Rags To Riches Chapter 763

 Inside the large hotel, Qin Ming saw for the first time many, many senior people within the Yellow Faction.

                This included those behind the support of the Yellow Faction, as well as some politicians, businessmen and socialites within the Yellow Faction.

                However, he did not know any of them, and the two of them, Song Yixing and Song Yiling, were not present because of other matters.

                Qin Ming knew that many rich and famous people in China had more or less some enemies, so they had high requirements for bodyguards, and the people provided by ordinary security companies could no longer satisfy them.

                Therefore, a power organisation like the Yellow Faction rose up along with the trend, in fact, Qin Ming now seems a bit like an intermediary.

                Clients over there had a need, and this side provided excellent people who surpassed the average bodyguard, each one a kung fu king who was armed with ancient martial arts.

                However, even within the Yellow School, as long as they were strong enough, you still had plenty of choice.

                Nie Haitang said, "Although the Huang Family has compiled the breathing discipline methods they have mastered throughout history and shared them for everyone to study and learn together, there is no way to get them all."

                "It requires a 'money head' like us to be in charge of the assessment, and if we have done enough merit for the Huang School, we can only get the subsequent cultivation gateways and guidance from the great martial artists."

                Qin Ming asked, "It's too unpleasant to be called something like 'money head', don't you change your name internally?"

                Nie Haitang puffed out her small mouth and said, "I can't help it, I heard that the person in charge of money used to be called 'Head of Money', so over time it became so, and everyone got used to it."

                Qin Ming let out a cry and asked again, "So, this Huang family is really powerful. The entire Huang School is made up of disciples of the Huang Family. Some of the disciples have switched to business, so they donate money; others have switched to politics, so they give facilitation. Tsk, the Huang family is trying to be the teacher of the literati and magnates of the world."

                Seeing the crowd rise, Nie Haitang took the initiative to hold Qin Ming's arm and leaned up intimately, saying, "That said, the Huang family is thin on the ground and rarely cares about other people's business."

                "The Yellow School is more like a grand alliance inside a martial arts novel internally. With the enforcer as the main system, only the books go through the Huang family."

                Qin Ming listened with curiosity and said, "Oh, tell me more about that."

                Nie Haitang explained, "The people from the Huang Family are actually not even considered allies within the Huang School, and are in charge of two things, giving follow-up Breathing Gate methods and martial arts books to those who achieve a performance rating, these are the people in charge of the Huang Family."

                "The second thing is that every quarter the financial books of the various money heads of the Yellow School, as well as all future expenditures, have to be accounted for by the hands of the Yellow Family, and after the Yellow Family has accounted for them they get passed. And the Huang Family will take 5% of the profits from all the books that pass through their hands."

                As Qin Ming listened, he said in his heart, "I have the secret books, surrounded by fame and larded by the passing hands, what an alternative way to survive.

                Nie Haitang continued, "The so-called executor system is that seven or eight executors have been formed within the Yellow School who have a side of power and who are extremely reputable within the Yellow School. Only such executors are qualified to propose financial budgets, and the evaluation of the executors is also crucial for the martial practitioners below to obtain the subsequent breathing discipline method texts."

                "All the executors work in accordance with the Yellow Sect's party charter. First to maintain the survival and growth of the Yellow School, second to carry forward the spirit of the Yellow School, third to become the number one martial arts school in China ...... and so on."

                "The executors are in a cooperative relationship with each other, and sometimes there are conflicts."

                "The big conflicts mainly rely on the Huang family to go out and mediate. Sometimes the Huang family is the equivalent of a president of a large company."

                Qin Ming said, "Listen, your money heads are like another kind of check and balance on the existence of the executors and don't give the executors money to spend indiscriminately."

                Nie Haitang was deeply impressed, her head nodding like a chicken pecking rice, "That's right. The executor submits financial applications to me every day, today he needs money for an event, tomorrow he needs money for an event, the day after tomorrow he needs money to buy some herbs, even his mother needs money for her birthday, it's really ......"

                Seeing Nie Haitang's cute look of puffed up dissatisfaction with her job, Qin Ming also laughed: "Don't do it in the future, work with me, specialize in spending money."

                Nie Haitang smiled beautifully, "Then I'll only be willing if I have the best status."

                Qin Ming was instantly deflated, this girl, she really remembered the two daughters fighting for the position all the time.

                We have given up many people for you two.

                Qin Ming looked at the people talking amicably in the hall and asked, "Hey, which ones are the internal executives of the Yellow School?"

                "The one you know, Huang Shengjiu, is one of them, he is also a relative of the Huang family, highly reputable within the sect, and a very powerful martial arts master himself, his disciples are all over the country, and even abroad have many admirers."

                "Your master Zhang Quanzhen is also an executive, he is one of the leaders of Taoism, but our country's religion, well, it doesn't have that taste, but it still has more recognition for Zhang Zhenzhen. After all, he used to be a member of the CPPCC, didn't he? It's just a pity that he can't turn over a new leaf now."

                "That one is called Nie Qingrong, a student of the Sun family's Master Sun in Beijing Oh, but also a member of the Yellow School, and now serves in the military. He is dedicated to promoting the Breathing Gate Method to the military and improving the basic physical quality of soldiers."

                "There's also that Jia Pingsheng, a Zhejiang businessman who specialises in high technology and is worth hundreds of billions, but he himself is no good at martial arts and has limited knowledge of technology, he just sends me harassing emails every day."

                Upon hearing this, Qin Ming instantly became furious and got up, "Kam, go over there and get him."

                Seeing that Qin Ming was jealous of her, Nie Haitang was satisfied and hurriedly pulled him back, saying, "Calm down, my master has already gone through him, he's restrained now. My master said that we are all in the same power to make a living. It's better not to tear your face off until the end."

                Qin Ming grunted, "If he dares to send you harassing emails again, I will directly shoot three assassination squads to get him killed. No amount of experts will be able to protect him."

                Nie Haitang pointed to the other side again and said, "My master, Mu Shuyun. Having operated within the Yellow Faction for many years, she has now become an executive as well, and she is committed to reforming the Yellow Faction's financial spending. Although there is a group of supporters, there are more opponents. It's not a good path for Master to take in the future."

                After a pause, Nie Haitang pointed to the two not far away and said, "Those two are both Master Ma and Master Yu, they are not prominent now, but were once very brilliant."

                "Grandmaster Ma made it to the Standing Committee of the Chinese Politburo, we used to need Grandmaster Ma a lot for the stability and development of the Yellow School, and after his retirement he was the executive of the Yellow School."

                "That Grandmaster Yu, on the other hand, was a renowned martial arts master in China, having studied under the Huang family when he was young, and he was an ascetic-like man who devoted his life to the pursuit of the pinnacle of martial arts. But as he got older, he couldn't keep up in all aspects of his body, and only theory remained."

                Qin Ming knew several of the executives within the Yellow School and was also interested in the inner workings of the group, the Yellow School, and the two were planning to go and say hello to Huang Shengjiu.

                After all, old Huang was familiar with Zhang Quanzhen and had previously looked after Qin Ming, going to stand up to the pressure of the Li family for Qin Ming.

                "Why don't you hand it over? Mu Hai Ran, have you forgotten how our Huang faction has helped you all these years?" 

                "Without our Yellow Faction, your Mu family, not to mention getting back the ancestral mansion, you would have trouble getting along in Guang City."

                Caught off guard, Qin Ming heard the name of an acquaintance.

                He looked over in passing, only to see Master Mu Hai Ran surrounded by a group of people in a corner of the banquet hall, and was red-faced and arguing with someone.