Rags To Riches Chapter 783

 The next morning, Qin Ming felt his clothes being taken off and his head hurt from the hangover.

                He squinted and opened his eyes to see that it was Nie Haitang, wiping his body and washing his face.

                Qin Ming realised that he was down to his trousers and hurriedly said, "What are you doing? Haitang, this, this doesn't have to be such a rush, does it?"

                Nie Haitang glared at him, but was quite happy, saying, "Did you drink too much last night? Hmph, thanks to you, you still knew to come knocking on my door."

                Qin Ming wondered, "I knocked on your door?"

                Qin Ming was surprised, he was drunk last night and vaguely remembered saying he wanted to go back to bed, he was torn between Mu Xiao Qiao, Nie Haitang and Lin Yurou and finally chose Nie Haitang.

                Nie Haitang said as she washed Qin Ming's face, "Yes, he came knocking on my door at four o'clock, as drunk as a drunkard. As soon as he came in, he was all over her."

                Qin Ming was embarrassed, he didn't remember what he had done last night.

                Qin Ming asked cautiously, "So I didn't do anything to you, did I?"

                Nie Haitang crossed her arms and pouted, "What? You still don't want to?"

                Qin Ming said, "No, no, I don't want to do that with you, but I don't know what to do with you, I'm like that who ......"

                Nie Haitang continued to scrub him and said, "That's not true, I just slept with you in my arms all night, seriously, you stink when you drink so much wine. Don't drink so much in the future, tell me before you want to drink, so I can bring you back."

                Qin Ming suddenly sat up and hugged Nie Haitang, burying his head into her bountiful breasts. Nie Haitang was caught off guard, but didn't stop him, and gently embraced Qin Ming with his opposite hand.

                Qin Ming rubbed his hands together to satisfy him before jokingly saying, "Haitang, I was drunk thanks to you taking care of me all night. I came to see you in this drunken state. Are you happy?"

                "No." Nie Haitang pretended to be angry and said, "You'll have to tell Mu Xiaoqiao to break up before I'm happy."

                Qin Ming froze for a moment and added, "Oops, look at me, I forgot that I have to leave for Lin's fortress today, it's the time, I have to leave right away."

                Nie Haitang said, "It's after ten, it's already very late, I've already cleaned your body, change your clothes and you can go."

                Qin Ming hurriedly put on his clothes, because of him, delaying Sister Bai Ying and the others from the funeral would be really hard for him.

                "Wait, I've knitted a scarf, I'll put it on for you." Nie Haitang handed over a couple style scarf and put it on Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming was in a hurry to go out and couldn't care less.

                When he went out, Lin Zhengqi and Lin Yurou had been waiting for a long time.

                When Lin Zhengqi saw Qin Ming's couple scarf and the fact that he was not with his sister last night, he had quite a grudge in his heart and did not give Qin Ming a good look: "Young Qin, it's a bit late. If it wasn't for waiting for you, we would have already left. It's not good to delay the auspicious time for the burial."  Mobile.

                Qin Ming hastily apologised, "Sorry, it's because I was drunk last night, and I don't know what to do anymore, and I'm hungover. Let's leave right away."

                Lin Zhengqi said, "The coffin hasn't been sealed yet, Yu Rou said you wanted to go and say goodbye, originally I didn't want to make it like this, that would be desecrating the ancestors, but you have a special status, so I'll give you this opportunity."

                Qin Ming's heart moved, this was Lin Yurou helping to dispel his doubts.

                He said, "You don't trust me, or are you afraid of me?"

                Lin Yurou became at a loss, but Qin Ming didn't look deeper and walked to the coffin, which didn't need any refrigeration technology in these freezing days.

                She had been with him for a few kung fu moves, had been with Lin Yurou, and had been instrumental in countering Chang Hongxi's plan.

                His heart could not help but tighten, his fists clenching.

                Despite having known this fact for a long time, Qin Ming was still shaken by the fact that several fresh lives had died just to keep his secret.

