Rags To Riches Chapter 762

 Qin Ming punched the Korean player so hard that the bones in his arm spiked out from his shoulder, completely shocking the whole audience and shutting up all the Korean players who were so arrogant just now.

                Qin Ming looked at Du Tiancheng who was about to be carried away and said, "You guys are really clever, a method like extreme stimulation potential which is so taxing on the body should not be used, a few injuries and a few more decades of life, you still have me to thank."

                "Bastard ...... I'm going to kill you, ah, my hand ......" Du Tiancheng screamed in misery as he was carried away by the medical staff.

                Qin Ming was also sent off by the referee for being so violent, but no one could do anything to him, not to mention the fact that he had Nie Haitang's side to cover, and no one gave a damn about his status, not to mention the fact that his opponent had struck first.

                And after the martial arts exchange was over, Qin Ming went back to his brothers.

                Zhao Liniu couldn't help but ask, "Xiao Ming, did Nie Haitang go over to comfort you just now?"

                Qin Ming said, "Yes, she thought I was going to lose. But she was overly worried, taking two blows won't affect me. Master has said that those who practice martial arts should learn to take a beating before learning to hit others, and that thick skin is the only way to last until the end."

                "......" The brothers around me were dumbfounded, there was still this theory? This is too odd.

                "Qin Ming, let me treat your wound." At this time, Chen Mulin came over with a medical kit.

                Coldly, another woman stepped out next to her, wasn't it Nie Haitang?

                She said, "There's no need. My boyfriend's wound, I'll take care of it."


                Nie Haitang's words surprised everyone else, when had the two walked together again?

                But Qin Ming knew that it was a time like this when a decision had to be made, and he said, "I came to Beijing to find her as well, so, Chen Mulin, thank you for your kindness."

                Although the words were not explicit, this was Qin Ming's complete rejection of Chen Mulin, who was dumbfounded as she gripped the medical kit, her heart mixed with mixed feelings, yet there was nothing she could do, and a line of hot tears wept down.

                Qin Ming could not bear to see this situation and found an excuse to go with Nie Haitang first.

                Looking at their backs, Zhao Meng Hua sighed and patted her best friend on the back, saying, "Forget it, you can't force yourself when you're not meant to be. If you missed it in the first place, you might not really have the chance."

                "But I'm still not willing to do it." Chen Mulin bit her lip, her eyes hazy with tears, "If I had known the goodness of Qin Ming earlier, I wouldn't have missed him again and again. But when I really liked him, he ...... had ...... again ...... alas ......"

                Zhao Menghua said, "A really good man, of course, more women like. You see our Ah Yong, there are no women around him."

                The corners of Liang Shaoyong's mouth twitched and he said, "You defeated bitch, you don't know how many girls I've turned down."

                On the other hand, inside the lounge.

                Nie Haitang huffed and pulled Qin Ming away, saying sourly, "If I'm not going to make a move, are you playing planning to follow them?"

                Qin Ming scratched his head and said, "Er, this original plan was to plan to have dinner with them, after all, we haven't seen each other in a dormitory for a long time."

                Nie Haitang puffed up her hands and said, "You think that Chen Mulin is pretty and you want to have a relationship."

                Qin Ming was so wronged that he immediately raised his hands in surrender and said, "How dare I? Moreover, I am innocent with her, if you don't believe me, I went out and got hit by a car ......"

                Nie Haitang immediately stretched out her small hand to press Qin Ming's mouth, pouted and glared at him, saying, "How did I not believe you? I'm just uncomfortable in my heart and don't want to see other women going around and around you."

                After the wounds were treated, the Huang School's postulants also came over, and they were all very surprised to see Nie Haitang and Qin Ming so close.

                "Didn't Miss Nie just know him?"

                "It can't be a relationship, can it? Big news."

                "No way! Miss Nie is Ms. Mu's disciple, and isn't Ms. Mu a non-maritalist?"

                "Ahhh, how many people's dreams will be shattered."

                "No, who is this person? Doesn't the real Zhang only have two disciples?"

