Rags To Riches Chapter 764

 When Qin Ming saw Master Mu being attacked, he naturally couldn't leave it alone.

                He told Nie Haitang to go and say hello to Huang Shengjiu first.

                Qin Ming then moved to walk over.

                "Elder Mu, what a coincidence." Qin Ming entered straight away and also intended the conversation between a few elders towards Mu Hai Ran.

                Mu Hai Ran was accompanied by his daughter-in-law, Old Mrs Mu, and both of them were very surprised to see Qin Ming.

                Mu Hai Ran took Qin Ming's hand straight away and said, "Son, I didn't expect you to come too. I heard that you had only just returned and I was afraid that you would be busy, otherwise I would have let you go home and have a good meal."

                Qin Ming smiled slightly coyly, his relationship with the Mu family had long since jumped out of Zhang Quanzhen's initial set-up.

                He really did like and care about the Mu family at heart, not just about Mu Xiaoqiao, I guess.

                The Mu family had also given Qin Ming their family's ancestral breathing method for practising martial arts.

                Qin Ming said, ''Let's do it in a couple of days, there are still some minor issues that need to be dealt with on the Zhao family's side right now. Eh, is this senior all of Elder Mu's friends?"

                Mu Hai Ran knew that Qin Ming had come over to help him, he glared and blew his beard as he swept past the crowd on the side and said, "No, just a bunch of self-righteous ones."

                "Old Mu, you're going too far with that. Did we say something wrong?"

                "That's right, do you think it would be possible for the Mu family to be where they are today without the help of our Huang School?"

                "If it wasn't for our Yellow Faction sending people to protect your Mu family back then, you would have ended up like the Bai family now."

                "You've been in the limelight in Guang City all these years, and now that you've come back to Beijing, a strong dragon can't suppress a snake on the ground."

                "Your connections are not even in the capital city anymore, Old Mu, I advise you to be more humble."

                These words were said in an apparently "for your own good" tone, but in reality they were very arrogant and haughty.

                As an old man, Mu Hai Ran was driven out of the capital city and dragged his family south to start his own business in Guangcheng City.

                Do they need you guys to teach them a lesson?

                Mu Hai Ran's face was cold as he grunted: "I did receive help from you back then, but how long has it been? I have paid back what is due. The descendants of our Mu family are no longer martial artists. What? Do you even want to deprive me of my status as a member of the Yellow School?"

                "Elder Mu, you have spoken too highly. We've always treated you as one of our own."

                "Previously, when your ancestral home was auctioned off, we also secretly helped you mediate with the Li family before you easily got it back."

                "Yes, it's just as well that you took back the Mu family's ancestral mansion and didn't invite us to your home, but you should also talk about that ancestral breathing method of your Mu family."

                When Qin Ming heard this, he finally understood that these people were forcing Mu Hai Ran to hand over that breathing method.

                Martial arts circles' kung fu books, to be honest, not many people would care if they were thrown on the street.

                They were just pirated books that cost five dollars each and were thrown into the rubbish.

                In modern times, kung fu is not as good as a bullet.

                But globally, Chinese kung fu, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Japanese and Korean karate, taekwondo, Muay Thai, free sparring and so on still have a large market and many people spend their lives pursuing them.

                Chinese breathing techniques, on the other hand, have been a tireless pursuit by a small circle of people and continue to break the limits of humanity, and to these people in martial arts circles, they are gems.

                "Old Mu, let's open up and talk, we are not asking for anything, at least you have to show us your ancestral breathing method, right?"

                "Back in the days of the Mu family, they were also the supreme of the Hongmen."

                "We naturally admire the greatness of those who came before us. Don't worry, we will only look at it and not steal it."

                Look, who would believe such grand words?

                But Mu Hai Ran, two couples with two mouths, couldn't say anything to these people.

                Qin Ming interrupted, "All right, stop it. Don't you guys just want the Mu family's breathing method because you helped the Mu family in the first place? You guys are really thick-skinned too, what are your credentials?"