                Qin Ming gently covered the coffin, and the Lin clan members next to him quickly began to seal it.

                He looked at Lin Yurou, he knew that Bai Ying's sister-in-law was someone who had watched Lin Yurou grow up. Bai Ying's death was also a great stimulus to Lin Yurou, and perhaps she had been holding something inside her.

                But Qin Ming couldn't care less, he thought that he and the Lin family could never be a family.

                Jingle bell~!

                The Lin's procession set off back to the Lin's fortress in great numbers, ringing mourning bells, reciting ancient repose scriptures and sprinkling meditation coins.

                Qin Ming's assassination squad had also disguised themselves early and set off with the procession.

                And only after Qin Ming watched the team move forward did he say to Nie Haitang, "Haitang, you go back. Aren't you guys looking for Fang Jiutong in Dayong City? Go ahead, but don't force it if you can't find it. You can wander around for a bit and then leave."

                Nie Haitang, however, had already taken her luggage bag and followed, "I was originally found by my master for a bit of training, mostly as a companion. Now you have something to do, then I have to go along too."

                "Don't make a scene, it's dangerous for me to go here." Qin Ming said, "No joke, my current identity is always being watched."

                However, Nie Haitang insisted, "Last time, I knew your identity and was forced to leave by that righteous father of yours, and I ended up regretting it until now. Qin Ming, I don't want to leave you again."

                Hearing this, Qin Ming's heart really melted and he said, "Alright, but you must follow me, don't be capricious and don't run around. It's a tough road into the mountains, and it's easy to get into trouble if you lose your temper."

                Nie Haitang pouted unhappily, "I'm not a delicate young lady, our Nie family went bankrupt a long time ago. I'm just a stubborn little grass with a strong life force. Do you remember when our badminton team used to pull out in college ......"

                Qin Ming and Nie Haitang were talking and laughing as they quickly caught up with the large group.

                And Lin Zhengqi, who was in front, saw it and came to be angry in his heart: "That little beauty is the eldest Miss of the Nie family in Guangcheng, I heard. She is now the favourite pupil of Mu Shuyun of the Huang School and one of the money heads of the Huang School. In terms of status background and social status, although good, they are not as good as you, sister. Not to mention that you are still pregnant with your sixth child."

                Lin Yurou sighed, "Brother, stop it. She fell in love with Qin Ming when he was poor. It was to find her that Qin Ming first chased her all the way to the old Qin family in the ? country's ancient castle, and was taken for Zhao Zhengyin, who tricked me. Qin Ming and I were mostly a relationship sustained by interests and favours, and now by my stomach, how could it compare to real feelings? Even if I really have fallen for him, it's still just a crush."

                Lin Zhengqi was not impressed and said, "Hey, Qin Ming's status is so high, what use can feelings be? A figure like him, set aside in ancient times, is a generation of kings, that all depends on interests."

                "Our Lin family helped him control Chang Hongxi, that's great credit, you're pregnant with his child, the DNA test was done, it's still a son, can he not like it? His adoptive parents must like it, his real parents must like it, isn't he Qin Ming a filial son? He disobeyed his biological parents, would he disobey his adoptive parents?"

                "Sister, I say you don't be so downhearted, you should still fight for what you should fight for, don't follow the example of that Miss Sun family, saying break up, just give break up fee, just a few money, what's the point? What's the point of paying a few bucks? Is that Sun family short of money? The one in your belly is his seed, at least you have to have an inheritance."

                "Your son has an inheritance so that Qin Ming may stay with you and you don't have to be a widow for the rest of your life."

                "Try to have a few more in the future, and one by one the children will call him father, and Qin Ming will be completely inseparable from you."

                "By then, that Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao, dry watching is also anxious. Father-son love is also love, ah."

                The procession was vast, the two siblings at the front talking about the future, the young lovers at the back reminiscing about this past.

                But when the crowd arrived at the ferry pier, they found their boat being grabbed by two groups of people.

                Qin Ming took a look, wasn't it the Li family and the Huang School? Why did they all come to rob the boat?