Rags To Riches Chapter 766

 Nie Haitang was anxious, once the Mu family got into trouble, or if it involved the Mu family's unique breathing method, the Mu family would not be able to resist, and it was possible that they might decline as a result.

                Naturally, Qin Ming would not watch the Mu family decline, and he would definitely have to stand up for the Mu family.

                Once he did, wouldn't Qin Ming's relationship with Mu Xiaoqiao go even further?

                In the beginning, it was because she was no longer with Qin Ming that she gave Mu Xiaoqiao the opportunity to take advantage of him.

                This time, she couldn't afford to learn a lesson again.

                Nie Haitang said, "You go and talk to Mr Huang Shengjiu first. I'll go and ask around with the Mu family."

                Qin Ming was surprised, "Haitang, you're still willing to help the Mu family?"

                Nie Haitang crossed her arms and puffed out in anger, "Mu Shuyun is my teacher, and she's Elder Mu's daughter. Speaking of which, I have quite a lot to do with the Mu family. Of course, Mu Xiaoqiao and I are now in competition. But what's wrong with Miss Mu? What's wrong is you, the philandering carrot."

                Qin Ming sighed with emotion, "Haitang, I didn't expect you to be able to put aside your prejudices."

                Nie Haitang reached out with a full heart and pinched the flesh of Qin Ming's waist, causing him to beg for mercy in pain.

                After the two parted ways, Nie Haitang was about to enquire with the senior management of the Huang School when she unexpectedly ran straight into the arrival of two siblings, Mu Xiaoqiao and Mu Zhaoyang.

                "Ya, isn't this Nie Haitang?" Mu Zhaoyang was very surprised to see the famous person who was in Guang City at the time.

                Nie Haitang nodded slightly and said, "Hello, Mr. Mu."

                Mu Zhaoyang sighed with emotion, "When I first heard that the Nie family had gone bankrupt, I didn't expect Miss Nie to be so capable and replace my aunt's charity business."

                Mu Xiaoqiao grunted, "What kind of charity business is that? It's just a business to make money for people, a working emperor."

                Mu Zhaoyang said, "Sister, aren't you scolding our aunt?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Auntie is different now than before. Now she is the executive of the Yellow School, and a large number of people under her follow Auntie's dinner."

                Nie Haitang smiled, "It's true, I'm just doing a job. But you don't have to be so aggressive, Mu Xiaoqiao, I happen to be looking for you, come on?"

                Mu Xiaoqiao held her head high, "Come on, just come, say something."

                The two walked aside and Nie Haitang said, "One of the purposes of this banquet is to ask your Mu family to hand over your ancestral breathing method."

                Mu Xiaoqiao spread both hands, "There is no such thing left, we have already transformed into businessmen. My grandfather was the only one in our family who practised martial arts as a child. My brother has no interest at all in martial arts training. How could our family still be able to get such things." 新81文全文最快祌んττρs:/m.x八1zw.com/

                "You're asking this, is it possible that Qin Ming has told you about this?" Mu Xiaoqiao gritted her teeth in resentment, "Damn, I didn't send my friend circle to kiss him there just now. And now you know about our family from him. Hmph, Qin Ming you philandering carrot."

                Seeing Mu Xiaoqiao's resentful look, Nie Haitang was also touched by it and said, "That's right, Zheng Tian Hua Hua cheats on girls, and this morning he even went to watch a tournament with that school beauty from Guang Provincial Polytechnic University, Chen Mulin."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was shocked to hear this, "What? That's halfway across China, a thousand miles to send*? Luckily you found out, otherwise there's no telling what would have happened again."

                Nie Haitang proudly crossed her long legs and said confidently, "Of course, I didn't need to ask, as soon as I showed up, he told that Chen Mulin not to bother in the future. Oh, he still knows his mistakes and can change."

                Mu Xiaoqiao nodded approvingly, "Indeed, he has also drawn a clear line with Miss Sun. In the end, the prodigal son has returned. If I hadn't fallen in love with him, I wouldn't have given him so many chances."

                "Mmmmm ......" Nie Haitang nodded approvingly.

                As the two chatted, it suddenly felt like they had become BFFs spouting off?

                And, talking about the man they loved in their hearts?

                Both of them froze for a moment and then burst into laughter, before the two women realised that they were quite chatty.

                "Ugh, stinky men." Mu Xiaoqiao spat out.

                Nie Haitang gathered her emotions and said, "Miss Mu, I'll help your Mu family first in this matter. Of course, I also have some personal feelings. Naturally, there is also a layer of Master's relationship."

                Mu Xiaoqiao said, "Oh, it's just to leave a good impression on Qin Ming, or to not let him spend too much time with me. But you should know him well. He's a man who remembers his old feelings and is also big on commitment."

                "He won't easily cut off the person he likes."

                "So, it doesn't make much sense for you to do this. However, it doesn't hurt to have one more friend in our Mu family."

                Nie Haitang said, "As far as I know, the executors of the Huang School, Nie Qingrong and Jia Pingsheng are the ones behind this incident. They originally had a lot of influence in society, and there are many of their juniors and supporting forces within the Yellow Faction."

                "The Li family is powerful, not just in terms of power and wealth, but also in terms of mastering the Breathing Gate method which is unique to the world, everyone in the Li family lives long and has excellent kung fu, and their disciples are spread all over the country, one call for another."

                "Such has also been what we in the Yellow School want to compare with the Li family, it's a very large influence here."

                "It's all built on this unique breathing method, which makes people strong and healthy and live longer. People don't get sick, and it works better than any of that elixir."

                "And this breathing method of your Mu family seems to be very powerful as well."

                Hearing Nie Haitang's analysis, Mu Xiaoqiao clasped her hands and said, "Well, I've heard of our Mu family's ancestors, most of whom lived long lives, but they were only in their nineties."

                Nie Haitang said helplessly, "Just that? Miss Mu, you don't take the ninety-odd years old thing into consideration, do you? That was back in the old days, when there was a war and not enough to eat, that could be over ninety too."

                "I've heard that the Li family is now five generations old."

                Mu Xiaoqiao was astonished, "What? Five generations? Can people live that long? It's a miracle if someone can live for over a hundred years."

                Nie Haitang nudged her mouth and said, "You see, you're so surprised. Others want it even more. Just think about the whole family of Lin Pingzhi in that TV series 'Laughing Pride', obviously they didn't have this, but they were still being chased and killed? There are so many ways to deal with people in the modern world, it doesn't always have to be fighting and killing."

                "You don't want to bother Qin Ming with everything again, do you? Qin Ming is too busy with everything over at Huan Yu right now."

                Mu Xiaoqiao listened to this tonal analysis with great reason.

                She loved Qin Ming in her heart, so naturally she didn't want him to worry about so many things, and now that the Huan Yu Century Group was not yet stabilised by him, if she put Qin Ming in a difficult position because of her own Mu family's affairs, she would be uneasy in her heart.

                She suddenly reached over and took Nie Haitang's hand, saying, "Good sister, if you can help me in this matter, my sister will remember your kindness."

                Nie Haitang had wasted so much time talking and finally was able to negotiate, she smiled wryly, "Don't worry, good sister, I have a solution, I need to find a few people to cooperate."

                "You come with me, I will slowly elaborate."