Rags To Riches Chapter 750

 On the other side of the ocean, in New York, in a corporate building belonging to the Huan Yu Century Group, there is a high level office.

                A sexy and mature Liu Lan, dressed in a red dress, sat in her office with her legs crossed, enjoying an expensive glass of red wine in her hand as she looked at a temporary appointment notice displayed on her computer.

                The corners of her mouth lifted as she knew that after so many years of suffering, she had finally made it to the real top of the Huan Yu Century Group.

                The top of this mega-corporation that holds most of the world's wealth.

                She no longer had the power to influence the highest board of directors, no longer a domestic animal that had to work day and night and be exploited.

                However, when she saw the word "interim", she knew very well that she was being roasted in the middle of the two factions of the Chang family.

                Liulan looked at the appointed email and fell into deep thought.

                "Elder Chang is my benefactor, but unfortunately, I don't know if he's alive or dead now, and Qin Ming is his clearly appointed successor."

                "Zhao Turnip has now jumped out and denied everything in the past ......"

                "However, all this doesn't matter anymore, those on the highest board don't care who becomes the alliance leader, the dividends that should be shared still have to be shared, the benefits that should be taken still have to be taken, this is the time for them to grow themselves, it's impossible to get all the board members killed later."

                "You people, every one of you wants to inherit Chang Lao's will to unify the world."

                Liu Lan was mocking frivolously when an internal communication suddenly came in.

                Liu Lan looked at a string of Morse garbled codes, mentally deciphered it, revealed a surprised expression and muttered, "Song Ying ...... hum, you are lucky, you ran to Qin Ming early and are now a man above all others."

                Liu Lan picked up the communication and said, "Something wrong?"

                A rippling sound wave was displayed on the computer screen and came Song Ying's icy voice: "You've read the email, right? Congratulations on your appointment as one of the four patriarchs of Huan Yu."

                "Hehe, are you being sarcastic?" Liu Lan cocked his head and scoffed, "You were only sent to China by Elder Chang because of the glory of your bloodline, like me, a three-generation Chinese hybrid, I can only stay here in Magnesium to be discriminated against and even slaughtered."

                Song Ying said with disgust, "Bah, those red necks can see you? You just don't have to be

                selling me bitterness here, the White Left elite are all under your skirts."

                Liu Lan shook his tall glass of wine, smiled disdainfully and said, "So, what are you looking for me for? To include me in your young master's harem? Hey hey, Song Ying, ah, you're such an outstanding and beautiful woman, and you're still willing to be a junior to someone, I'm curious what magic our young master has?"

                "Shut up!" Song Ying suddenly chided, "What I want to do is my business, I'm asking you on behalf of the young master, which way is your ass crooked?"

                Liu Lan was silent for a moment and asked, "The latest news I received, Qin Ming he heard is the scion of the Zhao family in Beijing, China. I haven't gone to seek confirmation on this news yet, so tell me if it's true or not."

                Song Ying said, "These are not important."

                Liu Lan's hand holding the wine glass suddenly exerted force, and with a "bang", the wine glass shattered. A sharp killing intent burst out from her phoenix eyes, and the whole office seemed to be plunged into her killing aura.

                But this aura disappeared in the blink of an eye, and Liu Lan smiled in a faint mood, "OK, my stance is very firm, I hate Zhao Turnip, it's as simple as that."

                "You know how to take a stand, that's best." Song Ying hung up the phone after she finished speaking.

                Liu Lan cut off the communication and dried the red wine on his hands with a black face, holding his chin with a gloomy expression as he muttered, "It's common knowledge that Elder Chang doesn't deal with the Zhao family. If Qin Ming is really a descendant of the Zhao family. Then Zhao Turnip is not lying."

                "Song Ying, you and I are where we are today thanks to Elder Chang's cultivation over the years. You've gone rogue, I won't, I will carry out Elder Chang's legacy of wisdom."

                As soon as the words left his mouth, the door to Liu Lan's office was pushed open.

                The visitors were none other than Zhao Turnip and her daughter, Chang Ni, both dressed very fashionably, full of modern noblewomen.

                "Precisely rare guests." Liu Lan smiled lightly.

                Zhao Turnip opened the door and asked, "Miss Liu, congratulations on your new position as a member of the Four Patriarchs."

                Liu Lan got up and smiled lightly, saying, "It's only temporary. Besides, in North America, my status as a patriarch is not worthy of the name."

                Chang Ni said, "Then it depends on how you stand."

                Zhao Turnip reached out to stop her daughter from speaking recklessly and said, "Miss Liu, you know very well that now that our Chang family is in charge of

                the Huan Yu, leaving the external people aside for now. Internally it's the competition between Qin Ming and I. It's better to choose a side sooner rather than later."

                "I'm not forcing you, it's just that you should understand the truth that one subject does not serve two masters."

                Liu Lan said, "Right, what saved me from the tramp street was the Reserve Cadre Training Programme promulgated by Elder Chang back then, which allowed me to gain the skills to earn a living from a tramp's daughter and even more into a super enterprise like Huan Yu. My allegiance will always belong to Chang Hongxi and his heirs."

                When Zhao Turnip heard this, he was overjoyed as he walked into the office and said, "Then you should be clear as to who is the rightful heir?"


                Zhao Turnip was satisfied with Liu Lan's answer, she took the initiative to go forward and shake Liu Lan's hand, saying, "You understand the choice that is best. How many people have been cheated by Qin Ming. How many people coveted my husband's years of success and almost fell into the hands of others."

                Liu Lan shook his hand and said, "Don't worry, Miss Zhao, I will kill Qin Ming for you. He is not qualified to inherit everything from Elder Chang."

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                Chang Ni said aside: "Liu Lan, you can not believe in your mouth, you want to deal with Qin Ming, but that Qin Ming has become very powerful now. Long ago, he is no longer the poor boy who was a fledgling."

                Liu Lan smiled confidently and said, "You can rest assured about this, I used to be in charge of the research work on this side of China, especially regarding the Chinese martial arts, the Zhao family and the Li family. Originally, Elder Chang intended for me to specify a response method, and over the past few years, I know quite a lot."

                "Global Mad Youngster"

                Liu Lan took out a report and said, "What I want to move is not the Li family, but to use the Li family. These are all things that the Li family has been doing secretly, and they are not willing to be lonely."

                Zhao Turnip was stunned, picked up the report given by Liu Lan and looked at it for a while, saying, "So it seems ...... that you already have an idea?"

                Liu Lan nodded seriously, "You guys, just wait for my good news."


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