Rags To Riches Chapter 778

 Qin Ming took a shortcut and ran wildly down the mountain, but halfway down was ambushed by someone at a gazebo in the open space built on the hillside.

                The leader of the group, an Asian-faced man with a full beard, said proudly, "Hahahaha, Boss Qin, I've been waiting for you for a long time, but finally I've waited, it's not in vain that our brothers are freezing."

                Qin Ming gritted his teeth and shielded Lin Yurou behind him, seeing that there were twelve men on the other side, each armed with weapons, obviously prepared.

                Qin Ming asked, "Have you been here in ambush?"

                The man at the head of the group said, "What's the point of all that nonsense? But you're a dead man anyway, so I'll be kind enough to tell you that someone paid for your life. 30 million, tsk, what a good deal. I'm the local kingpin of Dayong City ......"


                Before the words left his mouth, this Kingpin Dragon boss was suddenly hit by the little brother next to him and flung himself at Qin Ming's feet.

                "Boss!" Eleven junior brothers burst out in alarm.

                Then they saw a sturdy man swoop out from the steps at the bottom of the hill and stomp on the back of the Dragon Boss.

                Qin Ming saw the man coming, but it was Fang 9 Tong, who had fought at noon.

                Fang 9 Tong laughed: "Brother, we meet again. Tsk, you're not a good man or woman, you've been chased and cheated on again."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes and said, "It's hard to explain, but I'm really innocent."

                Fang 9 Tong said, "Fine, I believe you."

                He grabbed the bearded man and said, "Tell your men to drop their weapons if you don't want to die."

                "Listen, listen to him." The bearded man was forced to obey.

                Fang 9 Tong pressed the other boss and said, "Brother, withdraw."

                Qin Ming hesitated for a moment, with Fang 9 Tong here, it was no good for him to get all these people killed, so he escorted Lin Yurou quickly down the mountain.

                The three of them reached the foot of the mountain before their friend Ah Long who had hurried back.

                Ah Long said, "Young master, the squad lost contact ten minutes ago, I rushed back immediately, luckily you are fine."

                Qin Ming glanced back at the mountain and said covertly, "The opponent has a gun, be careful yourself and leave someone alive to ask about the situation. Just leave the aftermath to the Lin family."

                At once, Ah Long's eyes showed a murderous glint and immediately just went up the hill.

                Fang 9 Tong looked very surprised: "Your little brother? Can you go alone? Although he seems to be quite powerful."

                Qin Ming said, "He's better than me. It was very dangerous just now, thank you, Elder Brother Fang."

                Fang 9 Tong immediately refused, saying, "Eh, don't, I must be younger than you, aren't you shouting old man if you call me old brother? How about me 25 you?"

                "22 ......" Qin Ming glanced at him and said, "Older brother worked hard, I'll treat you to dinner later."

                Fang 9tong gripped, "Shit, obviously you look older than me."

                But Lin Yurou said, "No, he looks much younger than you."

                Fang 9tong immediately said, "Eh, this is another beautiful woman. Then what was the deal with Miss Chang just now? Brother, you cheated on me."

                Qin Ming explained, "She doesn't want to care about you, so she's just using me, an acquaintance, as a shield."

                Fang 9 Tong sighed, "Alas, it seems that there is still a destiny but not a chance. The male I fell in love with at first sight, but it turns out she doesn't mean anything to me at all."

                Qin Ming said, "Brother, a big thank you, leave a number, if you need me in the future, just say so."

                Fang 9 Tong said, "No need for future, brother, do you have money? I don't need much, 10 or 20 thousand is enough for me to buy a boat, so I'm even."

                Qin Ming said, "A boat? Where are you going?"

                Fang 9 Tong pointed to the mountains in Dayong City towards western Hunan and said, "Into the mountains, to fulfill my master's last wish, to find someone at the Lin's fortress and deliver an item."

                Hearing this, Qin Ming couldn't help but look at Lin Yurou, this seemed to have something to do with the Lin family.