                Listening to the noise of the contestants, Nie Haitang had to assume the posture of a leader and said, "Ahem, don't chew on it, pack your things and go back. There's a celebration banquet tonight, and teacher Huang Shengjiu will also be here."

                As soon as they heard Huang Shengjiu's name, the crowd all showed their excitement, all talking about how they wanted to seek guidance from Teacher Huang.

                Qin Ming was also quite concerned, he could not contact Zhang Quanzhen now, and the two siblings, Song Yixing, could not be contacted either, so he needed some people within the Huang School who were close to Zhang Quanzhen to get in touch.

                The group packed up their things and left, arriving at a certain hotel in the city.

                On the way, Qin Ming pulled Nie Haitang into his own car and couldn't help but ask, "What news has my master had during the days I wasn't in the capital city?"

                Nie Haitang shook her head and said, "As I told you last night, although the Zhao family has given up on hunting down and killing Zhang Zhen Zhen, Zhang Zhen Zhen is still wanted now, and this is impossible to be relaxed. I'm afraid that Zhang Zhen Zhen will have to live a life on the run for the rest of his life. As for Song Yixing and Song Yiling, it seems the two have taken a job and are heading south to work as bodyguards for a rich man for a while."

                "Tsk, it's clear that that Chang Rui has been accumulating in his heart for years to destroy the Zhao family." Qin Ming said discontentedly.

                Nie Haitang said, "But this is bound to wreak havoc on the Zhao family, and it's not good for your grandfather and his family."

                "......" Qin Ming hummed, "Zhao Zhen is also an old fox, don't look at him as if he has been eaten to death a few times before, I even wonder if it's all in his calculation."

                Nie Haitang snuggled up to Qin Ming and said, "By the way, let me tell you something, my father said he wants to see you."

                Qin Ming's heart thumped, "Where's your mother?"

                When he thought of Nie Haitang's mother, Zhang Yao, Qin Ming was torn up inside, if she hadn't interfered in the first place, how could he have let himself go so much later? If she hadn't gotten in the way, he wouldn't have been able to do all the things he did, and Zhang Quanzhen wouldn't have taken advantage of the opportunity to trap him and make him look like a scum now.

                "My mother? Don't pay any attention to her." Nie Haitang grunted in exasperation, "She resents that my dad is broke and has nothing, and has now gone back to her mother's house. I heard that she's now going to find me a rich man from a wealthy family and ask me to go on a blind date in Hai City, I'm not going to ignore her."

                Qin Ming said, "I'm considered a rich man now, right?"

                Nie Haitang smiled and hugged Qin Ming's arm, saying, "Then you're going to marry me, aren't you? Then come back with me tonight and give my father a bride-price."

                "Er ...... I'll have to talk to my parents about this too." Qin Ming looked at the other side again, because in his heart, he thought of Mu Xiaoqiao again.

                Between words, the car pulled up in front of the hotel, the entrance was full of guests, and a large signboard read celebrating the 90th birthday of Huang Ding Yun of the Huang family.

                Only then did Qin Ming ask curiously, "Isn't it your celebration party?"

                Nie Haitang pursed her lips and smiled, "A small exchange of martial arts between China and Korea, and I'm only a newcomer within the Huang School, so what qualifications do I have to throw such a big celebration party? Money is not easy to come by these days. This is a celebration banquet at Mr Huang's house. You can eat from noon to night, and you can also spar with people from the same sect."

                Qin Ming asked again, "Hey, I'll forget about the sparring, it's okay to watch. I am afraid of making a joke. But I've never heard of this Huang family? What does it have to do with Huang Shengjiu?"

                Nie Haitang said, "Huang Shengjiu is a member of the Huang family. He has a high level of martial arts and kung-fu status, and I heard that he is also the nephew of Old Master Huang. As you know, most of us in the Huang School practice the breathing discipline method, which was shared out by the Huang family and improved from some miscellaneous cultivation books on the Dao. The status of the Huang Family can be very special."

                Qin Ming let out an oh and thought to himself that nothing should happen at this meal tonight.