Rags To Riches Chapter 749

 "What? Xiao Ying you know this Liu Lan?" Qin Ming looked at Song Ying's expression and guessed that the two should know each other.

                Without hiding anything, Song Ying said, "Young Master, she was also a trainee at the same time as me. Later on, she followed the Four Elders' Ivan? She was originally intended to be a successor. Her abilities are not weak. The only trouble is whether she is loyal."

                "The young master is a native Chinese and may not understand too much about Western-style thinking people. They are loyal to Huan Yu because they think the group can provide them with a good living environment and a very high salary."

                "Of course, there is also some element of ideological propaganda, attributing much of what the group does to personal leadership and a big cult of the individual."

                "But those are the employees at the bottom, a top cadre like Liu Lan would be very unpredictable to subvert Huan Yu, or to get more ambitious, because she has the ability, all that's missing is power and status."

                Qin Ming nodded, he understood Song Ying's concern, it was a fear of recruiting someone who would work against him.

                Qin Ming rubbed his chin and said, "Then temporarily appoint her to take over from Ivan? Hardy, temporarily in charge of North American affairs. This is a nail in the coffin that will make Chang Jun Ye and Zhao Turnip very passive. They will soon have a choice whether to pull in or be hostile. And who Liu Lan chooses will be visible, and if she doesn't choose us by then, then someone else will."

                Song Ying smiled and said, "Young master, that's a good method. I hope she won't choose the wrong path."

                Qin Ming asked again, "By the way, how is Ao Mei doing?"

                Song Ying said, "She's in custody. Young Master, she's not trustworthy, she's a Westerner after all, she's arrogant to the core, perhaps she despises your origins, Young Master, and won't join you in good faith."

                "Isn't she a friend of yours? If you say that, I will kill her." Qin Ming asked rhetorically.

                Song Ying pursed her lips, this was true, she and Corrie? Olsen's relationship was complicated, but Song Ying did not hesitate and said firmly, "Is the young master asking this because he does not trust me? Anyone who threatens the young master is my enemy."

                Qin Ming was stunned and relaxed with a smile, "You are overly concerned, I am considering your mood. I was afraid that if I killed her, you would be sad."

                "......" Song Ying's heart thumped when she heard this, Qin Ming hesitated actually to take care of her mood.

                It was clear that she had a certain status in Qin Ming's heart.

                Song Ying

                Ying's heart beat faster, the car straightened her back, she couldn't help but stroke her long hair, her mood was great, she said, "This young master don't worry, no matter what you do, I won't care."

                Qin Ming said, "She said she still has relatives in Magnesium controlled by the Chang family's people, this excuse has been used twice, for your sake, I will give her another chance."

                Song Ying said, "We have a new type of inlay controller in the eu branch that can be implanted into the heart, if she betrays Young Master again, all she needs is a remote control and she can be killed anytime, anywhere."

                Qin Ming shook his head and said, "Well, this trick does save a lot of trouble. But let's not use it for now, let's give her another chance, if she is ungrateful again, it's not too late to kill again."

                In fact, Qin Ming was holding back a little when he said this.

                When Corrie? When Corrie Olsen was caught in a betrayal, people from the Lin family in western Hunan secretly helped by quietly planting a chronic compulsion on Corrie Olsen. The effect of this control is no different from high technology, as long as the mother parasite is alive, it can kill her without a sound.

                After taking the order, Song Ying immediately went to do it.

                He returned to the underground prison of the headquarters building in Beijing, a private prison unknown to the public.

                Ao Mei's face was much haggard, but it was hard to hide her original beautiful aura.

                When she saw Song Ying coming, she couldn't help but laugh at herself, "Did the young master ask you to come and judge me? If you can, can you line up some people to go and save me my grandparents."

                Song Ying looked down at her from above and said, "I know you have a sister who has been picked up and brought over to China. But I don't believe all the grandparents that have suddenly appeared."

                Ao Mei looked up and pleaded bitterly, "Song Ying, I'm not lying to you. My grandparents have always taken care of my sister, otherwise the Chang brothers wouldn't have found them. They are already old and have problems taking care of themselves, and now that they are under control, it is too dangerous. We've also known each other for so long, and all this time, I've been trying to make something of myself, trying to surpass you, but I've still lost."

                Song Ying said smugly, "Hmph, choice is sometimes more important than effort."

                "The young master asked me to inform you that you are given another chance, and the last one."

                Ao Mei's expression was excited as she bit her lip and shed tears of excitement, saying, "You've interceded for me?"

                Song Ying did not respond, but taped a small box at the wall, "You now have only five seconds

                You should know Liu Lan, one of the new Four Patriarchs, if you leave China and return to Magnesium. Make sure you can control her person and her life at any time. The rest of the time is yours to figure out how to save your loved ones."

                After saying that, Song Ying walked out of the iron gate, while not forgetting to throw a bank card, saying, "There's another half a million daggers in it, it's your funding. If you screw up again this time, there will be no place for you in the whole world. And don't forget, your sister is still in China."

                Ao Mei quickly understood the current situation clearly; Song Ying was asking her to disguise herself to flee back and lurk around Chang Jun Ye and Zhao Turnip, with the main target being the new heir to the Four Patriarchs, Liu Lan.

                She picked up the bank card on the floor, looked up at the miniature bomb stuck to the wall and immediately turned around and lifted the bed up to block her body.

                The alarm sounded throughout the building.

                Ao Mei took the bank card with half a million dollars in her hand and without hesitation, she immediately rushed out.

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                At this moment, across the ocean, on Wall Street in Magnesium, the headquarters of the Huan Yu Century Group.

                Zhao Turnip, a strong woman, in a black professional suit, looked at a notice email in front of her, her face was unusually ugly.               

                Next to her, the handsome and handsome Chang Jun Ye clasped his arms and said, "Mom, big brother is dead, second brother is dead, dad is alive or dead, and Chang Xue refuses to come back. Now it's just me and Chang Ni. Dad has played out a plan within a plan this time. If we don't take back power soon, I'm afraid those on the Supreme Board who are watching will have to do the same."

                On the other side, Chang Ni, Chang Hongxi's youngest daughter, who was sitting on the sofa playing with her nails, said unconcernedly, "Brother, what are you afraid of? The third quarter's belongings have just been distributed, so we have plenty of time to regroup. We've been fighting with the Zhao family for years, we can't touch Hua Xia, but what does Hua Xia know about us? We now control half of Huan Yu's resources."

                "The first order of business is to bring this Liu Lan into the fold. The status and power, and even the influence of the Four Patriarchs, is great."

                Zhao Turnip said in a deep voice, "But this Liu Lan, who is from a training camp, has not had much dealings with us in the past. What she thinks is completely unpredictable."