                An old man reprimanded, "Kid, who are you? Who are you to interfere when the elders are talking?"

                "Children go over there and fight with your peers."

                "What is your status? There are rules here in the Yellow School, ask someone if you don't understand them."

                Qin Ming said proudly, "Well said, the ancestral house of the Mu family was auctioned off at my expense. I even argued with Li Shun of the Li family that day, and there were some other circle powers at that time, what with the Hong Chamber of Commerce and the Zhao family and all that, and when they saw me they all went weak in the knees and stopped competing directly. You guys do tell me, what have you done behind the scenes for the Mu family?"

                "If you guys use this to scare the Mu family again, humph, don't blame me for being rude to you."

                Mu Hai Ran said proudly, "Not bad, my Mu family's ancestral home was bought back for me by Xiao Qin. He is also my eldest granddaughter Mu Xiaoqiao's husband."

                Qin Ming narrowed his eyes, "Old man, we have already secretly divorced Mu Xiaoqiao," he said.

                However, Qin Ming didn't break it down and added, "The Mu family breathing method that you are talking about, I have also found it. It's in my hands now, so if you want it, take it from me."

                At these words, the expressions of each of the Huang School seniors around them changed greatly.

                "Kid, who are you?" Suddenly an old man grabbed at Qin Ming's arm with a grappling move.

                The fingers were like a vise, pinching Qin Ming's muscles in a deadly grip.

                This guy, how dare he be so shameless in order to obtain the Mu family's breathing method?

                The old man was instantly bounced away and only thanks to a companion catching him did he not fall.

                Qin Ming was slightly furious: "I am Zhang Quanzhen's disciple, Qin Ming. I warn you, if you dare to harass the Mu family again. I'll finish you all off."

                "Huh? That fierce disciple of Zhang Quanzhen?"

                "That long-lost child of the Zhao family?"

                "The vice president of the Huan Yu Century Group?"

                As soon as Qin Ming gave his name, these people from the Yellow School were all bloodless with fear, this had pissed off the Furies.

                The crowd reluctantly dispersed, and Qin Ming managed to help Mu Hai Ran to defuse the crisis.

                Old Mu said gratefully, "Little Qin, thank you so much. These people have really done me a favour before. It's a good idea to take the short end of the stick, not to mention the benefactors. But after they heard somewhere about my Mu Family's breathing method, their demands were too much, too rude, and I really had trouble resisting."

                Qin Ming said, "Don't worry, Old Mu, I just let the wind out, they won't come after you again in the future."

                Old Mu laughed, "Indeed, in the future, if you and Xiao Qiao were to have children, you could also re-establish our lineage of Mu martial arts in the martial arts world."

                Qin Ming was a little embarrassed: "Eh ...... old master ...... this well ......"

                Qin Ming hurriedly changed the subject and the two sides chatted for a while before Mu Hai Ran saw other old friends and left.

                Qin Ming was about to go back to meet up with Nie Haitang when a person suddenly sprang up from behind, she stood on tiptoe and reached out to cover Qin Ming's eyes from behind and said playfully, "Guess who I am?"

                At the sound of her voice, Qin Ming felt doubly affectionate.

                "Mu Si Chun?" Qin Ming said in surprise, "You haven't returned to Guangcheng yet?"

                Mu Sichen giggled, turned around and said, "Hahaha, brother-in-law guessed me right away? Should I give you a kiss as a reward?"

                Qin Ming said, "Nonsense, be careful your sister knows."

                Mu Sichen puffed out her mouth, "What am I afraid of? You've already divorced secretly, you can fool your parents, but not me."

                Qin Ming smiled lightly, "What are you doing, you girl?"

                Mu Sichen suddenly reached out to hold Qin Ming and more intimately tucked her hand into her arms, as if she was a lover, and said, "Brother-in-law, save me."

                "Huh?" Qin Ming was puzzled.