Rags To Riches Chapter 758

 Qin Ming went back to his original seat.

                The blonde girl in the back row was watching with excitement, wailing, "Opa, that was awesome. Beat him, beat him. Tch, why are you guys back again? Didn't you wimp out just now?"

                Qin Ming frowned, not wanting to tussle with these people, he had the strength, but arguing with such amateurs would be too degrading.

                Qin Ming's contemptuous and disgusted look, however, deeply stung the golden-haired woman, she was greatly irritated, she is a foreign student, not more noble than the status of ordinary people like you? How can you look at me with such eyes?

                Especially when she won the scolding battle with Liang Shaoyong and the others just now, her vanity was greatly satisfied.

                Without knowing it, Liang Shaoyong only chose to put up with it because he didn't want to cause any more trouble for Qin Ming.

                The golden-haired girl screamed and scolded unrelentingly, "What do you mean? Huh? Your pathetic pride has been exposed and you have nothing to say, right? Hey, even this kind of trash can have a woman like him, how foolish."

                Chen Mulin could not bear it any longer, "Are you sick? Who are you calling a loser? What's it to you if I'm not?"

                "Oh, I'm sorry for you, sister." The blonde girl was surprisingly not angry and said, "We women, the kind of life we want to lead, we also have to choose the kind of man. My boyfriend is a Korean guy, much better than the domestic loser cancer. Beauty, if you like it, I'll introduce you to ......"

                "Pah!" Chen Mulin was so angry that she slapped him directly and scolded, "Are you crazy? What's it to me if you like it yourself? I've figured it out, I bet you're a pimp, how much is the difference in price? What? Are you a slut?"

                "How dare you hit me?" The golden-haired girl was slapped so hard that the foundation on her cheek was gone, revealing a red, five-finger slap mark.

                Several of her friends around her were also righteously indignant, "You actually hit someone? Are you a savage monkey that hasn't evolved yet?"

                "That's why the quality of Chinese people is so bad. Ugh."

                "Not bad looking, but such low quality, disgusting. If I didn't have a VIP seat, I wouldn't sit with such scum."

                The blonde woman took out her mirror and shouted in anger, "Crazy bitch, I'm trying to take you out of your misery, how dare you hit me? Let me tell you, my friend is the one on the tournament stage now, he has just defeated five Chinese underdogs in a row."

                "You're dead, he'll come for me later."

                As soon as she heard this, Chen Mulin's heart sank.

                Qin Ming was not there just now, the few of them had been watching, and the match in the ring just now had been won by that Korean player, throwing punches and kicks that were very powerful, unbeaten in five consecutive fights, swimmingly.

                Would Qin Ming be unable to beat such a powerful man?

                Chen Mulin regretted it, she had just negotiated to hold back and not give Qin Ming any trouble, but she couldn't help it again.

                The golden-haired woman saw Chen Mulin showing fear and Qin Ming standing still like a wooden head next to her, and raised her hand in triumph to slap back.

                Chen Mulin didn't dare to fight back, and closed her eyes in fear.

                How could Qin Ming be indifferent? Other people called him a loser and Chen Mulin was so furious that he was somewhat moved and guilty in his heart.

                Qin Ming caught the slap flung by the golden-haired girl with one hand, squeezed it hard and said in a sarcastic voice, "Miss, it seems like you are the one provoking all the time. And talking about other people's business, when it comes to quality, I huh."

                "I'll be honest, don't underestimate the martial arts masters of China. Your so-called taekwondo masters are nothing but dregs in my eyes."

                "If you are any more aggressive, I won't be so polite."

                With a whoosh, Qin Ming suddenly scattered her hands and the blonde woman's body stumbled and fell to the ground as she looked angrily at Qin Ming.

                But after all, as a woman she couldn't fight, she could only continue her vicious attack with words, "Blow, you keep blowing, don't leave if you dare, when my boyfriend comes down later, you will know how to write the word death."

                Putting down her vicious words, the blonde woman did not dare to offend Qin Ming again, because Qin Ming would really make a move and did not want those other people to just dare to talk back.

                The two sides made a fuss for a while, and there was a gasp in the venue as the crowd but saw that the Chinese player had lost again.

                "What's going on? It's six losses in a row."

                "Ugh, an exchange of martial arts between China and Korea, and our Chinese player is being beaten."

                "Shit, it's useless. Bad luck."

                "What's going on? Are you guys any good?"

                "Our Chinese martial arts tradition has been disgraced by you guys."

                Many of the spectators had come to see a good time, but it was surprising to see the Chinese fighters losing again and again, and they all started to curse.

                Especially behind Qin Ming, the golden-haired woman and a few others were saying even more vicious and unpleasant things, such as dick cancer, waste, sissy and flowery, all of which felt like they were pointing fingers and cursing.

                Even Zhao Li Niu sighed, "Why is there such a big gap?"

                At this moment, the Korean in the ring suddenly grabbed the host's microphone and scolded, "Shut up, all of you, don't disturb the order of the venue. I want to finish the fight early to go on a date with my girlfriend in China."

                After he said that, he gave a "heart" in Qin Ming's direction.

                When the blonde girl saw it, she screamed with excitement, "Aaaaaah~! Opa, sarang hei~!"

                The audience at the venue was very uncomfortable with this provocation, it was too uncomfortable to be beaten up like this in front of their own homes.

                The blonde girl was like a spring breeze, proudly blowing Qin Ming provocatively, "Hey, don't leave if you have the guts. My boyfriend will come over later, can't he kill you? What kind of skill is it to really beat a woman? Reducing my Opa to a beginner's introduction? If you have the guts, why don't you go for it?"

                Qin Ming was about to say something when suddenly a staff member came over and said, "Are you Qin Ming? Miss Nie asks you to go up."

                Qin Ming had long known about Nie Haitang's arrangement, nodded and gave the golden-haired woman, "Didn't you question me? I'll go up now."

                Qin Ming followed the staff up to the stage and everyone else was dumbfounded, this was really me going up?

                At this moment, on the VIP stage of the venue, Nie Haitang and Director Ma of the Maoist school were going head to head.

                Director Ma said unconvincingly, "Miss Nie, this Qin Ming is not on the big list, you're cheating."

                Nie Haitang said indifferently, "But didn't your golden master promise? The boss has promised you, a part-time worker, and you still want to resist?"

                A middle-aged man with a Chinese face grunted, "Director Ma, stop it and let the man Miss Nie found come up to fight. I heard that he was the one who broke our young master's leg. Hmph, this is the perfect opportunity for revenge. There won't be another excuse for anything to happen in the ring, will there?"

                Nie Haitang raised the corners of her mouth demurely, "Well, yes, we in China won't have any recourse for winning or losing in the ring."

                The country-faced man grunted, "I'm relieved to have that from you, Miss Nie, you Yellow School people always focus on promises. Please be prepared to call an ambulance. I forgot to tell you that my trump card is not just that Li family kid."

                Nie Haitang's expression changed, was there something else she hadn't investigated?