Rags To Riches Chapter 748

 "What did you say?" Sun Changxi bit her lip, her heart beating faster and her body shaking.

                She had fantasised about her future countless times, and although it had started out as a mistake on both of their parts and a factor of her greed for Qin Ming, she could swear to God that her thoughts had changed after she became pregnant, and she longed for Qin Ming, hoping that everything would go well.


                When Yang Lu heard that Qin Ming would not agree to marry her daughter, she came up and slapped him, cursing in anger, "You scum, you want to run away after bullying my daughter? Don't think that the descendants of your Zhao family can do whatever they want. In this China, our Sun family is not afraid of your Zhao family."

                Sun Renli hurriedly pulled his wife back and said, "Don't be impulsive, don't be impulsive."

                Qin Ming did not dodge the slap as he said indifferently, "Auntie Yang, the Zhao family is the Zhao family and I am me. I can tell the difference very clearly."

                Qin Ming got up, he walked towards Sun Changxi in front of him and said, "I don't want to lie to you, so let me be honest with you. Although I like you, I can't marry you."

                Sun Changxi bit her lip and tipped over a five-flavoured bottle in her heart, Qin Ming was naturally happy not to lie to her, but the reality was too cruel.

                Sun Renli looked at Chen Fan with disappointment and pulled his wife Yang Lu away, saying, "Let the children talk on their own first."

                Yang Lu cursed as she struggled, "No, let go of me, are you a man, Sun Renli? Our daughter is being bullied by this dude like this, do you care?"

                However, Sun Renli knew very well that the Sun family Nai really didn't care about Qin Ming anymore.

                Not to mention that Qin Ming had helped the Sun family twice before to tide them over, this was a kindness.

                Secondly, Qin Ming's current identity was the son and grandson of the Zhao family, but also the supreme ally of the Huan Yu Century Group, onlookers did not understand the back of Huan Yu, he, Sun Renli, was a cadre of the National Reform and Development Commission could not be clear?

                Qin Ming's background is unique and very special on earth.

                The most crucial thing is still, it is her daughter's voluntary matter ah.

                After her parents left, Sun Changxi let herself go even more and asked, "You said you like me? How much?"

                Qin Ming said, "A lot. I admit that when I first had sex with you, I was impulsive and fascinated by you. But when I calmed down, I couldn't manage to give you true happiness."

                With tears in her eyes, Sun Changxi suddenly changed the subject and asked, "Is it the two of them? Have you chosen them yet?"

                "No." Qin Ming shook his head, very saddened, and said, "They have both given too much for me and have been waiting for me. It makes me haunted and unable to forget."

                Sun Changxi asked again, "If I had met you a little earlier, would you have chosen me?"

                "I would." Qin Ming nodded, "If Haitang's mother hadn't interfered with me, I wouldn't have had too many more entanglements with other women. Of course, I'm not exactly a strong-minded person myself. I have failed you, Chang Xi."

                Sun Changxi said, "Saying it like it's all your fault, I did it of my own free will in the first place, I have no excuse. But being pregnant, there's nothing I can do about it. Do you want this child?"

                Qin Ming said, "The child is innocent, and I will admit publicly that he is my child. I hope you will keep it. At the same time I want you to tell me if you have any difficulties and I will do everything I can to help you and the child."

                "People will scold you." Sun Changxi said.

                Qin Ming said bitterly, "I'll be happy if you scold me less twice."

                Hearing these words, Sun Changxi was inexplicably in a better mood.

                In her heart, she also wanted to keep the child, Qin Ming thought the same as her and was still willing to admit to being the child's father.

                Suddenly, Sun Changxi jumped up and embraced Qin Ming, who did not push her away and gently stroked her back, saying, "I'm sorry."

                Sun Changxi said, "You can go. I will give birth to the baby properly. I've decided to be a single mother from now on, so if you feel sorry for us mothers and fathers, come over to see us secretly."

                Qin Ming had a very surprised expression, this was forgiving him?

                He was expecting to suffer all kinds of crying and scolding and severe beatings from Sun Changxi.

                Seeing Qin Ming's expression, Sun Changxi said with great panache, "Don't compare me to traditional Chinese women, I'm a feminist, what men do women can also do. The baby is in my belly, I can have it if I want to and keep it if I want to. Besides, you gave me your word, I believe you, remember to visit us often."

                After saying that, Sun Changxi came up to Qin Ming's lips and gave him a kiss, then pushed him away and turned back to leave.

                "Ahhhhh~!" Yang Lu, who was hiding outside the window watching this scene, was so angry that she gritted her teeth, "What's so good about this scum? Why is our Chang Xi, ahhhh ...... I'm going to kill him."

                "Don't don't." Sun Renli hurriedly pulled his wife back and said, "Isn't this a deal?"

                Yang Lu scratched and scolded at her husband, "拢What 拢? Are you a man, Sun Renli? My daughter is being bullied like this, her happiness in this life will be gone, and you're still talking to me?"

                Qin Ming left Sun's house in a peaceful mood, only to see Song Ying, who was waiting for him by the car door, looking particularly anxious.

                Qin Ming asked, "Is there something wrong?"

                Song Ying nodded and said, "Chang Jun Ye and Zhao Turnip have now completely taken over the North and South American industrial business, which is equivalent to cutting off half of the Huan Yu Century Group's funds and is currently causing a lot of confusion within the group."

                Qin Ming got into the car and asked, "What did they say about the Four Patriarchs? Even if one died, the other three shouldn't care, right?"

                Qin Ming knew very well that the existence of the Four Patriarchs was actually a position similar to that of a prime minister, an important administrative staff who assisted him in managing the large number of industries under him.

                Song Ying said, "One of the Four Elders in charge of the Americas, Ivan Hadi, was about to retire. Hardy was actually supposed to be almost retired. Although he had been working as an administrator, he had also been submitting a list of candidates, but before, Chang Hongxi was counting on you, young master, so no decision was made. And now that the situation is complicated, he has simply retired and doesn't care about it."

                As soon as he heard this, Qin Ming said, "Now I am the orthodox one, and apart from North and South America, most of Huan Yu's properties listen to me, and those that don't are waiting to see if they win or lose. I can't stop here. I have to take advantage of the victory in Stampin to take it a step further and produce results."

                Song Ying said, "Young master is right, your battle in stampo, foiling the boss of the East British Society and striking at the top cadres of Count Flame Light, has indeed shaken the top board of directors of Huan Yu."

                Qin Ming took over Ivan? Hardy's proposed list of the newcomer Four Patriarchs, a total of five candidates from around the globe.

                Qin Ming said, "Huang Jin's position will be taken over by Yang Xiaoxuan, who is himself familiar with the culture of foreign devils and is better to deal with. As for this retired Ivan's position, this woman called Liu Lan, I think."

                "Eh?" Song Ying looked at the picture on her tablet, a young woman with an oriental face just like hers.

                The same origin from the private training camp of the Huan Yu Century Group was recorded on it.

                Song Ying's willow brows furrowed as she seemed to recall something from her past.