao stayed alone in this cave, her body getting cold, and she did not know how long had passed.

                She laughed at herself, "Fool, how could those killers prepare the antidote? It seems that you and I are doomed, so be happy with Nie Haitang in the future, you too."

                Sha Sha Sha Sha ......

                Suddenly, there was a sound coming from those covered grasses at the entrance of the cave.

                Mu Xiaoqiao's heart tightened, Qin Ming couldn't have come back so soon ah.

                But to her surprise, the person who came in was Lin Yurou.

                "It's you?" Mu Xiaoqiao was very surprised.

                Lin Yurou was calm, looking at the tiny cave, squatting on the blanket spread on the ground, and said, "Surprised? Think how I ran so fast? Actually it's nothing unusual, I grew up in the mountains, these mountain paths that are so called arduous to you guys, I can walk with my eyes closed."

                "The snakes, insects and rats you are worried about, to our Lin family that is a precious resource."

                Mu Xiaoqiao frowned, "What are you doing here? Oh, I'm going to die soon, come to see me laugh? If you're asking Qin Ming, I don't know."

                Lin Yurou let out a long sigh and said, "I'm not looking for him, I'm looking for you."

                "Heh, looking for me?" Mu Xiaoqiao lifted her head in surprise, "Is it hard to say that you will help me? I've heard a bit about you, what's the difference between you and those wild flowers and weeds outside of Qin Ming? I won't acknowledge you, and besides, I'm dying, so what's the point of acknowledging or not?"

                "A man's words are good when he is dying, Miss Lin, I advise you not to do something of bad character. Qin Ming will resent it."

                Lin Yurou held her chin and said, "I've done quite a few things that he resents, but he hasn't resented any of them. Let's make a deal Mu Xiaoqiao, I'll save your life and you'll withdraw from the competition."

                "You save my life?" Mu Xiaoqiao was very surprised.

                Lin Yurou observed Mu Xiaoqiao's wound: "Yes, according to my experience. What you got was snake poison, not the serious kind, but if you don't treat it you'll die just the same."

                "Qin Ming or live, it's your choice. But even if you choose Qin Ming, you'll just have one way to die."

                "It's a sure deal, isn't it?" Lin Yurou smiled as she extended her finger and gently slid it across Mu Xiaoqiao's cheek.

                Mu Xiaoqiao's delicate body shook as she looked at Lin Yurou excitedly, what a difficult choice she had within her.

                To say yes to Lin Yurou would be to give up her true love, but to say no would be to die.