Rags To Riches Chapter 785

 Dayong City International Hotel.

                Liu Lan watched Qin Ming and the others leave, she did not get the answer she should have asked for.

                At the same time, she did not get any orders from Qin Ming either.

                She had a premonition, had she been exposed?

                She didn't care if she underestimated Qin Ming, how could she underestimate someone who could defeat Chang Hongxi?

                She immediately contacted Zhao Turnip on an encrypted communication.

                "Is it all deployed?"

                Zhao Turnip responded, "It's all deployed, if the information you provided isn't false, he'll be dead for sure. There are a few guns missing, but some crossbows and shotguns were found, which will be enough. When will you and your men arrive?"

                Liu Lan said, "We'll leave right away, but Qin Ming has sent two experts, Cori and Wu Long, to watch me, and I can see that they are very wary of me. What, you're not confident of winning? Still need to wait for my men?"

                "But don't worry, Elder Chang is my benefactor, I will definitely take revenge for him, I won't miss this assassination operation."

                Liu Lan hung up the communication and put on her robe, thanks to the cold weather, she couldn't even easily let anyone notice what was there with the layer wrapped in her thick clothes.

                Knock, knock, just then there was a knock on the door.

                "Who is it?"

                Ah Long's voice came from the door, "It's me, Wu Long. Miss Liu, the young master asked me to take you safely to the plane."

                Liu Lan opened the door with her luggage, only to see that Ao Mei was also there.

                Liu Lan thought to herself, "Song Ying is not here, this Wu Long is not here, Corrie? Olsen is also not here, Qin Ming is equivalent to having less of a get-out-of-jail-free card, huh? The next thing is I'll just get out of it when I get to the airport."

                The three of them landed at the hotel, and suddenly a phone call came in, and Aaron's face changed dramatically, his eyebrows deepening.

                He immediately said, "Corrie? Olsen, come with me immediately. Call up the three teams."

                Aaron did not explain the situation to Liu Lan and went straight away.

                But Liu Lan also roughly guessed that it was probably Qin Ming's side asking for help.

                Liu Lan's heart was cold and stern: "Oh, it's useless to rush over there now, I, well, I'm still doing a full set of drama, let's go back to the hotel first and stay there."

                Liu Lan returned to the hotel, took out his mobile phone and dialed a number and said, "Rosebud team, let's go, we are going to hunt in the deep mountains."

                At this moment, deep in the mountains of western Hunan, the cold river water was stained red with blood.


                More than fifty assassins charged straight at Qin Ming, but they were held back by Qin Ming's assassination squad to the death.

                Because of the simplicity of this mission, the men of the assassination squad did not carry heavy weapons, only handguns with them, and after one round of bullets, the vanguard of the killers reached more than ten people.

                However, because the killers had sneaked in first, Qin Ming's assassination squad also lost several men.

                Qin Ming saw that his brother was badly wounded and feared that he would lose his life if he continued to protect him.

                He gritted his teeth and said, "Those who are injured brace their boats and go back, I have asked Ah Long to send someone to meet them, all go."

                "Young master, we are not leaving."

                "Young master, it is our duty to protect you."

                "We are not leaving, even if we die, we will protect young master. If we leave here, Team Dragon will be angry."

                These men, all trained by Ah Long, some of them even being Ah Long's former comrades, were all more affectionate and refused to go.

                But Qin Ming jumped into the water, got these men into the boat, gave them weapons and pushed them hard, scolding, "Will I die that easily? You all have parents and families, don't move to die. Get out of here! I promise you that I will live."

                Those wounded members of the assassination squad, each shaking with excitement, wanted to stay, but the wounds on their bodies tore, making it difficult for them to move, and they really could not carry on hard with the intact Qin Ming in this harsh environment.

                "Young master!"

                "Young master, you should also retreat with us."

                "Yes, this is an ambush, let's retreat together."

                Qin Ming, however, took a glance at the coffin of Sister Bai Ying and the others, exhaled a cold breath and shook his head, "There are some things that I have to finish on time. You guys don't have to worry about me, your boss, is not made of clay."

                Whoosh whoosh whoosh~!

                Cold, several strong crossbow cold arrows.

                "Qin Ming be careful." Mu Xiaoqiao, who was closest, darted and pushed Qin Ming out of the way, allowing him to avoid being killed by the random arrows.

                "Boing~!" But Mu Xiao Qiao's shoulder was pierced through, at close range, the impact of the powerful crossbow was extremely strong, and Mu Xiao Qiao's pampered young lady body could not resist it.

                "Shiao Qiao!" Qin Ming was shocked and angry.

                When he looked around again, there were five people left in the assassination squad, two protecting Nie Haitang, two protecting Lin Yurou, and one fighting a blonde assassin in a physical fight.

                On the other side, Li Shun and Huang Pai, who had no firearms, were fighting back and forth with the assassins.

                Li Shun had two men down at his feet, while Nie Feng and Huang Xin and Liu Hao Yu didn't have that, and that Jia Ping Sheng could only hold his head and dodge.

                There had been quite a few of them, but none of them could come because there were no boats, and instead they became vulnerable.

                The river was thinly iced, which required a slow opening of the river to be able to walk, and now that they were disturbed by a group of killers, it became difficult to walk instead.  Mobile.

                Lin Zhengqi and the rest of the Lin clan could only manage to defend themselves, while Qin Ming's side was under the most pressure, as these killers were targeting him.

                After a few rounds of bullets ran out, there were more than twenty killers who had fallen to the ground, but there were still more than half of the killers sniggering around, and some would even throw stones, breaking their heads once they hit someone.

                The attendant came over and said, "Young master, we've run out of bullets."

                Qin Ming gritted his teeth, this was not going to be easy to deal with, there was no advantage in numbers in physical combat, but the other side was more experienced.

                Qin Ming looked at Mu Xiaoqiao, who was injured in his arms, shivering from the cold as she fell into the river water.

                Qin Ming said, "Everyone hold on, reinforcements will be here soon."

                The crowd nodded, the individual hans were not people who were afraid of trouble.

                At that moment, in the mountains, Zhao Turnip, who had been in ambush since the early hours of the morning, gathered his remaining men and said, "It's troublesome without guns, but although there are many of them, they are obviously not a gang. Qin Ming's woman is wounded and his movements will be greatly affected. Release the poisonous snakes immediately and use smoke. Today is the day this Qin Ming will die, kill him and avenge my husband's death!"

                "Yessir!" the group of killers replied in unison and immediately turned around to do it.