Rags To Riches Chapter 777

 "She ......" Qin Ming wanted to say something, but the person was already dead, just resting in the funeral home, and he couldn't say anything else.

                It was clear that the people of the Lin family were well aware of how dangerous it was to have Qin Ming's secret.

                Their Lin family had fallen into decline and owed Qin Ming tens of billions in order to rebuild Bug Valley and pay off their debts.

                At the same time, Qin Ming had also done the Lin family a great favour by helping them retrieve the Worm Breeding Scripture in the capital city in the first place.

                The Lin family had no reason to bet on Qin Ming's magnanimity again, so Bai Ying's sister-in-law could only pull a group of people who knew the inside story to commit suicide.

                Qin Ming had been worried that he was far from being able to kill people, only to be told that those who knew the secret were dead.

                He looked at Lin Yurou, who looked at him with a straight face and said, "If I need to die for you to feel at ease, I will also comply with your wishes. I only hope that you will spare our Lin family. After I die ......"

                "Shut up." Qin Ming drank off and said, "I haven't thought about killing anyone. Even less do I want to personally force the death of a pregnant woman who has spoiled my flesh and blood."

                He added after a pause, "There are many ways to solve this kind of thing, and it doesn't have to be death to keep a secret. Besides, Chang Hongxi's role is time-limited, and in twenty or thirty years' time, it will be useless to make the secret public. Why are you doing this?"

                "Have their families been compensated?"

                Lin Yurou nodded and said, "Bai Ying's sister-in-law faked into a bug breeding accident and was poisoned. The family members were all compensated."

                Qin Ming took out his mobile phone and transferred money to Lin Yurou, saying, "I'll personally pay a sum of money. Each family is compensated 10 million. This is something that Bai Ying's sister-in-law has gone too far. I was wrong too, I should have explained it earlier, it's just a pity that I was still stampeding at that time."

                Lin Yurou's heart twitched, pursed her lips and said softly, "Thank you."

                She got up and poured a cup of hot tea for Qin Ming.

                Now that Lin Yurou was the only one left who knew the secret, Qin Ming was inexplicably much more at ease.

                Looking at her shapely figure and smelling a faint fragrance at close range, Qin Ming knew very well that whether he admitted it or not, Lin Yurou would become incredibly important in the future.

                Bai Ying's sister-in-law's actions were, on the one hand, keeping the secret for Qin Ming, and on the other hand, constantly pushing Lin Yurou in front of Qin Ming.

                But Qin Ming really had no way of accepting Lin Yurou, even though she was very pretty and beautiful, had a good personality, and was known to be a good family woman after contact.

                But his heart wasn't in it.

                On the contrary, now Qin Ming could not ignore it.

                "The situation is really stronger than the people." Qin Ming lamented in his heart, "God. I hope there won't be a situation where Lin Yurou is poisoned with Haitang and Xiao Qiao and I only have an antidote in my hand. Then I'm really going to die for you."

                Qin Ming took a sip of tea and said, "Tomorrow I'll go over to the big fortress to attend Sister Bai Ying's funeral too."

                "I can't go." Lin Yurou said, "I'm a sinner now."

                Qin Ming laughed and said, "I'll take you there, what's your father's problem? Also, don't live in the mountains anymore, what age is it that you can't be a hermit? Since you're pregnant, you should take care of your baby. If your parents have a problem with it, let them come to me."

                The corners of Lin Yurou's mouth lifted and she seemed happy, so she nodded her head in agreement, "Mm, I'll do as you say."

                Qin Ming said, "By the way, I asked Ah Long to go and buy some clothes for you in addition, so when he arrives, we will leave."

                Just as the words left his mouth, Qin Ming heard a noise outside.

                "Who are you people?"

                "This is a private place."

                "Miss someone broke in hard, quickly ...... "新81祌全文最快んττρs:/m.x八1zw.com/

                With two gunshots bang bang bang, the two helping amahs lost their voices.

                Qin Ming and Lin Yurou's hearts were immediately raised to their throats, this was the sound of gunfire.

                Qin Ming immediately leaned over to the door, only to hear the person outside speak this English and said, "Which room? Take a look at the right one first, be careful."

                Hearing this, Qin Ming immediately understood that these people were killers.

                Ah Long had been arranged by him to go shopping, but there were people from the assassination squad guarding from halfway up the mountain to here at the top, were they all dead?

                Fortunately, however, these killers had pounced on the next house, and he was on the far left.

                Qin Ming made a gesture of silence to Lin Yurou, who nodded one after another.

                At the same time, Lin Yurou took out a brown jar, she approached Qin Ming and said, "Throw this out, it's some flying leeches that like to eat human blood, just now it had been placed on the floor to warm it up, after throwing it out it would face the icy weather, the flying leeches would look for living things to suck on, there are many of them in there."

                Qin Ming had a black face, feeling so disgusted by these things.

                But there was nothing he could do to stay alive.

                Boom froze, the killer outside checked both houses and said, "NO."

                Everyone then went silent, Qin Ming realised it was bad and hurriedly hugged Lin Yurou and lay on the ground.

                A burst of bullets followed, da da da da da, those killers outside shot aimlessly at the houses, all the things inside scattered to the ground, thanks to Qin Ming's fast dodging, otherwise the wooden walls of this wooden house could not protect him.

                After a short pause in the attack, Qin Ming swung the jar of compulsions in his hand and threw it out.

                "fuck, hestillalive, fire~!"

                Ta-da-da ......

                There was another round of strafing, and Qin Ming then hugged Lin Yurou and dodged.

                But it didn't take long for the bullets to stop and a ghostly cry went up outside, shouting "What is this?"

                Qin Ming peeked through the cracked door, only to see five foreign devils being absorbed by the flying leeches, their faces flushed red, they kept snapping their mouths, trying to pick out the flying leeches, but it was useless, they could only roll around in pain.

                One of them had already fallen to the ground with his body stiffened, his blood gradually diminishing and turning into a dry corpse.

                Qin Ming escorted Lin Yurou out, grabbed the gun on the ground and finished off these killers.

                Lin Yurou ran to see the two aunts who helped her on a daily basis and found that both were still alive, but were unconscious from the pain of being shot.

                Qin Ming helped the two into the house and put them by the fire to save them from freezing to death and said, "Contact your brother immediately and send someone up to rescue them, I just heard someone coming up the mountain again. We must leave immediately."

                Lin Yurou nodded her head busily and said, "There is a path down the mountain over there."

                Qin Ming pulled Lin Yurou down the hill by the path.

                And just as the two went out, a second wave of killers came up, this time looking at the faces into suggesting dark-skinned ones.

                Da da da da ......

                Those men recognized Qin Ming and met to kill.

                Qin Ming picked up Lin Yurou, Qi sank into his dantian, and with the breathing method he had cultivated for most of the year, he was as fit as a fiddle on this rugged mountain road.

                The foreign devils were not familiar with the mountain paths and had never walked on such a rugged mountain path before, so they were left behind by Qin Ming in no time.

                Qin Ming ran halfway up the mountain and saw a few corpses, weren't they his assassination squad?

                His heart sank, these were all his loyal men, but he didn't expect to be killed.

                In the end, these assassination squad men were still just mercenaries, compared to the battle-hardened soldier kings like Ah Long, there was indeed a big gap, but even so, Qin Ming's heart still ached.

                Qin Ming ran all the way and saw that he had reached an open space when suddenly a large group of gun-wielding thugs sprang up around him.

                A big man at the head of the group laughed arrogantly, "Hahahaha, Qin Ming, I've been waiting for you for a long time. This time, there's no way out for you."