Rags To Riches Chapter 782

 Qin Ming frowned and said, "Only a few days of observation? That's too childish, isn't it?"

                Ao Mei said, "But Young Master, before she succeeded the Fourth Patriarch, she had been doing some painless administration. It's impossible to investigate anything."

                "I see, based on her behaviour after her succession, that she was solicited by Zhao Turnip, then rejected and subsequently ostracised."

                "Earlier I went to Magnesium to find her and she was hunted by the local mafia. It's very likely that it was Zhao Turnip's deployment."

                "Also although she has succeeded, it is extremely difficult for her to start her activities in Magnesium, which is why she is eager to come to you in China, hoping that you can just take care of Zhao Turnip's mother and son. Otherwise it will be very difficult for her to carry out her work."

                As Qin Ming listened to these words, there was some truth to them, but it was a far cry from what he had envisioned for Liu Lan to hold back Zhao Turnip and Chang Jun Ye by herself.

                He couldn't help but be a little disappointed in Liu Lan, perhaps she wasn't capable enough to be able to do this.

                But Zhao Turnip was, after all, in cahoots with Chang Hongxi, who was gradually releasing the affairs of the Chinese side to him for his trust.

                He then stabilised the European branch through his own slaves, while the rest of the branch relied on the Four Patriarchs to maintain stability.

                But all were nearing their limits.

                The most important thing is that the group's headquarters is in Magnesia, holding the most central thing, money.  Mobile.

                Zhao Turnip could be said to have been invincible from the start, and she was now joining forces with the Anglo-Georgian group, so if Qin Ming messed up again, the other board members would have to step in.

                Qin Ming was annoyed: "No, messing up Zhao Zhen is about to step in and take over on the grounds of his lack of ability and blood ties."

                Qin Ming wasn't afraid of chaos, it was just that he didn't have enough time for him to sort out the mess.

                As time went on, his troubles would grow exponentially.

                "It seems necessary to get Chang Hongxi out to suppress these opposing voices as soon as possible." Qin Ming took a breath and couldn't help but reach out and bite his nails, "Now that there are still more than twenty days left before the New Year, a lot of things will have to stop on the Chinese side. This will make it even more difficult for branches around the globe to survive and carry out their work."

                "The command of the troops kept overseas is mostly in the hands of Main? Hathaway's hands."

                "She's a staunch Chang Hong Hsiu faction and I'm only stabilising her for now."

                "If all the armies of the Huan Yu Century Group are well in hand, my safety margin can be much higher."

                Qin Ming fell into deep thought, silent for a full ten minutes.

                Both Ah Long and Ao Mei knew that what Qin Ming was thinking about during this time would all affect the direction of the great ship Huan Yu, and was also about the fate of those of them.

                "Young Master ......" Ao Mei waited too long and could not help but call out softly.

                Qin Ming raised his head and said, "Alright, go back first and be Liu Lan's second-in-command for now."

                After Qin Ming waited for Ao Mei to leave, he said to Ah Long, "I'm afraid that Liu Lan will be discovered by those killers when she comes to Dayong City. Her presence will become very dangerous. I am afraid that the assassination squad is not strong enough to protect her. Ah Long, you don't need to follow me to Lin's fortress, take charge of seeing her off."

                Ah Long refused, "Young Master, this is no joke. We still don't know where those killers know your whereabouts from. How many of them there are, compared to Liu Lan's safety, it is definitely your priority."

                Qin Ming said, "I know. But the Four Patriarchs are Chang Hongxi's key assistants in the division of Huan Yu's affairs. Maine? Hathaway is half-trusting of me, Feng Dongxiang is more obedient, Yang Xiaoxuan has just been promoted by me and is struggling with his job, Liu Lan has also just been promoted and is an even more dangerous presence at Magnesium headquarters, so I have to pull it together."

                "In the future, these talents can be used for me."

                "Ah, I'm a not-yet-graduated college student, so many things have happened in the past six months ......, it simply makes me trapped in my thoughts."

                Ah Long spat out, "Actually, young master, if you don't fiddle with flowers, your worries can be reduced by at least half."

                "Fuck off!" Qin Ming was so angry that he grabbed an ashtray and threw it over, "What can I do about it, peach blossom robbery."

                The two men looked at each other for half a second again, and laughed at each other.

                "Enough talk, I don't even know how to choose where to sleep tonight, come drink with me." Qin Ming poured a glass of wine and the two brothers sat down on the floor and began to drink to each other.

                Ah Long took a sip of the fragrant wine and said, "Hiya, in fact, young master, your experience can be said to be more amazing than a novel. Who would have thought that in the first half of the year you were just a poor college student."

                "Yeah." Qin Ming tilted his head, "Who would have thought that Li Meng would betray me. She was my first love."

                Ah Long said, "The dead are gone, I think that Miss Mu was good. She had love and loyalty for you."

                Qin Ming said, "Haitang had love and righteousness for me too."

                Ah Long waved his hand and said, "It's not the same. That Sun Changxi is also affectionate and righteous to you, and this Miss Lin is also affectionate and righteous to you. But only Mu Xiaoqiao and you were officially married, had a banquet and received a certificate. The others are all ex-girlfriends, the ones you cheated on."

                "It's hardest to get over beauty's grace." Qin Ming tonned down a wild gulp, "I'm just a slag, I don't want to give up on anyone, Song Ying she's pretty too, I almost slept with her last time, she has good skin ......"

                Ah Long smiled and said, "Young master, why don't I find out for you what polygamous countries are out there? I used to be in Sudan when I fought in the war and the people there had several wives for one man. I heard that there is a Utah state in Magnesia that also does this."

                Qin Ming refused, "Fuck off, I was born a Chinese, I'll die a Chinese."

                At this moment, in Liu Lan's room in another hotel, she was holding a miniature wiretap and listening to the contents of Qin Ming's office.

                It turned out that before she left, Liu Lan had placed the miniature bug in Qin Ming's office

                "Zizi zizi ......" Liu Lan listened to the conversation between the two men inside, her pretty cold face was full of doubts.

                It seemed that after she left, Qin Ming did not say too much useful information.

                Instead, he teased his numerous girlfriends? And looking for polygamous countries to immigrate to?

                Liu Lan sneered disdainfully, "Men, huh. Tsk, won't you say something about his next plan of action? Looks like we'll just have to act when we go into the mountains."

                Liu Lan placed the bug and used the encrypted network to contact Zhao Turnip again, "Tomorrow you have to find a guide to Lin's fortress, otherwise we'll get lost."

                "Don't worry, everything is arranged. He, of all people, will die."

                That night, Fang Jiutong went into the mountains alone with a boat to complete his master's business.

                And the Li family and the Huang faction came after him, while staying in the same hotel as Qin Ming.

                This night, Zhao Turnip himself came from Magnesia to Dayong City, to cooperate with Liu Lan, who worships Chang Hongxi like a saint, to carry out a beheading operation against Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming, on the other hand, was getting drunk with his bodyguard and best buddy, Ah Long.