Rags To Riches Chapter 755

 The guest hall of the Sino-Korean Martial Arts Friendship and Exchange Conference.

                Nie Haitang was also an important guest at this convention, representing the capital of the Yellow School, a Chinese martial arts school, and bringing a group of newcomers to the exchange.

                Unlike traditional folk exchanges, a school like the Huang School, which belongs to the category of those who have truly mastered the techniques of killing and studied the discipline of exhalation and breathing, would naturally not bully some martial arts practitioners who have merely mastered physical muscle power.

                Sitting on the sofa, Nie Haitang crossed her legs, showing off her long black stockings, and said to the young people around her, "This time, the Muyang School has suddenly come to Beijing for an exchange, afraid that they are not probing us? We in the Yellow School have been having a hard time recently. Several foundations have lost money and lack funds to buy medicine for everyone."

                "Moreover, they have lost Master Zhang Quanzhen."

                A woman asked, "Miss Nie, the Zhao family doesn't seem to be pursuing the matter of Master Zhang Quanzhen as much as they did at the beginning. I've also heard some inside stories about that old lady of the Zhao family, Chang Rui she seems to have become less important where Zhao Zhen is concerned again."

                Nie Haitang shook his head, said: "Inside or not inside the unimportant, after all, killing people, in positive our China here Zhao family does not pursue, more people pursue. Besides, the White Family does not deal with our Yellow School, and the Zhao Family is very much to deal with."

                After a pause, Nie Haitang said again, "This time with the foreign affairs faction to communicate more, to learn from the strengths and weaknesses. It's also a good opportunity for you all to work out and grow in stature. You have to work harder. If you can make a name for yourselves, your commissions will naturally be higher in the future."

                At this moment, an older man suddenly approached the door, his forehead bleeding red.

                Wasn't he the one who had just clashed with Qin Ming, the one who had organized the haircut?

                The uncle said, "Someone is here to cause trouble, you guys come with me for a while."

                Someone said in disbelief, "No way? There are still people coming to this kind of place to cause trouble? You're really tired of living."

                "No, this is the Martial Arts Exchange Association."

                "Maybe it's someone from the Bai family, after all, Beijing is the Bai family's turf."

                "Hmph, it's not like the Bai family has messed with us once and a half."

                "Director Ma, who is the other party?" There were cautious people who inquired about the situation first.

                The older man, Director Ma, said, "A few young men, I don't know them, but looking at his set

                I don't know him, but judging from his moves, he must have practiced and knows how to use Qi."

                As soon as they heard the word "imperial qi", everyone in the room understood what it meant.

                Anyone who knows how to use qi, like running with deep breaths, diving, etc., is using qi.

                But those who have studied martial arts in depth have used the degree of imperial qi to improve their muscular strength and physical fitness, and this has shown a strength that is different from that of ordinary people.

                In the Chinese martial arts world, when one speaks of imperial qi, one is mostly referring to those who have mastered the breathing techniques and have strong kung fu.

                That is to say, they are similar to all the people here.

                The Huang School did not move around, because Ma was an instructor of the foreign school and had deep exchanges with the martial arts community in Han, but had little interest in the Chinese side.

                Nie Haitang stroked her chin and suddenly thought of something, and when she saw that Ma had taken a few people out, she also found an excuse to go out.

                When Nie Haitang saw that Director Ma had approached Qin Ming, she puffed out her small mouth and said, "Sure enough, I told you, you really make a mess wherever you go."

                Director Ma said to the few helpers behind him, "That's them, the others are all outsiders, and this kid is the only one who is very arrogant."

                "Kid, you got itchy skin, huh?"

                "It does look as if he has some ability."

                "It's not too late to regret it."

                The few fit men behind Director Ma all threatened unkindly.

                Chen Mulin said, "You guys are indiscriminate, and it is you who are wrong. We are all Chinese, are you being reasonable?"

                Director Ma was so angry that he cursed, "It is you who are unreasonable. Which one of you is injured? But our guest of honour, President Park's son, has lost a hand to you."

                Qin Ming said with amusement, "Shouldn't you have your hand ruined for touching a woman's hand? I did it, what's your problem? Since you are here, let's have a couple of moves."

                Hearing Qin Ming's arrogant words, Nie Haitang even rolled her eyes and snapped, "Again, it's for a woman. A philandering carrot. But that Chen Mulin is too much, chasing her all the way here, sending her a thousand miles? Bitchy or what? The second person Qin Ming fell in love with was me, if not for my mother at first ...... alas ......


                The two sides can't talk, the way the swords are drawn, Nie Haitang walked out and said, "Wait a minute."

                Director Ma was very surprised to see Nie Haitang also come, as a newcomer to the Huang Pai capital side, why would someone like Nie Haitang get involved in such idle matters?

                "Miss Nie, what is it? You know?" Director Ma asked.              

                And behind them, Chen Mulin Liang Shaoyong and the others were all wide-eyed with surprise; to them, they hadn't seen Nie Haitang in a long, long time.

                A woman who had suddenly disappeared from Guang City because her family had gone bankrupt, the pretty school girl of Guang City Polytechnic University, and Qin Ming's former lover.

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                And when Nie Haitang reappeared, she seemed to possess an identity they didn't know about.

                Of course, they also did not know that Qin Ming had come to the capital city to look for Nie Haitang as well.


                Director Ma had a difficult face and said, "This ...... Miss Nie, although you speak on behalf of the Huang School. But a few of them but hurt the han country four star consortium president's son, this brings us the loss I'm afraid will not be less, once the four star group with us to punish us, but the degree of moving to lose three or four hundred million dollars."

                "Moreover, this is a Sino-Korean exchange. They won't give up in good grace either."

                Nie Haitang said indifferently, "Then we'll split the victory on the tournament stage. If you win, I will personally apologise to the Han side on their behalf and pay for the damages. If you lose, then don't talk so much about useless things. That one is from our Huang School. It's still a new noble, so you can ask around and find out what Qin Ming's big name is."

                "What? He's Qin Ming?" Director Ma's face was blue and his eyes were wide as he looked at Qin Ming, and the helpers around him all looked stunned.

                They were so amazed, but Qin Ming was very confused.

                What? When did we become so famous? I should have known better than to report my name.

                Director Ma gritted his teeth, wiped the sweat from his forehead and said, "Miss Nie, since you asked for this, I'll give you face for now. We will see the real thing on the tournament stage. But I want to say something, we are not afraid of your Huang School."


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