Rags To Riches Chapter 779

 When Qin Ming saw the photo handed over by Li Shun, he knew that Fang 9 Tong had gotten into trouble.

                He just smiled faintly and pushed it back, saying, "By the way, you guys said that people from the Yellow School were looking for him too? What's so special about this guy? What do you guys figure?"

                A man scurried out next to Li Shun, none other than Li Xinghong, who had once had his legs ruined by Qin Ming, pointed at the photo and scolded, "He seriously injured my cousin, this can't go away. You'd better stay out of it or I won't ...... this time"

                "Brother Hong, why are you talking with so much anger?" Li Shun stopped Li Xing Hong, looking like a peacemaker, and said, "Young Qin will be our brother in arms in the future"

                Li Xinghong's hostility towards Qin Ming was from the bottom of his heart, not only because Qin Ming had snatched Sun Changxi from him across the board, but also because Li Xinghong found that Qin Ming's status was already higher than his and he could no longer do anything about it.

                Qin Ming laughed and found an excuse to walk away.

                He went back to the hotel and found Fang 9 Tong, who was knocking on Chang Xue's door, but Chang Xue did not want to pay him any attention.

                Qin Ming said, "Older brother you are in trouble now, two of the most powerful gangs in the Chinese martial arts circle are looking for you."


                Qin Ming said, "People from the Li family and the Huang faction in Beijing, the Li family has already checked into the hotel."

                Fang 9 Tong didn't think so, "Oh, I beat up a guy called Li Yuanbin last week, that guy and his bodyguard cursed before they left that they would seek revenge on me, why did they just come?"

                "But I don't have any beef with the Yellow Faction guys. What's the hilarity they're putting together."

                When Qin Ming heard these words from Fang 9 Tong, he was surprised and said, "So you are also a Taoist martial artist, no wonder you are so powerful."

                Fang 9tong said, "Older brother, you wouldn't have just thought of that, would you? If you weren't well versed in the unique Chinese breathing method, who could be as strong as you and I at such a young age? Even those special soldiers can't."

                As the two men were chatting, at the far end of the corridor, people from the Li family and Zhao Songzhi had come over.

                The two hurriedly went aside to find a pillar for cover.

                As they passed by, Li Xinghong cursed, "That Qin Ming is obviously lying, the video of him and Fang 9 Tong fighting in the snow is quite popular now, there's no way he hasn't seen it."

                Zhao Songzhi said, "We can't question his lies, nor can we do anything to him. Second young master, Qin Ming's status is different now."

                Li Shun agreed, "Brother Hong, don't be so angry. This matter of finding Fang 9 Tong, I didn't expect anyone else from the beginning either. We still have to rely on ourselves in our own affairs. This time, who is coming from the Huang School?"

                The next person said, "Nie Feng, Mu Shuyun, Jia Ping Sheng, these people are all okay. Qin Ming's two fiancees, Mu Xiaoqiao and Nie Haitang, also followed along."

                Any further words that followed were not heard by Qin Ming as he had already gone far away.

                Fang 9 Tong looked at Qin Ming with an expression of looking at a god and said, "Old brother, your status is not simple either. Even the Li family in Beijing doesn't dare to do anything to you... you can do it, the real person doesn't show his face."

                Qin Ming gave an awkward smile and said, "Where, where."

                Fang 9 Tong patted Qin Ming again and said, "But how come you have two fiancĂ©es? And what about that Miss Lin? What a scum bag. You can teach me how to pick up girls, I've been single for more than 20 years. I don't know why, always unpopular with girls."

                Qin Ming's face was dark, there was one thing to say, he wasn't popular with women either, was he?

                Qin Ming changed the subject and said, "The Li family is looking for you for what happened before, then what is the Yellow School looking for you for?"

                Fang 9 Tong spread both hands and said, "How should I know?"

                Qin Ming immediately sent a query to Nie Haitang and got a reply within a few moments, only to learn that it was about Fang 9 Tong's own unique breathing method that he was interested in.

                Qin Ming spat out, "Are these people boring? You have some skills, so it's like digging past them."

                Fang 9tong smiled, "Just like some technology companies, they are often poached and have their confidential technology stolen by rival companies. In our circle, the breathing method is the key. It's really a sin of the piker."

                Qin Ming said, "Don't worry, old brother, I won't covet what you have. I'm not that paranoid about this."

                Fang 9 Tong laughed, "Younger Qin, I believe you. But I don't trust those people, you know them, and in order not to make things difficult for you, I'm afraid I can't wait until tomorrow to go into the mountain with you."

                Qin Ming responded, "Then old brother be careful in all things."

                After Fang 9 Tong finished speaking, he moved to leave, and Qin Ming also had to go to the airport to pick up Nie Haitang and Mu Xiaoqiao, after all, both of them accompanied Mu Shuyun.

                Just as he reached the entrance of the hotel, Ah Long came back.

                Ah Long said, "Young Master, no one was left alive, they were all dead soldiers who took poison and killed themselves just as I got them under control. There was no strong evidence found on them either to prove their identity."

                "And the local gangster called Kingpin, who was purely paid to do his job and didn't know the golden master behind the scenes, I've handed over to the police to deal with."

                "The new assassination varsity has been replenished."

                Qin Ming frowned and said, "What's going on here? How did these assassins know I was in Dayong City? And carried out an ambush?"

                Ah Long was also quite suspicious and said, "Young Master your whereabouts have always been kept secret, unless you have told who?"

                Qin Ming sucked in a breath of cold air and said, "No. Forget it, now is not the time to talk about it, Ao Mei and Liu Lan are also arriving tonight, so you should arrange to pick them up. Although there are more things going on now, Liu Lan has to meet them anyhow. I have something else to do."

                Ah Long worried, "Young Master, I'd better be by your side to avoid another accident."    Qin Ming said, "No, I will be careful myself. Go on."