Rags To Riches Chapter 769

 Qin Ming suddenly wanted to gamble with the Mu Family's Ancestral Breathing Method, which scared the people around him.

                Many people knew today that a large part of the reason why the Huang School had gathered so many people was to put pressure on the Mu Family and force it to hand over its ancestral breathing method.

                But now Qin Ming was actually going to hand it over through a duel?

                "What's going on? You youngsters fighting again?" An elder immediately stepped forward and reprimanded, "We're all family, let's make peace."

                Qin Ming was deliberately arrogant and domineering, saying, "Old man, I can't be blamed for this. They had to harass my woman, and I had to teach them a lesson."

                Huang Xin grunted, "What are you babbling about? You've established a relationship with Nie Haitang? You're just a scum bag who deceived Miss Nie with your flowery words. Just compare, you think I'm afraid of you. However, you said you used the Mu family's ancestral breathing method as a bargaining chip, is that true or not?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao pretended to be in trouble and said, "Qin Ming, how can you be so nonsensical?"

                Qin Ming said, "Shiao Qiao, you don't have to worry. I was afraid that these losers wouldn't dare to compete with me and find excuses to avoid it. So I can only place a little heavy bet, if you are not happy. Then I'll change to another competition and forget it."

                As soon as this was said, the elder next to him immediately said in a loud voice, "The terms are clear for both sides, Qin Ming bets on the Mu family's ancestral breathing method and Huang Xin bets on no longer touching Nie Haitang, the match is established. Ahem ...... Young Qin, you're not going to backtrack, are you?"

                Qin Ming deliberately said, "Hey, you're too talkative for an old man, aren't you? I haven't decided here yet."

                Another person next to him said, "A great man's word is his bond. Young Qin, are you afraid of losing?"

                Qin Ming laughed in his heart, such a simple way to provoke him?

                He said, "I would be afraid? With just a few of them, I'm afraid they won't dare to compete with me. Well then, I won't change the bet either, I just don't think any of them can beat me."

                Mu Xiaoqiao also continued, "This won't work, Qin Ming is just a momentary anger."

                But no one listened to her anymore, feeling that they had taken advantage of a great opportunity, that they had successfully angered Qin Ming.

                Only Qin Ming's three men looked at each other, all knowing what was going on.

                Since they were going to compete, they would have to change the private room.

                Moreover, Huang Xin was a rising star of the Huang family, with very powerful kung fu, having won the national martial arts championship, and studying under Huang Shengjiu himself.

                Moreover, this time the bet involved the Mu family's ancestral breathing method, which was supposed to be a young man's jealousy fight, and immediately attracted many people of status from the Huang School. 新81文全文最快祌んτρs:/m.x八1zw.com/

                Several executors rushed over, and even that old man Huang also came over to join in the fun.

                After Mu Shuyun arrived and heard that Qin Ming was doing this for the sake of jealousy, he was very dissatisfied and said, "Qin Ming is sure, you two have to stop it too. Our Mu family's breathing method, even if it's useless to your generation, you can't say that in the future."

                Mu Hai Ran frowned, "But Little Qin isn't that reckless."

                Mu Si Chun didn't think so and said, "Of course brother-in-law is winning, these people are no match for brother-in-law."

                Mu Shuyun's eyes chastised Mu Xiaoqiao.

                As both sides came to open up their positions, one of the executors, Nie Qingrong, who had pulled over his apprentice Liu Haoyu, asked, "Xiaohao, I've learned about this Qin Ming, I've heard that he has the help of those who play with bugs from the Lin family in Xiangxi and is physically powerful. We can't fight hard, we must take it wisely."

                "He is exactly arrogant and unbeatable now, in order to make a name for himself in front of women, he even bets on the Mu family's ancestral breathing method. We've still been having headaches with that one, and now is our chance."

                "You must take it down."

                Liu Haoyu nodded and said, "Teacher, don't worry, I won't let you down. How can I say that I have been nurtured by you since I was young. I won't do it by fighting hard, I'll just be like that Spanish bullfighter and tire him out."

                On the other side, Huang Shengjiu and the others gathered around Huang Xin.

                Huang Shengjiu said, "Xiao Xin, well done, this Qin Ming is drifting a bit now, this is a good way to provoke you."

                Huang Xin was dissatisfied, "Uncle, I really like Nie Haitang. You guys should stop messing around with Mu Shuyun so that I can get closer to Nie Haitang too. Such a beautiful and capable woman, it would be a blessing for our Huang family if I, Huang Xin, could marry her."


                Huang Qi, the old eunuch on the side, knocked down with one blow and scolded, "You turtle grandson, what a no-good. Can a woman be as important as the Mu family breathing method?"

                Huang Xin muttered his lips, "Tai grandfather ...... I just like Nie Haitang ah. I don't want to leave her with the idea that I care about breathing secrets, more over her. Then I will definitely not be able to pick her up."

                Boom, aside Huang Xin's father also followed and hit his son's head, scolding, "Listen to your uncle and the old grandfather's words. Now that Qin Ming is being aroused and calculated, as the saying goes, arrogance will lead to defeat, this is the best opportunity, the group is watching."

                The crowd of the Huang faction drew a circle, and Qin Ming was left alone to face Huang Xin, Liu Haoyu and the others.

                Qin Ming deliberately said, "I thought about it just now, betting on the Mu family's breathing method is a bit reckless, I want to change it ......"

                The people around him immediately retorted, "No, you can't change it! A great man should be true to his word."

                Qin Ming deliberately showed a difficult look and became annoyed, "Fine, if you don't change it, you don't change it, you think you can win against me? Take a punch from me."

                Whew, Qin Ming immediately ran out a punch.

                He slowed down his speed, but his power did not diminish, and his punch hit the wall with a loud bang, shattering the tiles to the ground.

                The crowd was amazed at what they saw.

                Huang Xin said, "Qin Ming, you want to beat us all by yourself?"

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "That's right. If you lose, not only will you not be able to harass my women, but you will even have to curb others from harassing them in the future."

                Huang Xin said, "Hahahaha, you're too presumptuous, what are you, daring to beat all six of us by yourself?"

                Liu Hao Yu scolded, "Don't think that after learning kung fu from Zhang Zhen Zhen for a few days, you think you are invincible."

                Whoosh, Huang Xin and the others were well aware of Qin Ming's strong point and immediately separated to form an encircling net.

                Qin Ming put aside this acting, naturally he had to act impulsive and brainless, he was like a man on the verge of anger, rushing from side to side and hitting indiscriminately.

                The others took advantage of the opportunity to sneak up on him.

                Even though Qin Ming was very strong, he couldn't hit, so it was simply a waste of energy.

                This was partly to do with the fact that Qin Ming had deliberately slowed down, but also because he had no intention of winning.

                The people of the Mu family were all looking very anxious, while the people of the Yellow School were all showing excitement, as long as Qin Ming lost, they would force him to hand over the Mu family breathing method.

                And Qin Ming fought for a while, panting and sweating profusely.

                He deliberately cursed, "Just know how to dodge, are you all rats?"

                But Huang Xin and the others were all teasingly incomparable, not paying any attention to Qin Ming at all, just following him as if they were playing around.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "That's more like it, seeing as these people have fallen for it, as long as I am losing under forced circumstances. They will have no doubts at all. Tsk, lying to so many people at once is too much to think about."