Rags To Riches Chapter 754

 The uncle who came out of nowhere cursed at the top of his lungs, "What's wrong with you? Why are you beating up the VIPs of this conference?"

                Chen Mulin was furious and said, "They are the Han people who are harassing us. They are the ones who are harassing us and beating us up."

                But the manager simply ignored him and said, "I think you are the ones who are bullying people. One of them has a broken arm and one of them has a broken leg, and some of them have been injured by you. You are creating trouble."

                Qin Ming said disdainfully, "Are you blind? We are just ordinary spectators. Our people are being harassed and we can't resist? My friends are being beaten up and they can't resist either?"

                The caretaker uncle raised his voice and said, "I don't care, you apologise to me immediately! Otherwise I'll call the police. None of you can get away."

                Ta-da-da, a group of security guards immediately gathered around, putting a lot of pressure on the crowd.

                A han cursed, "I'm going to report this to our embassy, you barbaric Chinese, stinking pal. Wait for us all."

                As soon as they heard that the police had been called and that some embassy was involved, Zhao Liniu and the others all panicked a little, calling the police was no joke.

                This kind of foreign-related incident usually makes the news, and generally for the sake of China's international image, the priority is to protect foreigners.

                Liang Shaoyong said, "We can't make a big deal out of it. They are the organisers of this conference, they are not small, if they make a scene, we won't be able to eat our way out."

                Chen Mulin disagreed, "Then report it, I'm sure the police will be on our side."

                Zhao Liniu also worried, "But as far as the conflict is concerned, although they provoked it, we have no witnesses or evidence. But we have no witnesses and no evidence. And as far as injuries are concerned, they are more seriously injured."

                Chen Mulin said, "Is it hard to understand that we can just let this go? Sister Zhao has been taken advantage of by these bastards for nothing, is this dumb loss going to be eaten?"

                Sun Zhipeng admitted his bad luck and said, "There's nothing we can do about it, we're just ordinary people. Besides, this isn't Guangzhou City. We don't know the place well."

                Seeing that a few people were afraid, the manager uncle became even more arrogant and haughty, saying, "Still not apologizing? You can't afford to offend these distinguished guests. Don't think you can get away, I am a member of the Martial Arts Association of Beijing, and I know many local dignitaries, you are delusional if you want to run away."

                After saying that, he translated his words to a few han people.

                This time, those few injured han nationals immediately became agitated and said, "Apologise, kneel down to show sincerity."

                "To apologise you have to kneel down. This is our culture."

                "And to pay for it down the road."

                Once he heard that apologizing was not enough, he had to kneel down and pay for it afterwards?

                This nuisance made Qin Ming very unhappy.

                But the others were not as confident as Qin Ming, they were from ordinary families and were indeed unfamiliar with the capital city.

                "Grass, I shouldn't have been so excited just now." Liang Shaoyong blamed himself a little, after all, he was the first one to pounce on the flying kick, and now it would not end well.

                "Ah Yong." Zhao Meng Hua couldn't help but feel sad from the heart, her boyfriend was also trying to defend her, but now he was being spurned because he didn't have the strength.

                "If you want to kneel down and apologise, it's also me who will do it." Liang Shaoyong suddenly knelt down and said, "I'm sorry, can we have a private settlement? I can still take out a few tens of thousands of dollars for medical expenses."

                Qin Ming hurriedly said, "Young Yong, get up, this kind of person is not worth it."

                Liang Shaoyong called Qin Ming to a halt and said, "Xiao Ming, don't interfere, I know you are capable. But I can't splash things on you. If putting up with it will make it go away, I'll admit it."

                Seeing Liang Shaoyong kneel down and apologise, the people opposite became proud and smug one by one, as if they knew that they had the management of the convention backing them up and had won.

                The Han Chinese whose leg had been broken by Qin Ming said, "They have to kneel down and apologise too. Especially this kid, grass."

                Qin Ming was actually on the verge of anger, these were his good brothers, although they came from ordinary origins, they never minded when he was down in the past, now that he had soared to greatness, how could he let his brothers suffer? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the business for a long time.

                He went forward and pulled up Liang Shaoyong and said, "Kneel, your mother. Young Yong, when you say you won't involve me, are you not treating me as a brother?"

                Liang Shaoyong said awkwardly, "No. It's just that the other party is very powerful, or some kind of martial arts association, and also involved in the embassy or something, once this thing goes big, there will be a lot of trouble. Xiao Ming, how can I ......"


                To the side Zhao Li Niu knocked Liang Shaoyong on the head and said, "Then you just don't treat us as brothers."

                Sun Zhipeng also said, "If you make a big fuss, make a big fuss, the four brothers will carry it together."

                Qin Ming said, "You are the conference management, right? I will give you two ways, still make these few han people kneel down and apologise to us. The second way, I will scrap you all."

                The uncle of the management cursed with his neck raised, "Ignorant, what do you think you are? Security guards, take them down and educate them slowly in a side office."

                The row of security guards next to him swung their sticks and struck over, but Qin Ming reached out and blocked them, the strength of his muscles bounced off, turned around and kicked all the few guards who were close with a bang.

                "Gollum." The big uncle who managed the party looked dumbfounded as it was over with just one kick.

                The uncle exclaimed, "This power are you, are you a participant of the ...... folk? I'm going to disqualify you from the competition!"

                Qin Ming raised the corners of his mouth disdainfully, the smile was breathtaking as he said indifferently, "None of you will be able to escape."

                Boom, Qin Ming grabbed the management uncle's collar and brushed it directly onto the ground, saying, "Hey, you few han nationals, aren't you going to notify the embassy? Aren't you going to call the police? Hurry up. I can't wait, who will suffer when I get there?"

                A moment ago they had the upper hand, but suddenly they changed, and several han people looked at each other, not knowing what to do.

                "That's barbaric behaviour on your part."

                "Yes, yes, yes, destroy the friendly relations between the two countries." The only two who knew Chinese hurriedly found excuses to shrug it off

                Qin Ming suddenly glared angrily and said, "Kneel, or not?"

                With a roar of anger and a murderous aura, the few hans were so frightened that they seemed to be killed by Qin Ming in that instant, and immediately went down on their knees with both legs.

                "I'm sorry, we apologise."

                "Beautiful lady, we were wrong just now, please forgive us."

                "I'm sorry."

                Qin Ming waved his hand in disgust and said, "Hmph, get lost. If you dare to look for trouble again, I won't be so kind."

                A few han nationals were scared shitless.

                But the older man who was hosting the hair stood up, covering his injured forehead, and said, "You think you're a big deal for knowing a few kung fu styles, you man from who knows where? You've really come to the right place. You're the kind of trash who bully others just because you have some kung fu."

                "Bullying?" Qin Ming said disdainfully, "I think you are the ones who are bullying others, right? What's wrong with that?"

                The uncle said very defiantly, "If you have the guts, wait here for me. I can clean you up if I find anyone at all."

                Qin Ming raised his chin and said, "Okay, you have one minute."