Rags To Riches Chapter 772

 In the capital, the restaurant where the Yellow School feast was held.

                What had been a harmonious group of executors from all sides had now become fierce faces attacking each other.

                It was all because Qin Ming and the Mu family had made such a scene, tricking everyone into thinking that the Mu family's ancestral breathing method had been taken by the two giants, Nie Qingrong and Huang Qi.

                Nie Qingrong was less famous than Huang Qi, but he had many executives around him, all of whom were the brains within the Huang School.

                Originally today, he wanted to make things difficult for Mu Shuyun, who had just become an executor, but not only did he instantly stand firm, but now instead both sides are pulling in all sorts of strings, and the Mu family has instantly become the meat and potatoes.

                Mu Shuyun still looked disgruntled, and the more she did so, the more these people became convinced of the slab of yellow cloth in their hands.

                "What one and a half? Ridiculous, it was our family Huang Xin who won that Qin Ming, and all of them beat Qin Ming to the point of bleeding."

                "Bullshit, if it wasn't for our little Liu, would that Qin Ming have lost? Huang Xin was just the icing on the cake."

                "Oh, I laughed, if I watch the video again, I also see Liu Haoyu only hiding."

                "What's the matter? Not convinced? The two kids pull out and compare."

                "Just compare, come on."

                The scene was buzzing, both sides were unconvinced, both like to get the other half of the other's breathing technique.

                "That's enough. This is no way to go on arguing." Suddenly, Huang Shengjiu stepped forward and pulled the crowd apart, saying, "How about we make a bet too?"

                The crowd asked, "What kind of a bet?"

                Huang Shengjiu said, "In the south, a new school has emerged, and the other side has not yet decided on a name, but at the same time, one of the most powerful people in the martial arts circle is called Fang Jiutong, who has been practising martial arts since he was a child. There have been clashes with some of our Huang School martial arts schools and he has won them all."

                Someone said, "I mentioned this, he defeated three hundred and eighty martial arts schools in a row, causing us to lose a lot of students, and his income and reputation plummeted. We were supposed to do a show with a TV station, but it all fell through, bad luck."

                Someone, however, was not impressed and said, "What's so unusual about this? Since ancient times, martial arts have been prevalent in China, and there have been many martial artists. In the south, there were 800 martial arts circles like this even before."

                Huang Shengjiu continued, "I sent someone to try, but the other side is not simple. And just emerging and want to make a name for themselves."

                "As we all know, our Huang School has always pooled our wisdom and strived for excellence. There is Huang Lao constantly improving breathing methods and modern martial arts to enhance our skills."

                "This is what has kept us grounded."

                "Now that new schools and masters have emerged, and the other side has fewer people, it's a good time to pull them in."

                Huang Shengjiu paused, looked at the expressions of the crowd of executors and said, "I had already planned to start pulling in, but now that this has happened, I see whoever can take down this Fang Jiutong will get the other half ...... of the yellow cloth, how's that?"

                The crowd was silent for a while, Huang Shengjiu deliberately did not say anything about the Mu family's ancestral breathing method, obviously intentionally avoiding it.

                "Okay, I promise." Huang Qi, the head of the Huang family, was the first to agree: "We can't hurt the peace over this, right? If we lose this time, then I'll just give up my hand. What do you think, General Nie?"

                Nie Qingrong said to himself, "When the general chapter arrives, he will first copy a copy. There are always more ways to get the other half. It's good that they're all in the same circle, there's no need to make too much noise."

                He then laughed and said, "Old Mr Huang, that's exactly what I want. I suspect that that boy, Qin Ming, is deliberately splitting it in two to make things difficult for us. Let's follow Huang Shengjiu's approach."

                The two sides agreed, and peace returned to the banquet.

                Qin Ming was no longer concerned about these matters and was arranging a plane to Xiangxi.

                In the Zhao family, Zhao Zhen had finished offering incense at the ancestral temple and was accompanied by Fang Ying, Zhao Songli's biological mother and Qin Ming's own grandmother.

                Fang Ying is very well maintained and looks quite young.

                She gently held Zhao Zhen and lamented, "I thought that I would never be able to enter this Zhao family compound until I died, let alone become a woman of your Zhao family and not be able to offer incense to the ancestors."

                Zhao Zhen laughed: "These years have also been hard on you. I heard that your family has produced a martial arts genius who has been causing trouble everywhere in the south. You even beat up the Li family."

                Fang Ying said, "Yes, that boy Jiu Tong has such a temperament that he can't be suppressed. I've seen him several times, but his heart isn't bad."

                "Why are you saying this? I don't even have my own children under control yet. Although Zhao Zhengyan has woken up, his health problems are still desperate, and his marriage to the Huang family has been broken off. There's no telling what his future prospects will be."

                "Qin Ming is finally back, but he is stubborn, just like his father, and has no affection for the Zhao family, but for his adoptive father, and refuses to come back. I'm afraid he'll be even more reluctant to come back when he learns of your machinations back then."

                Zhao Zhen laughed: "So what if he doesn't come back? When I die and Zhao Songli grows old, he will have to take over the Zhao family. Then he will still have to kneel in front of my spirit tablet and offer me incense."

                Zhao Zhen paused and said, "However, that beaten man from the Li family is also a direct descendant, and the Li family is very angry and at the same time curious that your Fang family seems to have created a new school."

                Fang Ying shook her head and said, "I'm not interested in martial arts, I really don't know what's so great about it? You few families are fighting over it."

                Zhao Zhen lamented, "You don't understand, they all just want to live more years. Eternal life is the eternal pursuit of mankind. The old Tai Gong of the Li family, a native of the Qing Dynasty during the Guangxu period, was the official governor of six provinces and established the current position of the Li family in China. He is now over a hundred and forty years old and is still alive."

                Fang Ying was amazed to hear this, "There really is someone who has lived so long. That consciousness is all muddled, isn't it?"

                Zhao Zhen pondered for a moment and said, "Well ...... the mental state has really deteriorated in the past two years, so I guess I won't be able to make it through a hundred and fifty. Therefore, the existence of breathing methods is the lifelong pursuit of these martial arts practitioners. In the past, it was the basis for settling down, but now it is the basis for living a long life for a few more years."

                Fang Ying worried, "Then won't our Fang family be involved in the field of right and wrong? Our family is just an ordinary family."

                Zhao Zhen said, "The number one family in Yun Province, although low-profile, how can it not be related to ordinary, right? You've been away from home since you were young, and you've been fooled. However, this is also the Fang family's way of survival. It's the way to make a lot of money in a sultry manner. But this time, Fang Jiutong has gotten into trouble, and there's no getting around it, so I can only mediate from there."

                Fang Ying smiled sarcastically and said, "I guess my brother has a headache with this child, Jiu Tong, too, because he is too old to care, and my nephew is too busy with his business to care. It's not easy to do now."

                Zhao Zhen said, "I'll send Zhao Songzhi to look for him. The Li family will have to give him face. Where is he these days?"

                Fang Ying said, "Xiangxi."

                Meanwhile, Qin Ming had already boarded a flight to the Lin family in Xiangxi.

                On the plane, he had just received a transatlantic call, "Ao Mei? What is it?"

                On the other end of the line, Corrie Olsen said, "Younger sister? Olsen said, "Young master, Liu Lan said there is something she wants to communicate with you in person, about how she can help you recover the North American headquarters of Huan Yu. I'm afraid that the internet messaging will be exposed."

                Qin Ming pondered for a moment and said, "Alright, you guys rush over. I'm in Xiangxi."