Rags To Riches Chapter 757

 Qin Ming answered a phone call just as he stood up and said, "I'm leaving for a while."

                That golden-haired woman and her group thought Qin Ming was going to hit someone, but it turned out that Qin Ming got up and left.

                This dejected the golden-haired woman and the others.

                "Hahahaha, I thought he was going to do something, not only is he only bragging but he's also a wimp."

                "Running away in shame of himself, right?"

                "That's why I said, Chinese men are really rubbish. Korean guys are better, they're handsome and can fight. I've heard that all Korean guys are ex-soldiers, and that aura is really charming."

                A few people were talking a lot and Liang Shaoyong and the others were so angry that they gnashed their teeth.

                But they didn't dare to make any more trouble, they had just beaten up a few Koreans and if it wasn't for Qin Ming's help, they would have had to go in if they hadn't made a scene.

                Qin Ming came to the lounge at the back of the venue and saw Nie Haitang standing at the intersection of the corridor, waiting for him.

                "Haitang, what's wrong?" Qin Ming asked with concern.

                "Humph!" Nie Haitang was jealous and clasped her arms, squeezing out her ample breasts, her pretty face a bright red, before saying after a pause, "Explain."

                Qin Ming laughed at this, "You don't believe this is a misunderstanding? In fact, there is nothing to explain, it is that Chen Mulin seems to have come to confess her love to me under the set up of Young Yong and the others. Well ...... just now at the door, I saw her sneeze, afraid she was sick with a cold, so I gave her a coat, out of kindness only. As a result, she was so moved that she gave me a kiss."

                Nie Haitang punched Qin Ming in anger and said, "Kindness? Do you know that I would be jealous? That Chen Mulin, she, she didn't get along with me before."

                Qin Ming hurriedly said, "I will explain to her clearly."

                "That's good!" Nie Haitang puffed out her angry little mouth, very cute, and said, "There's something else I'm looking for you." 七八中文天才一秒记住 m.óm

                Qin Ming said, "Go ahead."

                "This time, the China-Korea Martial Arts Exchange Association, something went wrong." Nie Haitang said, "The Li family, at some point, installed a foreign relative on the side of the foreign affairs faction, which is very powerful."

                "The Foreign Affairs Faction?" Qin Ming asked, puzzled.

                "The foreign affairs faction." Nie Haitang explained, "It's a mockery of these people in the Chinese martial arts community, a faction that serves the foreigners, shouting for a long time and everyone is used to it. They are the ones that sprung up in the late Qing Dynasty, and through the financial support of the foreigners, they built up their factions and improved their strength, while selling their mastery of martial arts knowledge to the foreigners' forces, with the powerful ones working as bodyguards for the foreigners."

                "Generally they are despised by the martial arts community in China. They were scolded for pandering to foreigners. But in those days, it wasn't easy for everyone to make a living, so they were still accepted."

                "As time went on, they also formed a school of their own and had extensive ties with foreign countries, which also allowed the martial arts of China to be loved and studied by very over foreigners."

                Nie Haitang guided Qin Ming to the lounge and said, "Originally, from my research, the people sent by both sides this time were of a similar level. But the Li family has a foreign relative who was born from a cross-border marriage and took foreign nationality, while at the same time mastering some of the Li family's introductory breathing discipline methods. As you know, the level of the Li family is the benchmark of the martial arts world in China."

                Qin Ming said, "So, these people of yours couldn't recruit? Being beaten into a custard pie?"

                Nie Haitang glared at Qin Ming in shame and said, "You're at least one of your own, and you're still here to watch the fun. When Li Xinghong was looking for trouble with you, didn't old Mr. Huang Shengjiu help you out? And you are also Zhang Zhen Zhen's disciple. If the Huang School loses face, you lose face too, don't you?"

                Qin Ming laughed, "It's none of my business if the Yellow School loses face. But whoever dares to make you lose face is looking for death. Didn't you have a deal with the organiser just now? If you dare to make my woman apologise, you are really tired of living. Don't worry, leave it to me."

                Qin Ming's phrase "my woman" pierced Nie Haitang's heart, and she immediately raised the corners of her mouth in joy, but she snapped at him, "Who is your woman, shameless. I won't forgive you that easily."

                Qin Ming saw that no one was around and put his arm around Nie Haitang, saying, "Haitang, I'm sorry to have wronged you. I'm sorry."

                When Nie Haitang heard Qin Ming's apology, she burst into tears again and said, "I don't blame you. It's all because my mother opposed us in the first place and the method was too shameful, and then because of what happened to Chang Hongxi, it wasn't easy for you either. Qin Ming, it would be so nice if time could go back. How nice it would be if you were just an ordinary, plain mountain village come poor boy. That way, no one would steal you from me."

                Qin Ming was overcome with emotion; the past, there was no going back.

                They looked at each other with affection, and Qin Ming was about to kiss them.

                Nie Haitang suddenly raised her hand to block it, humming, "No, you just kissed that Chen Mulin, you can wash me before you come back."

                Qin Ming was so embarrassed, could this even be considered an excuse?

                Looking at Qin Ming's lost look, Nie Haitang suddenly stood on her tiptoes again and kissed Qin Ming on the cheek, saying, "Go back first, I'll get on stage later and let you have a go."

                Qin Ming watched the blushing Nie Haitang run back and said, "Okay, I'll wait."