Rags To Riches Chapter 771

 Qin Ming sat upright between the two women.

                He was in an incomparably tormented mood, both were women he was tied to, and now he was afraid that he would be forced to make a choice?

                Qin Ming still gave credit to Nie Haitang first: "Cough cough, this time, it's thanks to Haitang. Of course, it's also because of the good arrangements you made, Shiao Qiao."

                He complimented Mu Xiaoqiao again after saying what happened, just hoping that the two women would not fight.

                How unexpectedly, instead of arguing, let alone fighting, Mu Xiao Qiao and Nie Haitang smiled at each other in a very friendly manner.

                "Indeed, sister Nie is so grateful to you this time."

                "Sister Mu is kind, helping you is also helping my master."

                "That's also true, from now on we're all within the big family of the Yellow School, we always have to help each other."

                "Yes, I heard that Sister Mu is a designer of Chinese designer clothes, I really have an investment to make money recently, I think I should talk to Sister Mu."

                "That's just right, I also want to expand the fame of my company's brand, and I'm also looking for investment here in Huang Pai. Qin Ming, you dodge aside."

                Qin Ming was speechless and was banished to the side by the two women, making him so embarrassed, he was redundant, huh?

                However, seeing the two women on such good terms, he was quite comforted and felt that the atmosphere was quite good, and his heart was getting by.

                After Qin Ming had treated his wounds, he saw that the two women were deep in conversation about work matters, and he sat down to brush up on his official duties within Huan Yu Group.

                Although he was used to being a hands-off person, and Song Ying was taking care of everything, he was also able to access the backend of the company's system to review and approve documents.

                Dingdong, just after entering Qin Ming saw an encrypted message, "Boss, I have contacted the people at the North American headquarters, and I have also contacted the new fourth patriarch, Liu Lan, and have basically confirmed her position, which is biased towards your side, boss."

                Qin Ming was quite surprised, Corrie? Olsen's action was still quite swift.

                Qin Ming replied, "Continue to make contact and let her gather all means to bring down Chang Jun Ye's mother and son. You also protect your family from further threats early."

                After returning Ao Mei's email, Qin Ming saw another message from a large European conglomerate family, Rothschild, one of the top board members of the same Oneworld Century Group, warning Qin Ming of his previous killing of Rokuro Yamamoto, the leader of the Stampo East British Society, in Stampo.

                Qin Ming could see that this was a sign that the other board members were worried that Qin Ming was trying to eliminate dissidents and wanted to monopolise the Oneworld Century Group.

                Whenever such things happen in history, it is the time to trigger a world war, when the members of the various boards cut off the rational interests coming and going within the group, while assassinating each other through their influence.

                Because the last few top allies of Huan Yu have all been Chinese, there is also a lot of Western distrust of the Chinese in this.

                But their mistrust was real; Chang Hongxi had always aimed to unify Huan Yu, and Qin Ming, as his successor, naturally did the same.

                In addition to being warned, the European branch of Pitt? James and Feng Dongxiang, one of the four patriarchs, sent word that the basic situation within the group was stable and that it was a peaceful takeover.

                There were also many documents regarding the success or failure of investments, and Qin Ming saw that many of them were approved by Song Ying on his behalf. Qin Ming read through them and felt that they were all handled quite well, and many of them had citations for the expert advisors hired.

                Amongst these internal emails, the one that worried Qin Ming the most was the head office in Magnesium, which was still controlled by Chang Jun Ye and his mother and son, which had created a huge disconnect within Huan Yu and made it difficult to start many tasks.

                In the long run, his position as the head of the Huan Yu Century Group would be unstable.

                "It's indeed a big trouble." Qin Ming bit his lip and said to himself, "It seems that it is necessary to make a trip to Xiangxi, I wonder how the effect of Chang Hongxi's consumption of the Lin family's compulsion is. If it goes well, then the entire North American headquarters can be brought into my hands without any problems."

                Qin Ming was flipping through his emails when Ah Long's call suddenly popped up.

                Ah Long said, "Young Master, a spy has infiltrated the Yellow Faction banquet and just now groped towards the room you were in, he was taken down by my men and bombs and guns were recovered from his body, he explained that he had a companion, but he didn't know who it was."

                Then Ah Long also sent some photos of the killer, who was a foreign-faced man.

                Qin Ming's heart twitched, but he calmly responded, "Keep the man alive for now. Get someone to pick me up and go immediately."

                Qin Ming did not expect the person who wanted him dead to come so quickly and almost succeeded, leaving him with palpitations. He did somewhat understand the life of Chang Hongxi at the time, and had to be careful and wary everywhere he went.

                The fighting between the top board members against each other would inevitably lead to such endless assassinations.

                And the large number of pending documents of the group companies inside the encryption system, which Song Ying gradually couldn't handle anymore, also made him feel quite guilty.

                Qin Ming stood up, realising that he should have more important but return requests to do, rather than hanging around having a good time.

                "Only one unity, ah." Qin Ming lamented in his heart, since the whole world was treated as a land of wealth for exploitation, in the context of this globalised era and those incarnations where regimes rotated, the maneuverability of money was much easier than the old order of the world in the past.

                Only by unifying the inner circle of the Oneworld Century Group, without any opposition to him, and by constantly opening training camps to cultivate talents loyal only to Qin Ming, could his long reign be maintained.

                The only way to maintain his long reign was to turn the shared corporate empire into one that belonged to Qin Ming personally.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "Now is not the time to indulge in wine, sex and wealth."

                He said to the two women, "Haitang Xiaoqiao, I have something to do, I have to go first."

                The two women were suddenly stunned and both showed a lost expression.

                Mu Xiaoqiao was even more anxious, saying, "You're not angry, are you? You've been messing around with flowers and you still won't let us throw a tantrum. Alright, alright, we're wrong, we shouldn't have ignored you, it's not good for you to stay put."

                The two women hugged Qin Ming left and right, little birds clinging to each other, obviously trying to keep Qin Ming from leaving without making a fuss.

                Qin Ming smiled heartily and gently embraced the two women's small waists, saying, "How could I be angry with you? Someone tried to assassinate me just now, but was taken down by Ah Long's men. But he still has accomplices, and this place is not safe because of me, so I have to go."

                Hearing these words, the two women were also shocked.

                Nie Haitang said, "Must you leave now? It's hard to stumble upon you being free, and we're getting together so little now."

                Mu Xiaoqiao hugged Qin Ming and said, "I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid of anything when you're around."

                Qin Ming said, "Now is not the time for me to indulge in tenderness, I could lose my head at any time. When I am completely in charge of Huan Yu, then it will really be safe."

                At this moment, Ah Long's voice came from the doorway, "Young Master, it's time to go."

                The two women knew that Qin Ming was also doing this for the future and knew that they could not hold him back at this time, so they let go of their tightly held hands, but the two of them coincidentally stood on tiptoe towards Qin Ming and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

                Qin Ming's heart was stirred, he felt too blessed, such a thousand charming two strange women, both fell in love with him, thieves dick hard to choose.

                Qin Ming moved to leave, and deliberately pretended to sneak away, and was discovered by the Yellow School, misunderstanding that he had lost the tournament too humiliating to leave, so that the show was done.

                Qin Ming went downstairs, grabbed a handful of snow on the ground, exhaled the air mist and said, "A trip to Xiangxi, have to see how that righteous father of mine is doing."