Rags To Riches Chapter 784

 . "What are you doing? Why are you robbing our boat?" When the people of the Lin family saw someone robbing the boats, they immediately stepped forward to obstruct them.

                These were small boats, one could only seat a few people, and it was difficult to get one less.

                Li Xinghong jumped out and said, "We don't have any money, we are paying for it. You are from the Lin family, right? We are the Li family of the capital city, my name is Li Xinghong, our two families should have exchanged before."

                Lin Zhengqi's brow furrowed, they couldn't afford to offend the Li family in Beijing City.

                On the other side, Nie Feng and Jia Ping Sheng and Mu Shuyun also came forward and announced themselves.

                Lin Zhengqi heard that they were from the Yellow School, and they were all dignified executives, not only were they more powerful, but they also had more backgrounds.

                Poor Lin's family was in a stage of decline and could not compete with anything, so this conflict could not be easily resolved.

                Lin Zhengqi could only reason: "Gentlemen, you are guests from afar, my Lin family should have greeted you properly, but now we are about to give a funeral to some seniors in our clan, and a boat is a must."

                Li Xinghong said domineeringly, "There are so many boats here, those five of our Li family are not too much, right? I'll give you ten thousand for each boat, so you won't lose money."

                Is this a question of money? It was a matter of delaying the auspicious time for the burial.

                Lin Zhengqi was also furious at the Li family's bullying, but he dared not speak out in anger.

                The same was true on the Huang faction's side; behind Nie Feng was his father, Nie Qingrong, in a high and powerful position, while Mu Shuyun and Jia Pingsheng, although entrepreneurs, had also been clients of the Lin family and had a good relationship.

                They also both wanted three boats each, which took half of the boats straight away.

                Lin Yurou saw her brother in trouble and dared not offend anyone, so she could only come to Qin Ming and said, "Look, it happened suddenly, and they don't know what they are doing in Dayong City, and they have to rob the boats. It's not like they're here for tourism at this time of year, so if we really give the boat away, we're afraid we'll have to delay the auspicious time."

                Lin Yurou did not explicitly say that she wanted Qin Ming to help, but the meaning was that.

                Qin Ming could also guess that I was afraid that they had investigated Fang Jiutong's whereabouts and had gone to Lin's fortress, and this was another hasty attempt to grab the boat and chase them.

                Qin Ming couldn't look away either and said, "One for each of the two families, take it or leave it, don't want to get lost, any more nonsense, brothers, light up the guys."


                The nine-man assassination squad behind Qin Ming all patted their hidden guns, while revealing a knife that was easy to hack and slash in the jungle, threatening thought.

                As soon as Qin Ming spoke, all these men also lost the toughness they had just had.

                It was only then that they realised that Qin Ming was following the group.

                Zhao Songzhi frowned and said, "Young Li, this is not easy, this nephew of mine has no half-hearted relationship with our Zhao family, and he is also a ruthless character ah, negotiations do not come."

                Without any consideration, Li Shun said straight away, "I'm really grateful that young Qin has given us a boat. This trip is along the way, so it's good to have a mutual care."

                On the other side, the people from the Yellow School could not ask for more and discussed how a boat would be used.

                As soon as Qin Ming opened his mouth, he set things right, and Lin Zhengqi was very envious; both men of about the same age, this power gap was really big.

                When Qin Ming saw that Mu Shuyun was not arguing either, he stepped forward and said, "Auntie, if you need a boat, I can give you extra."

                Mu Shuyun waved her hand and said, "No need, I was just returning a favour to help General Nie's son come over and bring these two girls to see the world by the way, I didn't expect things to be so troublesome."

                "I couldn't get the boat, I was just the right reason to leave."

                Qin Ming nodded, so that he would not force the issue.

                Instead, Mu Xiaoqiao stared at him with a puff of anger.

                "What's wrong with you again?" Qin Ming asked breathlessly.

                Mu Xiaoqiao stared jealously at the couple's scarf around Qin Ming's neck and hummed, "Nothing. Auntie isn't going, I'm going, and I'll be in the same boat as you."

                Almost twenty boats, with mourning music playing, set off in great numbers.

                On the Li side, only Li Shun, Li Xinghong and two helpers went.

                On the Huang faction's side Nie Feng, Jia Ping Sheng and Huang Xin and Liu Hao Yu were the four.

                The road into the mountains was already bad, not to mention the slow pace now that they needed to smash the ice to make way, and as the temperature dropped, the three women around Qin Ming tried to burrow into his arms.

                But Nie Haitang was the quickest to act, moving her buttocks and burrowing into Qin Ming's arms.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was not far behind, burrowing into the other side of his arms, the two women were secretly competing.

                Nie Haitang deliberately said, "Qin Ming, did you sleep well last night? I would move around in my sleep and didn't press on you, right?"

                This was said, where did Qin Ming feel anything last night? It was obviously said for Mu Xiaoqiao's ears.

                When Mu Xiaoqiao heard this, her delicate body really shook, was this a hint of Qin Ming's final choice?

                "Uh, well ......" Qin Ming was also very torn inside, how could he answer this?

                However, he did not need to wait for an answer, suddenly a large group of people emerged from both sides of the mountain forest, armed with machetes, some jumped down from the blind side of the steep mountain wall, some jumped down from the trees.

                These killers, each masked, were appallingly numerous.

                And their eyes were on Qin Ming, and some of them were holding crossbows and arrows to shoot over at him.

                "Be careful~!" Qin Ming's reaction was also very fast, his qi sank into his dantian, his waist brought arm strength, and he pinched the arrow shot over with one hand.

                Although it was calmly received by Qin Ming, the boat swayed so much that it also made it difficult for the people on the small boat to keep their balance.

                The killers who had been waiting for a long time to kill people on sight, several clansmen from the front of the Lin family's row were directly cut and rolled into the water.

                Around the river, a black mass of dozens of people, each masked, came over to kill.

                Qin Ming's heart sank, there were even so many of these killers?

                Yesterday, Ah Long had killed all those on the mountain in the scenic area, but there were more than 30 of them. The other side was so desperate that they didn't stop for a moment.

                The most important thing is, how did they ambush themselves on the way to Lin's fortress?

                Who had leaked the information?