Rags To Riches Chapter 774

 Qin Ming said unhappily, "What's wrong with you? If you're not happy, you're not happy, what era is it now, and you're still quite a bandit?"

                At this moment, many people from the assassination squad immediately poured out from the surroundings, wanting to help Qin Ming with the trouble.

                Qin Ming lightly raised his arm, signalling for these people to stay put, a spiritual boy who had suddenly appeared, he was not so scared.

                Fang Jiutong said, "Oh? You're a martial arts practitioner and you've brought so many bodyguards, you're really afraid of death."

                Qin Ming was amused by him and laughed, "Indeed, I'm afraid of death. Because I still have my parents to support, there are still a group of people carrying their heads to make a living with me, and I still have the person I like to marry, so I can't die just yet."

                He wanted to laugh at Qin Ming, but his words left Fang Jiutong speechless.

                Fang Jutong simply came on strong and threw some punches at Qin Ming across the air, saying, "Hmph, then do you have the guts to fight me?"

                Qin Ming glanced at Chang Xue next to him, who grinned awkwardly and said innocently, "It's none of my business."

                Recalling what Zhang Quanzhen had said back then, Qin Ming shook his head bitterly, "It's really fate that the emperor has a peach fever. Hey, your name is Fang Jiutong, right? Just come."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, Qin Ming immediately made a pre-emptive strike, rushing forward with an arrow step and punching Fang Jiutong hard in the face.


                Fang Jiutong was directly knocked back three steps, he nuzzled his nose, crooked his mouth and said appreciatively, "Not bad strength, you've really practiced."

                Qin Ming was very surprised, this man could resist a punch from him?

                Those masters of the martial arts circle in Beijing couldn't even carry it off.

                Qin Ming was instantly interested and slowly used his most skilled practical combat technique, "Tai Chi Scattered Hands", which was all he knew.

                This time, Fang Jiutong was the first to strike, his moves were sparring and Muay Thai, and he was particularly good at leg kicks, kicking Qin Ming seven or eight times in quick succession, one after the other.

                Qin Ming, with his practical Tai Chi skills, repeatedly used softness to counteract hardness, making Fang Jiutong's force of each punch hit into cotton, useless.

                In the icy weather, the two fought on the roadside, and both took off their clothes to facilitate their exertion.

                The number of passers-by gradually increased, and they saw the two fighting in style, and a punch dented a telephone pole on the side of the road very curious, they have stopped to take pictures.

                When Chang Xue saw the crowd, she knew that Qin Ming's status was special and hurriedly persuaded him, "Oh, don't fight, don't fight."

                But Fang Jiutong, who was so excited about the fight, didn't care, he was throwing cross-legged and square punches, one faster than the other.

                Qin Ming was also unable to attack for a long time, marvelling at the fact that the man in front of him was no worse than him in terms of strength and technique, and he even felt that Fang Jutong was better than him in terms of technique, and he could only defend passively.

                Seeing that there were more people, Qin Ming exploded his fist with an inch of power and pulled away, saying, "There are more people, let's all disperse."

                Fang Jiutong looked around at the onlookers, each holding up their mobile phones to film, and hurriedly half covered his face, saying; "Hmph, people who learn martial arts nowadays only focus on performance techniques, flashy but not real, I didn't expect you to be able to train your strength to such an extent, rare and valuable. No wonder he likes you."

                Qin Ming said, "Our relationship is actually not ......"

                Fang Jiutong interrupted, "That's enough, no need to explain more. Treat her well, she is a rare woman I fell in love with at first sight, but she and I are fated to be together, so it's cheap for you kid. But you have some ability to give her happiness, and I am not that shameless dude, I will give you my blessing, goodbye."

                After saying that, Fang Jiutong quickly stood.

                Qin Ming was very depressed, you have finished your words, also how can I explain?

                The passers-by on the side also gradually dispersed, still not forgetting to mutter, "Oops, that was a great show just now, it was just like the real thing."

                "Men just like to fight and get jealous, but that little sister is quite pretty, no wonder."

                "Yuck, what about the redheads, maybe the women are enjoying themselves."

                "It's winter, it's not cold to wear one, these people really know martial arts, huh?"

                Qin Ming was so angry that he spat blood, you people just know how to spread rumours, he also half covered his face and hurriedly left the scene.

                Chang Xue helped pick up Qin Ming's clothes and hurriedly followed.

                Meanwhile, at the airport in Beijing, Nie Qingrong and Jia Pingsheng, who were waiting for their flights, were staring wide-eyed.

                They were both executives of the Yellow Faction, and this time they were both going to Yun Province to look for Fang Jiutong.

                Nie Qingrong frowned, "What do you mean by that, Jia Pingsheng? You're getting involved in the bet between Huang Lao and me?"

                Jia Pingsheng said, "General Nie, you are also sending your son, and I am also listening to Elder Huang's arrangement to go. What's the problem?"

                Nie Qingrong scolded, "Humph, degrading yourself. Luckily, I had a hand in this earlier. Right, Miss Mu."

                As he finished speaking, a group of ladies came behind him, one more beautiful than the other, weren't they Mu Shuyun and Mu Xiaoqiao Nie Haitang and other women?

                Nie Qingrong laughed, "Hahahaha, Miss Mu is willing to help my son."

                Jia Pingsheng gritted his teeth and said, "Cut it out, Mu Shuyun, you won't be able to reap any benefits by siding with Nie Qingrong."

                Mu Shuyun said calmly, "I am only acting as a witness, after all, it is my Mu family's property. Besides, Brother Nie was the one who recommended me to become the executive of the Yellow School, so this kindness must be repaid."

                Jia Ping Sheng grunted, "That's fine, let's have a competition as to who gets it first, just don't regret it when you lose. We won't be merciful either."

                Mu Shuyun said, "Showing mercy? That's a funny thing coming from you, Boss Jia."

                The two sides had made gunpowder before they even set off.

                Suddenly, a man walked in and said, "Miss Mu, Mr. Nie, Boss Jia, my master Huang Shengjiu asked me to remind you that he has recently discovered Fang Jiutong's new whereabouts. You guys watch this video and don't go to the wrong place."

                The three bigwigs of the Huang faction showed puzzled expressions and took a look at the mobile phone video.

                Wasn't it exactly the video of Qin Ming and Fang Jiutong fighting on the roadside not long ago?

                "Don't fight, you guys don't fight ......," Chang Xue's echo was quite loud.

                The video's title was a randomly changed 'fighting over a woman in the middle of winter', and when you see a video title like that, it's hard not to think about it.

                The person who delivered the video said, "This is Fang Jiutong, the person he fought with is very powerful, but why does it look familiar?"

                Jia Pingsheng said, "Isn't this Qin Ming? Tsk, I said that young Qin left so quickly yesterday, so he was in a hurry to pick up a girl."

                After saying that, he swept a strange glance at Mu Xiaoqiao and Nie Haitang.

                And the latter both had a difficult look on their faces, this bastard Qin Ming, had run off to pick up girls again?

                "Yawn~!" At this moment, Qin Ming who was in Dayong City suddenly sneezed.

                Chang Xue hurriedly put on his clothes for him and said, "Did you get cold just now?"

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "I always feel like something bad is happening again 。。。。。"