Rags To Riches Chapter 753

 Qin Ming licked his lips, Chen Mulin's lips were as sweet as honey, and the softness was intoxicating, but this was too sudden.

                Moreover, how come there was another woman next to him that he didn't expect, Nie Haitang?

                Qin Ming's eyes were really black and his legs were weak, she couldn't have seen what had just happened, could she? Wouldn't that confirm that he was cheating on her? Wouldn't that make Nie Haitang misunderstand him?

                Qin Ming hurriedly stepped forward: "That Haitang ...... is a misunderstanding. It was her who suddenly kissed up, and I didn't know what was going on."

                Nie Haitang was furious, gritting her teeth, full of grievances written on her face, this bastard didn't even reply to her messages last night.

                Today, he was kissing that Chen Mulin here at the Martial Arts Exchange Hall?

                He's the one who's been killing all the girls at Polytechnic.

                What the hell? Why was Chen Mulin here? Nie Haitang was really sad, why was Qin Ming surrounded by such beautiful young women now, she felt the pressure.

                Nie Haitang hummed, "Then you still gave her your jacket? You're not cold yourself?"

                Qin Ming, whose body was much stronger since learning the martial breathing door method taught by Zhang Quanzhen, said rashly, "There's one thing to say, it's really not too cold."

                "Humph! You big pig's foot." Nie Haitang was so angry that she stomped her foot, was that the kind of answer she wanted?

                She remembered that she was here today on business, so she simply ignored Qin Ming and walked straight into the clubhouse.

                "Hey, Haitang ......" Qin Ming wanted to chase after her, but two women followed behind her, and it was obvious that they were from a martial arts background.

                The two female bodyguards reached out to stop Qin Ming and said, "Sir, please behave yourself."

                Qin Ming spread both hands and said, "I knew her when you guys didn't even know where she was?"

                The female bodyguard said seriously, "But now our Missy, doesn't want to have too much dealings with you. If you come any closer, we will have no choice but to strike."

                Naturally, Qin Ming was not afraid of such threats, and his kung fu was not weak now, but he could not add to Nie Haitang's problems, so he gave up.

                But he was secretly surprised, this Nie Haitang actually had bodyguards following her, ah.

                It seemed that she would be a safe replacement for Mu Shuyun among the Huang School's forces, and her social status would not be low in the future.

                Qin Ming looked up at the hall, which had a banner that read "China-Korea Martial Arts Friendship Exchange Conference".

                "It's almost New Year's Eve, what kind of martial arts exchange is going on? Qin Ming spat out, and followed him inside.

                The venue was large and also divided into teenage areas, with the warm air blowing making people's cheeks blush.

                At the promenade, Chen Mulin grabbed Qin Ming's clothes

                She was standing beside her best friend Zhao Menghua, blushing and laughing.

                Zhao Liniu came over and poked Qin Ming, saying, "That's fine. Chen Mulin is the school flower of our school, there are many people pursuing her, you have to seize this opportunity if you like it."

                Sun Zhipeng also coaxed, "Right. She has flown all night to come here for you."

                Qin Ming had a hard time saying that he was not blessed to receive the beauty's kindness, as Chen Mulin had even taken it off in Guangzhou.

                Liang Shaoyong said, "We've come to have a lively exchange of martial arts between China and Korea, so let's have dinner together and go to a hot spring in the evening. Xiao Ming, you're a busy man, it doesn't matter if you're coming tonight, but we must have a meal at noon."

                "Okay, by your arrangement." Qin Ming laughed.

                Qin Ming looked at the crowd of people here at the venue, there were several people facing a particular way, there seemed to be blood lingering on their faces, they were all ruthless characters who had killed people.

                Qin Ming said to himself, "People from the Yellow School are here too, right? I'm afraid this martial arts exchange is not as simple as a business exchange."

                The four of them were about to go over and go back when they saw Chen Mulin's side surrounded by several foreigners.

                They were speaking Korean, and Qin Ming knew English and did not understand this Korean language.

                But from his demeanour and behaviour, it seemed that he wanted to ask Chen Mulin for contact information, but Chen Mulin was a bit reluctant, and even Zhao Meng Hua was harassed.

                The two women wanted to walk over to meet up, but both were stopped by the foreigners.

                "Hey, what are you guys doing?" When Ling Shaoyong saw his girlfriend being molested by these people taking advantage of the opportunity, he immediately exploded into thunder and went up and gave her a kick.

                The foreigner who had taken the opportunity to touch Zhao Meng Hua was directly kicked away, screaming in pain.

                Liang Shaoyong tried to resist, but these foreigners obviously knew kung fu and with one move, they grabbed Liang Shaoyong's wrist, then pressed his back and pinned him to the ground.

                Zhao Liniu and Sun Zhipeng watched and also took action, but the other side not only had more people, but they also all knew kung fu, and it looked like taekwondo.

                With a bang, the kick sent both Zhao Liniu flying backwards, bleeding from the mouth.

                "Ah!" The two women, Chen Mulin and Zhao Meng Hua, were terrified enough.

                Qin Ming took advantage of the chaos to pull the two women back, ensuring their safety first, and asked, "No loss, right?"

                Chen Mulin shook her head and said, "No, a few Koreans were too much, they had to stop us from leaving."

                But Zhao Meng Hua was so angry that her chest rose and fell, "Bastard, that man touched my butt."

                When Qin Ming heard this, his eyes were sharp, this salty hand was too much.

                A foreigner spoke in an impure

                proper Chinese scoffed, "Hey, these palm scum, what a waste."

                He also kicked Liang Shaoyong, who was lying on the ground with his head in his hands, towards his eyes.

                Qin Ming blocked it with a timely kick.

                He said in a deep voice: "What kind of thing is it to bully a small number of people? A stick is a stick."


                Qin Ming laughed and said, "You don't deserve it, one of you scrap a hand and get lost."

                "What?" The man at the head translated the words to his companions, and several of them were angry and came up to fight with Qin Ming, punching him right in the face door.

                But Qin Ming is now refined in inch strength, and then there is Lin Yurou's use of compulsions to forge his body, making his body extraordinarily strong, and his pure muscle strength is enough to handle these people.

                Boom! With a muffled sound of fist clashing, the man whose arm clashed with Qin Ming's fist directly fractured and flew backwards with a click, screaming in pain.


                "Qin Ming, be careful!" Chen Mulin at the side looked at such a vicious flying kick and was so scared that she lost her face.

                However, Qin Ming took a deep breath, his whole body breath moved with Qin Ming's breath, changing the muscle strength of his body, then he steadily rooted in his horse stance, sticking still, allowing his opponent to kick over.

                "There was an audible click and something broke.

                "The Korean fell to the ground with a kick, and looked up at Qin Ming incredulously: "Impossible, Simida. This can't be."

                Not to mention him, several Koreans next to him also looked dumbfounded, this crotch can still be so strong?

                Qin Ming smiled smugly, "Sorry in that the bottom is the hardest part of my body."

                On the other side, Chen Mulin looked down at Qin Ming's crotch and suddenly blushed.

                The two sides were at a standstill when Qin Ming held his chin up and threatened, "Who was the one who just touched my sister's butt? Leave your hands behind and get lost. This is China, you scum, you have to be honest when you go abroad, don't think you can bully people just because you know some martial arts."

                When a few Koreans saw how brave Qin Ming was, they regretted and were afraid, and were wondering how to end the situation.

                Suddenly, an old man in a suit rushed out from behind, pointing at Qin Ming in anger and cursing, "What are you doing? What are you doing? Who are you? How can you just make a move on our players? Huh? Security, come here!"