Rags To Riches Chapter 781

 "First time meeting, Miss Liu is really young and talented."

                In the middle of the business hall of the hotel, Qin Ming met for the first time the successor of the Four Patriarchs of Huan Yu, who could be considered Qin Ming's right and left arm.

                Liu Lan was wearing glasses, a dark red tunic, and a perfect figure. Although she was Asian but dyed blonde, she was also dressed quite stylishly, in the style of the Magnesia.

                Liu Lan slightly owed, a word in Chinese, said: "Boss, you are too much, originally I was not senior enough, it was you who promoted me. I'm not even close to Song Ying, who is with you. Ah, I wonder if she's here? I'm with her and Corrie? Olsen used to be a warrior out of a training camp."

                "Warrior ......," Qin Ming heard this self-assessment, and then looked at her straight back, her obviously military groomed feet, that cheetah-like look in her eyes, and he understood.

                "Song Ying is not here." Qin Ming said, "There's no way for you to catch up. I was rather surprised that you came over so suddenly this time. I was planning to let you and Ao Mei lurk properly in Magnesium. So, what do you have to say to me?"

                Hearing that Song Ying was not there, Liu Lan's expression slightly relaxed a little.

                Liu Lan took out a mobile hard drive and said, "Boss, these are about the recent movement of funds from the North American headquarters, and I found that they all went to an unknown account in Switzerland. Although the Swiss bank is also part of our Huan Yu's property, I was denied permission to use it to check."

                "The other was about some recent actions and decisions made by the mother and son, Zhao Turnip and Chang Jun Ye, who seem to have failed and want to stand on their own by virtue of the special magnesium country."

                Qin Ming took the mobile hard drive, this information was also a way for Liu Lan to prove his position.

                Liu Lan added, "Boss, I think the group's current situation is dangerous, I worry that if time goes on, it will have a huge impact on the group's overall structure, and it will be dangerous when the various board members come down to engage in a split."

                "The main reason I came here this time is to convince you, boss, to carry out a decapitation operation and directly kill Zhao Turnip and Chang Jun Ye outright, so that the North American headquarters will have no roots left."

                "If it's late, Zhao Turnip and Chang Jun Ye, pulling up one of the top board of directors, the Anglo Group, intends to monopolise the headquarters and make it difficult for the various branches to operate."

                "Even if you win in the end, boss, I'm afraid the Anglo Group will have gutted the headquarters and just left a mess."

                "This will affect your reputation, boss, and make the group lose money inexplicably."

                Qin Ming pursed his lips and said, "I'm not afraid of travelling to Magnesia, but I have to be absolutely sure, otherwise it's a sheep into a tiger's mouth."

                Liu Lan covered his chest with one hand and gave a fluttering and polite bow, saying, "Young Qin, I am your absolute certainty. I have gained the absolute trust of Zhao Turnip's mother and son, and they will think that after I take up the position of the Four Patriarchs, I will be submissive to you, but in reality, I am a member of their party."

                "I have come this time, and I have made an excuse, and they have no suspicions at all."

                "If you move to Magnesium, boss, you only need to respond from inside and outside, you can easily win, smoothly suppress those traitors and take over the headquarters."

                Faced with Liu Lan coming halfway across the world to persuade him to go to Magnesium, Qin Ming's heart was still a bit mixed up.

                There was one thing to say, he hadn't even got a passport to leave the country yet.

                Of course, what he was more worried about was the danger to himself, it was really a den of wolves.

                But the entire magnesium headquarters of the Huan Yu Century Group had always been controlled by Chang Hong Xi, and all the money flow within Huan Yu was bound to come from the headquarters.

                This is where he has the hardest time, and now the branches in all regions of the world are just patting people to temporary jurisdiction, while temporarily supervising with a model that rewards a second headquarters on the Chinese side.

                This kept Song Ying busy every day and still had a lot of problems, which was not a long-term solution.

                Qin Ming thought for a moment, Liu Lan personally came, also the attitude is clear, he can not ignore the importance, said: "Liu Lan you have come a long way also tired, first rest. Ao Mei, you stay behind."

                Liu Lan led the order and retreated, walking to the door, she swept a glance at Ah Long who was standing like a mountain watching the door, her heart sounded cold.

                Liu Lan arrived at the hotel room.

                She immediately pulled out her suitcase, took out a satellite computer, and connected through the absolutely confidential data port to a rented room right in Dayong City.

                "Is everyone here? Have the weapons arrived?" Liu Lan asked as he typed on his keyboard.

                On the other hand, at a rented room in Dayong City, a group of foreign-faced assassins led by Zhao Turnip were sharpening their swords: "All fifty experienced assassins are here, but there are some problems with weapons, they can't get into China, so they are currently collecting some clay guns and cold weapons from the local gangs."

                Liu Lan replied, "It's too late for my tipster's information. Qin Ming is going into the mountains tomorrow to meet the head of the Lin family. The Lin's are concentrating a lot of boats right now. I'm afraid we'll have to wait a long time if we miss this opportunity."

                "Then let him die in the deep mountains." Zhao Turnip responded at the other end.

                At this moment, inside the office, Qin Ming looked at Corrie? Olsen asked, "Have your family members been properly arranged? There won't be any more situations where your family is controlled as hostages and you have no choice but to betray me, will there?"

                The blonde, blue-eyed, hot-bodied O-Mei had an embarrassed look on her face, but she would know very well that her value was her hacking skills, especially her familiarity with the Huan Yu Century Group's network framework, and that in this time of turmoil, she would be honoured and prosperous in the future if she got on the right side.

                Ao Mei said, "Young Master, they are all properly arranged, I have asked them to come to China and live with my sister, no longer under threat, everything is bestowed upon me by you, Young Master. I will serve you with everything I have."

                Qin Ming said with amusement, "Everything you have?"

                Ao Mei froze, then blushed and said, "Yes, including my flesh, as long as you like it, I am your woman, young master. By the way, I actually still have all my first time. In fact, I'm not averse to having a mixed-blood baby with Young Master."

                Qin Ming was even more amused, "Huh? What do I need your body for? Who wants to have a mixed-blood baby with you?"

                Ao Mei was embarrassed at misunderstanding the meaning and was a little anxious, "Are you doubting my loyalty, young master? I won't betray you again."

                Qin Ming waved his hand and said, "You betrayed Chang Huan the first time, you betrayed me the second time, and you betrayed Chang Hongxi the third time. Ao Mei, I keep you because I sympathise with what happened to your loved ones and your ability, as well as the disarming of the missile signal on the cruise ship that day. I'll be ugly and say it up front, if you betray in the right in the future, I really won't take pity on you."

                Ao Mei was in a tense mood when she heard that it was a knock on her.

                She said, "Don't worry, young master, I won't. In the old Chinese saying, live as your man, die as your ghost."

                Qin Ming skipped the topic and said, "Well, to talk about what just happened, do you think this Liu Lan is trustworthy? Is her plan feasible?"

                Ao Mei said, "Young master, according to my observations over the past few days, she is credible."