Rags To Riches Chapter 786

 "Go, go, go."

                On the river in the mountains of western Hunan, Ah Long led the assassination squad on a quick and hasty march, unable to find too many boats in a hurry, so he took bamboo rafts and kayaks to make up the numbers.

                Halfway down the river, he saw two small boats with injured members on them.

                Seeing this, Ah Long was furious: "Why have you come back by yourselves? Where is the young master?"

                The wounded squad member was very ashamed: "The enemy ambushed us, there were many of us, the scene was chaotic, we were wounded and the young master forced us to come back. Captain, we didn't want to leave either. But the young master pushed our boat back hard."

                Ah Long looked at these men, who had been cut in many places and had arrows in their bodies, and although he was extremely angry inside, he understood what Qin Ming meant.

                Qin Ming was cherishing the lives of his own brothers.

                Ah Long cursed, "Bastard, even if the young master is capricious, can you be capricious? We are warriors, the closest force in the Huan Yu Group to protect the young master, remember this time first, we will clean you up when we return."

                He then asked, "How many people are on the other side? What kind of weapons?"

                "There are about fifty people on the other side, no heavy weapons, no guns either, it feels like the weapons they found were all looted from the local gangs."

                "They also set off smoke and threw all sorts of junkies, it was really odd."

                "Although masked, I could tell they were foreign devils."

                Aaron listened and analysed, "So, the other side is on this mission, rushed and without a plan for long term preparation."

                "No wonder those killers on the mountain yesterday were not well armed, it seems that this was an impromptu operation."

                "Impromptu? Liu Lan?"

                Arlong instantly thought of the accident this time, just damn Liulan who had come from Magnesium, she was outside the trip.

                Arlong suddenly looked to Ao Mei who was following along, and the men next to him immediately raised their guns at her.

                Ao Mei looked confused and shouted in a frightened rush, "What's wrong with you? Not me. I've chosen sides."

                Ah Long ordered, "Disarm her."

                The men around them immediately disarmed Ao Mei.

                Ah Long said, "Leave a knife for you, you ambush nearby, if someone comes after us, you send a flare and figure out how to deal with it yourself."

                O-Mei protested, "A knife? That's not asking me to die? At least give a medical kit."

                Ah Long threw part of the medical kit to the wounded and divided four more men to protect them back, saying, "The young master told you or, as a precaution, the four of you to send them back, and when you get to the hotel, contact Bi Yuan and Money Leopard immediately and tell them to end their leave and come to Dayong City immediately."

                The deputy answered, "Yes! Shall I inform Secretary Song?"  On the mobile phone.

                Ah Long said, "Let's notify them in writing."

                After deploying, Ah Long continued to lead the team forward, and after walking for half an hour, he saw the flare fired by Ao Mei.

                Arlong's brow was now deep in his throat, his guess was completely correct, there were pursuers behind him.

                Now he was caught in the middle.

                And as Lung continued on his way for a while, he saw the river stained red, the cold fog and smoke of the great mountains mixed with extremely poor visibility, and multiple bodies floating in the river, foreign-born killers and equally individual Lin clansmen.

                "Search the scene." Ah Lung ordered.

                Within moments, the men responded, "Report, no young masters, and no ladies either. No one from the Lin family or the Huang faction."

                "Report, the young master's satellite positioning device is missing."

                "Report, there is a piece of paper here."

                Ah Long took the satellite positioning instrument and was very worried, this would not be good for finding Qin Ming.

                However, he got the Huan Yu's exclusive search product, a paper with a hidden signal and moisture-proof, only to see a line written on it "Get separated, protect yourself, kill all the enemies."

                At the end was Qin Ming's fingerprint.

                Qin Ming's meaning was clear: leave him alone and let Ah Long kill the killers.

                Ah Long thought for a moment and looked at his men, more than thirty.

                He said, "Split into three teams, one team to intercept the pursuers. One team goes to find the young master. One team goes to find those killers who ambushed the mountain early."

                After making the arrangements, Ah Long personally led the team to find the killers who had attacked Qin Ming's team.

                At this time, Qin Ming, protecting the injured Mu Xiaoqiao, had already abandoned the waterway and fled into the deep silvery mountains.

                For he had discovered that those killers were coming for him.

                If he insisted on staying with the group, I was afraid that those coffin-bearers from the Lin clan would be innocently implicated.

                Qin Ming, who already felt some guilt over the death of Bai Ying's sister-in-law, could not bear the thought of these people being innocently implicated, so he simply broke out to go with all his skills.

                And with the help of his youngest brother and Li Shun and other experts, he actually escaped.

                Originally, there were two other little brothers protecting him, but as a result, Qin Ming, who was physically fit and fast after practicing martial arts, ran too fast in a flash and got lost with his little brothers.

                "Hoo ......"

                "Hoo ......"

                Qin Ming checked his belongings as he ran, "Luckily, I have my backpack with me, I will find a place to rest for a while later."

                Mu Xiaoqiao's face was pale as she looked at the running Qin Ming and said, "Why don't you put me down? It's easier to escape alone."

                Qin Ming said, "I won't leave you behind. When we went into the mountains together, we also ran into trouble, and you didn't leave me behind."

                "Because I treat you as my husband, isn't it proper for a wife to save her husband." Mu Xiaoqiao said in a drowsy voice.

                When Qin Ming heard this, his heart warmed and he said, "Right. You're still my wife now."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "We're not anymore, we've got the divorce certificate."

                Qin Ming said, "One night as husband and wife, how come it doesn't count anymore? You shut up, I will definitely not give up on you."

                "Qin Ming~!" Suddenly, on the other side of the hill on the bank of the river across the water, only a woman's angry rebuke could be heard, "You won't get away with it. I, Zhao Turnip, will definitely kill you. I will eat your flesh alive and drink your blood for the hatred of killing my husband and my son."

                Qin Ming's heart fluttered, Zhao Turnip?

                Chang Hongxi's woman, he only saw Zhao Turnip coming after him on the hill across the river, she did not have the usual pettiness of a rich woman, she was dressed ably and held a crossbow.


                A crossbow shot reached the other side of the river, but it was still quite a distance from Qin Ming's position.

                Qin Ming also said loudly, "This western Hunan mountain is extremely full of moths and rats, you come before me."

                Zhao Turnip suddenly let out a loud laugh, "Hahahaha, let me remind you, the arrow your woman was shot with is poisonous, just watch your woman die first."

                Hearing this, Qin Ming was so frightened that he hurriedly looked at Mu Xiaoqiao, her spirits were getting worse and worse, and she seemed really bad.

                "Woof woof woof~!" Soon he heard the dog barking again.

                The hound had rushed up to him and was darting towards him.

                "Fuck, that woman's delaying ploy." Qin Ming cursed in his heart as White stood still and exposed his position by cursing at Zhao Turnip.


                Qin Ming raised his hand and shot the hound, killing it and grabbing it with his hand to quickly leave.

                Although already carrying a person and now taking a dog with him, Qin Ming did not feel the least bit in, which was also an improvement in his physical quality after his martial arts training.

                "Hahahahahaha ...... Qin Ming, you can't get away." The hideous laughter of Zhao Turnip still came from behind.