                But Lin Yurou shook her head, indicating that she did not know what it was about.

                Qin Ming asked, "I know someone from the Lin family, and the son of that Lin family's patriarch is still in Dayong City, why don't I pass it on for you? Save you from going into the mountains in the freezing weather. It can be dangerous to go into the mountains, one bad bite from a poisonous snake and you can easily die."

                Qin Ming remembered that last time, if it wasn't for Mu Xiaoqiao, he would probably have died, the big mountain couldn't be underestimated.

                Fang 9 Tong denied, "That won't work, the stuff has to be delivered in person."

                Lin Yurou said, "Lin's Dazhan, it's not like anyone can go there. Besides, it's located deep inside the mountains, you've never been there, it's easy to get lost."

                "I'll go even if I get lost." Fang 9 Tong smiled at once, "Didn't you say you knew someone from the Lin family, young Qin? It's just as well, you can help introduce me and just take me there."

                Qin Ming didn't want to owe anyone a favour, but even more so, he didn't want to bring trouble to the Lin family, so he asked, "You're not looking for trouble from the Lin family, are you? Then I can't take you with me."

                Fang 9 Tong shook his head, "No, I'm sending some things, I won't harm anyone, and I don't want to find trouble even more. My master couldn't walk anymore before he asked me to come over."

                Qin Ming looked at Lin Yurou again, and the latter said, "Just make up your mind."

                Qin Ming thought for a moment and said, "Let's go back to the hotel first and then enter the mountain tomorrow."

                At the hotel in Dayong City, Qin Ming had just returned not long ago, but he received a message from Chang Xue.

                "People from the Li and Zhao families are here, looking for you? Or has the news that my father is still alive leaked out?"

                As soon as Qin Ming saw the message, he immediately frowned, what was going on?

                He hurriedly ran downstairs, only to see the Li family, led by Li Shun, and the Zhao family, led by Zhao Songzhi, a group of ten or so people were checking in.

                "Qin Ming?" When Zhao Songzhi saw Qin Ming, a thousand grass mud horses ran over him.

                This guy had almost become his son-in-law, but luckily he hadn't, or else he would have been in a family ethical relationship.

                But Zhao Songzhi was annoyed with Qin Ming in his heart. As the saying goes, a father is worthy of his son, and now Zhao Songli was completely dominating the Zhao family with Qin Ming, his long-lost son.

                Moreover, Zhao Zhen also intended for Zhao Songli to inherit the Zhao family.

                The three brothers, Zhao Songzhi, Zhao Songxian and Zhao Xianwu, had fought for decades for the position of head of the family, only to have it go to the fourth.

                The Zhao family is one of the top families in China, with many overseas assets and even more side branches, and is also one of the top board members of Huan Yu.

                But the three Zhao Songzhi brothers had no choice, they were born to Chang Rui.

                They were born to Chang Rui. And Chang Rui had spent her whole life lurking in the Zhao family, all because of Qin Ming's failure.

                But if Chang Rui hadn't done so, they would have been eaten alive by Chang Hongxi.

                So Zhao Songzhi had mixed emotions towards Qin Ming, fearing and hating him at the same time.

                "Young Qin, what a coincidence." Unlike Zhao Songzhi, Li Shun greeted him with great enthusiasm.

                Li Shun knew that the people who would work closely with the Li family in the future would be Zhao Songli and Qin Ming, two fathers and sons, and he had to strike a good relationship.

                Qin Ming let out an oh, "Coincidence, young Li and Uncle Zhao. Here for a tour? Oh, I know some local senior tour guides, I can introduce you to them, you are guaranteed to be at home."

                Li Shun shook his head and said, "It's not a tour, I'm looking for someone. A martial arts practitioner, I heard that the Yellow School is also looking for one, and we don't want to be left behind."

                Qin Ming was instantly interested, "Oh? Who is it?"

                Li Shun took out a picture of Fang 9 Tong and said, "This man, has young Qin ever seen him?"