Rags To Riches Chapter 770

 With Qin Ming deliberately acting, he arrogantly fought six to one, and was still unable to attack for a long time, being tricked.

                Anyone here at the Yellow School could see that Qin Ming was acting like a fool and his martial arts skills were too poor.

                While Mu Xiaoqiao and Nie Haitang pretended to be anxious and cheered Qin Ming on, the Mu family and others who didn't know what was going on became even more anxious and approached Huang Qi several times to ask for the match to be stopped.

                But which of the deceived Huang School elders was willing to let go of such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

                "Inch Power." Qin Ming took a step and accelerated his speed, hitting one person, who was directly knocked out of the room by Qin Ming.

                Qin Ming was overjoyed and said, "Hahahaha, it's not forbidden to hit, one punch and it's over. If you guys hadn't dodged and dodged, you would have lost long ago."

                Huang Xin and Liu Haoyu and the others watched the scene, that were all heartbroken, Qin Ming's strength was truly appalling.

                Liu Haoyu said, "Brother Xin, there is no need to worry about this, he is at best a brute bull, let's continue with the plan and consume his strength."

                Qin Ming took a stride and once again threw a punch, saying, "Do you think I don't know that you guys want to consume me?"

                Boom, the one next to Liu Haoyu was hit in the abdomen by another punch from Qin Ming, and directly vomited out jaundiced water, lying on the ground and fainting.

                Qin Ming was suddenly like a fierce tiger coming out of the cage to pounce on four people one after another, winning big.

                This act immediately made the Yellow School patriarchs scared, lest Qin Ming should win in the end.

                But then Qin Ming put on a proper show of exhaustion, panting heavily, wiping his sweat and cursing, "Get over here, all of you, if you are men, fight in a proper manner."

                He had deliberately left Huang Xin and Liu Hao Yu behind, as both of them had certain status, and the fake breathing method was given to each of them in half, so that the people within the Huang School could quarrel with each other, and then the Mu family would be safe.

                Seeing this, Huang Xin said, "He has no more strength, Li Haoyu you go first."

                As soon as Liu Haoyu heard this, he immediately pounced on Qin Ming from behind, and as soon as Qin Ming struck, he immediately retreated again, while on the other side Huang Xin immediately attacked.

                Qin Ming was being played with left and right, his speed was not at all like this, but he did it on purpose.

                After this, Qin Ming sold out and was knocked to the ground by a kick from Huang Xin, who still shouted in discontent, "You are cheating, if you have the ability to fight me squarely."

                But he was answered by Huang Xin's and Liu Hao Yu's fists, and after a wild attack.

                Figuring that it was almost time and enough acting, Qin Ming bit through his lip and jumped out with a roll, saying indignantly, "You guys are outnumbered and bullying the lesser, this doesn't count."

                After saying that, he also spat out a mouthful of blood that Tun had in his mouth.

                But when Qin Ming didn't count, the others demanded one by one that Qin Ming should practice what he had promised.

                "How does it not count? Willing to bet."

                "Young Qin, if you don't keep your word, won't you lose your master Zhang Quanzhen's face?"

                "Hand over the stuff. This is what you said yourself."

                Seeing this, Mu Shuyun was very anxious and was about to go out, but she was pulled by Nie Haitang's hand, signalling her not to come forward.

                Qin Ming looked around at the people who were rebuking him, and reluctantly took out the "Mu Family Ancestral Breathing Method", and the crowd suddenly fell silent.

                The crowd suddenly fell silent, not realising that it was actually written on a piece of cloth.

                Qin Ming looked at the Mu family again with great apology and suddenly knelt down and said, "Master Mu, it's my fault, I'm sorry to the Mu family. I ......"

                Mu Hai Ran was unaware of this, but he said with a lot of emotion, "If it wasn't for you back then, we wouldn't have been able to get our Mu family's ancestral mansion back. This is something that was given to you in the first place, so we admit it. Don't blame yourself, Xiao Qin. We of the Mu family will not pursue it with you either."

                Seeing that Elder Mu was disappointed to admit it, one by one, a kind of executor from the Yellow School began to see red in their eyes.

