Rags To Riches Chapter 776

 Dayong City is a tourist destination, but the National Forest Park is a blanket of snow and fog.

                It was even colder at the top of this mountain peak?

                Qin Ming couldn't help but say, "How can Lin Yurou live up there? If she's pregnant, it must be unbearably cold?"

                Ah Long said, "I have investigated and heard that she was punished by her family. The Lin family in western Hunan is a big family with a very strict discipline. The head of the family's daughter is unmarried and pregnant, so that's a big deal. Right, young master."

                "......" Qin Ming scratched his forehead in embarrassment and cleared his throat, "Ahem, is she alone? Did you see anyone else?"

                Ah Long said, "There are two older women who help look after her, I saw at the door that the house is quite sturdy and there is a warm fire inside, so it shouldn't be cold."

                The two of them carried bags of snacks and nourishment and climbed the stairs all the way up the mountain, the road became narrower and narrower, the plants around them were all hung with frost, Qin Ming was dressed quite thickly, but they both felt the chill doubly and inexplicably worried about Lin Yurou in their hearts.

                Qin Ming instructed, "Ah Long, go and buy some more warm clothes for pregnant women."

                Ah Long answered and left.

                Qin Ming climbed for another hour and finally reached the top of the mountain, which was part of the official administration area, and although there were some buildings, they were not suitable for living at all, but Qin Ming looked far away and saw two low, retro houses with cooking smoke.

                Qin Ming muttered, "Lin Yuanwang is really ruthless, his own daughter."

                He walked up the steps and saw the reflection of a shapely woman knitting towels in a wooden house.

                At this moment, two middle-aged women saw Qin Ming walking up and said, "Are you ...... young Qin? Oops, sister-in-law Wang quickly go and inform the young lady."

                Qin Ming was very surprised that the one following Lin Yurou was not Sister Bai Ying?

                He complained again in his heart, "Lin Yuanwang isn't afraid of his daughter being in danger, so he sent two ordinary aunts here."

                Qin Ming greeted politely, "I'm Qin Ming, looking for your lady. Trouble ......"

                "Qin Ming ......" Before the words left his mouth, Lin Yurou swooped in at the doorway, confirming the passing, and then shyly snatched back inside.

                The two helping amahs smiled then went to the house next to them, not forgetting to say, "You can come, young Qin, we won't disturb you."

                Qin Ming carried a large pile of tonic and snacks into the house and saw this humble grass hut with a bed, a table, a fireplace, and some wool on the side.

                Lin Yurou was dressed thickly and sat by the fire, the firelight shining on her delicate, jade-like face.

                Qin Ming put his things down and asked, "How long have you lived here in such poor conditions?"

                Lin Yurou turned slightly sideways and answered, "I was punished by my father to live here and face the wall when I returned from the capital city."

                "Your father has gone too far, hasn't he?" Qin Ming said, "No matter what, he's still his own daughter."

                Lin Yurou sighed, "I can't help it, this is the rule of our big cottage, and my father is still the clan chief, so this is already the lightest punishment. Previously, our Lin family's door-to-door son-in-law, Qin Weiyuan, burned the worm valley and betrayed our Lin family's worm breeding scriptures because he was living in disharmony with my sister, which plunged our Lin family into a crisis and caused my father's reputation among the clan to plummet."

                "How can I add to my father's reputation when I'm like this?"

                Qin Ming nodded, that was half a year ago, and he knew that it wasn't easy for every family, he peeked at Lin Yurou's stomach and asked, "How many months?"

                Lin Yurou smiled lightly and said, "The doctor said that the fertilized egg has only just laid, it's still early, so you can't see it without wearing such a thick layer."

                As she said this, she lifted her clothes to reveal her small, flat stomach.

                Qin Ming was silent for a while, but in his heart he was actually regretting it so much, pushing down for a moment, but regretting the cremation ground.

                Lin Yurou looked at his gloomy expression and said calmly, "You don't have to worry, you even rejected that sister from the Sun family, I know I have little hope."

                "......" Qin Ming was speechless, this information is still quite well-informed.

                Lin Yurou said again, "He is your child, this I will not lie to you, you do not believe, you can do verification later, I Lin Yurou can afford the conscience of heaven and earth, I from beginning to end only with your that ...... good."

                "However, my reputation, hahaha, it is also, who would want to marry a woman with a bad reputation."

                As she spoke, Lin Yurou cried pearly tears, as if bemoaning her fate, from the moment she decided to sacrifice herself to save her family, she was doomed to not be able to have the happiness that ordinary people should have, even if her father was very enlightened.

                While Qin Ming was torn, Lin Yurou said, "You came to ask about Chang Hongxi, right?"

                Qin Ming asked, "About him, did it go well?"

                Lin Yurou said, "It went very well, he has been deeply hypnotised, this kind of hypnosis is known to damage the brain nerves, but it can permanently change his memory and cognition. He now knows that he was once at the helm of the Huan Yu Century Group and is your righteous father, and that none of his sons are his own."

                "His hatred with the Zhao family has been resolved and he has let go of it."

                "All he wants to do now is to single-mindedly assist you in mastering the Huan Yu Century Group."

                "As long as no definite evidence emerges that his wife and son have not betrayed him, basically there will not be much change in his character."

                "In his body, he keeps a parasitic compulsion that the Lin family has, which can continuously secrete neurotoxins to influence his memory and judgement, achieving a hypnotic effect."

                "So, ever since then, Chang Hongxi will be a bit paranoid in personality."

                "Now he is recuperating at the Great Walled City."

                After hearing this, Qin Ming was about to open his mouth to ask.

                Lin Yurou added, "Once the compulsion in his body dies, the effect of deep hypnosis will fail, and he will recall some of his normal memories in two days at the earliest."

                "But don't worry, the only people who know this are you and me."

                Qin Ming was surprised, "No one from your Lin family knows about it?"

                Lin Yurou said, "The people who know are all dead."

                "Dead, dead? When did that happen?" Qin Ming stood up in shock, wanting to confirm the truth of this statement.

                Lin Yurou nodded, "Sister-in-law Bai Ying and the few Lin clansmen who transported Chang Hong Xi to Xiangxi that day, they are all dead. The rest merely knew that Chang Hong was injured and was transported here temporarily by your commission to nurse his wounds and keep a close watch on him. Little did they know that Chang Hongxi had been affected by the compulsion and that his personality and memories had changed."

                "That is to say, this secret, in heaven and on earth, is only known to you and me."

                "The bodies of Bai Ying's sister-in-law and the girls are still in the funeral home in Dayong City. The day after tomorrow is when they will be buried according to Dazhai custom, you can go to the funeral home if you don't believe me. There are eight of them in total."

                Qin Ming's heart trembled as he listened, eight fresh lives had died just like that to keep this secret.

                Qin Ming said, "Sister-in-law Bai Ying was a loyal servant of your Lin family for many years. She still grew up watching you."

                Lin Yurou gritted her teeth, her fists clenched, tears rushing down her face, and sobbed even more, "Of course I knew, I didn't know about this at all. By the time I knew, Sister-in-law Bai Ying had already committed suicide along with the rest of the seven. Oooh ...... they just did it so as not to bring any disaster to the Lin family, to gain your trust, to fulfill the promise they made on the cruise ship in the first place, to help you so that you would have no worries."

                "......" Qin Ming swallowed, so shocked that he sat down again, not knowing what to say for a moment.