                This was a breathing technique that had been a sensation in the martial arts world of China back then, and they were all practitioners of martial arts, and they all agreed that it was no less valuable than the Li family's set.

                After a hundred years of dust, the Mu family's breathing technique had reappeared.

                Liu Haoyu's master, Nie Qingrong, immediately stepped forward and said, "Qin Ming, you've lost, take it out."

                But Huang Qi gave his son a wink, and the latter also immediately stepped forward, "Elder Nie, Qin Ming lost to my son Huang Xin, this should be kept by our Huang family."

                Nie Qingrong said forcefully, "No, this was lost to my disciple, Liu Haoyu."

                Seeing this, the Huang family's couldn't help but warily scold, "Nie Qingrong, don't go too far. It was clearly Huang Xin who defeated Qin Ming."

                As the executive of the Huang School, Nie Qingrong naturally had quite a few followers around him, who also immediately stood up to support him.

                "Qin Ming just lost to Liu Haoyu, and this should be taken by Elder Nie."

                "No, it was our Huang Xin of the Huang Clan who won."

                "It was our Liu Haoyu who won."

                Curses began to break out from both sides, except for Qin Ming, who was secretly happy that this group of people had been tricked.

                He took out the yellow cloth that looked somewhat old and held it up, saying, "You are to have it, take it. Or I'll regret it if I'm late."

                The thundering Mu family breathing method was right in front of him, with Nie Qingrong and Huang Qi closest.

                Huang Qi, who has since been the spiritual leader of the Huang School, grunted, "I'll take a look first to confirm the authenticity. No comment, right?"

                If Nie Qingrong were in his usual position, he would have given the old man a face, but in his heart he still had to be wary of keeping it for himself if the Huang family took it.

                The two men reached out and grabbed it at the same time, and with this tug, just as Nie Haitang had planned, the fabric was split in two, or specially divided into the so-called upper and lower pieces.

                They each took half of the fabric, which caused chaos in the scene.

                Qin Ming, looking "humiliated", left with the help of Nie Haitang and the others.

                The group arrived at the hotel room.

                Nie Haitang asked with concern, "You're not really hurt, are you? You spat up a mouthful of blood."

                Mu Xiaoqiao also asked at the side, "Do you want to see a doctor? There's a doctor here at Huang Pai too."

                Qin Ming wiped his mouth and said, "It's nothing, I just bit my own lip, some other flesh and blood, it's nothing. But it would be nice to have them all fooled."

                Mu Shuyun narrowed his eyes and said, "What's going on here? That so-called Mu Family Ancestral Breathing Method just now is a fake, right?"

                Qin Ming nodded, "Of course it was a fake. Didn't you say, Auntie, that hard doesn't work and soft doesn't work. Then Haitang thought of such a method and asked me to put on a good show. Fool them all."

                When Mu Hai Ran heard this, she was relieved again, "Aiyo, you brat, you can act. Even I've been fooled. When I saw your appearance just now, I really thought that you had lost our Mu family's breathing technique in a moment of spite over a jealous dispute."

                Qin Ming laughed sarcastically, "That was also thanks to Elder and Auntie for your hard work in performing just now."

                On the side, Mu Sichen flattened her mouth unhappily, "Brother-in-law, you don't have to hide it from me, do you? Big lug, you really are able to fool both sister and Nie Haitang's hearts."

                Mu Hai Ran rebuked, "Si Chun, what are you talking nonsense about. Little Qin is also doing it for our Mu family. All right, all right, keep it all a secret."

                Qin Ming was slightly embarrassed, why was this Mu Sichen a bit whiny?

                He said, "Next, they will inevitably be at odds over the other half of the breathing method. I'm afraid that Auntie will also become an object of their pull, and the Mu family's crisis reverses into an opportunity. Your position as executor will become more and more secure, aunt."

                Mu Shuyun looked at Qin Ming gratefully, "Thank you, you guys rest for a while, so I can go and see what all the fuss is about."

                Mu Hai Ran also dragged the youngsters away, leaving space for Qin Ming and Mu Xiao Qiao and Nie Haitang, the elders could not control the youngsters' relationship matters.

                Qin Ming was now depressed, thinking, "Don't you leave.